Koha 3.6.10 released

The Koha release team are proud to announce the release of 3.6.10. This is a maintenance and security release, and contains a lot of useful bug fixes, as well as fixing several serious security vulnerabilities. Everyone running an earlier version of Koha 3.6 is strongly encouraged to update to 3.6.10.

You can download the release from http://download.koha-community.org packages will be available shortly at http://debian.koha-community.org

Please read on for the release notes.

23 Oct 2012

Koha is the first free and open source software library automation package 
(ILS). Development is sponsored by libraries of varying types and sizes, 
volunteers, and support companies from around the world.  
The website for the Koha project is 


Koha 3.6.10 can be downloaded from:


Installation instructions can be found at:


    OR in the INSTALL files that come in the tarball

Koha 3.6.10 is a bugfix/maintenance release.

Highlights of 3.6.10

7589	blocker		tinymce editor broken in .deb packages - in 'en' templates
8071	blocker		link beween bib and authorities with the authid
3652	critical	XSS vulnerabilities
8162	critical	packaging scripts create user incorrectly
8447	critical	can't save new records / indicator error
8497	critical	Strange behavior when modifying the 'timeout' system preference.
8576	critical	Software error on authority edition when using merge
8743	critical	ZOOM error when merging authority change to biblios
6976	major		User hold limit can be avoided by users in OPAC
7068	major		autobarcode not working when duplicating patrons
8172	major		Missing dereference marker for buildQuery parameter in addbooks.pl
8678	major		XSLT stylesheets output XML, but HTML is needed

Bugs fixed in 3.6.10

3782	normal		delivered z39.50 targets wrong for NY Public Library and NY University Library
4064	normal		Uninitialized variable errors in opac-search.pl
6037	normal		Invalid markup, missing breadcrumbs on Keyword to MARC Mapping page
7628	normal		Required format is not enforced for Patron Categories
8275	normal		xml parsing error when the webservice GetPatronInfo/show_loans is called
8350	normal		Searching for a 10 or 13 digit string (with a number in it) that does not exist in one's catalog will fail to affect SQL statement correctly in C4::Breeding
8455	normal		Check ins processed through "Check Out" tab of the Patron Record ignore Circulation System Preferences
8594	normal		A report containing a subquery that has a 'limit' will have that limit stripped out
8659	normal		Inactive funds in neworderempty not disabled in IE/Opera
8702	normal		System preferences search does not allow accented letters
8705	normal		Software error on help of main page
8716	normal		Reordering of routing list entries doesn't work
8744	normal		Thesaurus in authorities should not lock fields
8796	normal		patron cards not starting on designated card
8810	normal		Opac: Cart should display branchname instead of branchcode
7690	minor	hidelostitems not working in Normal Display
8339	minor	div id="login" should be id="login_controls" in header.inc
8421	minor	patron images fail when barcode for patron has a +
8533	minor	Non-numeric cardnumbers screw up autoMemberNum
8646	minor	Certain search terms cause browser "script taking too long" error
8677	minor	table overlapping to the right on holds waiting
8721	minor	typo in  AllowItemsOnHoldCheckout
8730	minor	browse overlaying powered by
6655	trivial	Sorting order of serial issues in OPAC
7143	trivial	Bug for tracking changes to the about page
8012	trivial	defaultSortOrder and OPACdefaultSortOrder are set to "ascending" on install
8713	trivial	Warning message triggered by clicking keyword to marc mapping.
8714	trivial	Poorly ordered and triggers warning in marctagstructure.pl
8772	trivial	Uninitialized variable triggers error log entry in smart_rules.pl
8806	enhancement	Debian packaging updates

System requirements

    Important notes:

    * Perl 5.10 is required
    * Zebra is required


As of Koha 3.2, the Koha manual is now maintained in DocBook.  The
home page for Koha documentation is 


As of the date of these release notes, only the English version of the
Koha manual is available:


The Git repository for the Koha manual can be found at



Complete or near-complete translations of the OPAC and staff
interface are available in this release for the following languages:

  * Chinese (China) (95%)
  * Chinese (Taiwan) (99%)
  * Danish (99%)
  * English (New Zealand) (99%)
  * English (USA)
  * English (United Kingdom) (63%)
  * French (99%)
  * French (Canada) (94%)
  * German (100%)
  * Greek (93%)
  * Italian (100%)
  * Norwegian Bokmål (62%)
  * Portuguese (Brazil) (98%)
  * Spanish (99%)
  * Tetun (52%)

Partial translations are available for various other languages.

The Koha team welcomes additional translations; please see


for information about translating Koha, and join the koha-translate 
list to volunteer:


The most up-to-date translations can be found at:


Release Team

The release team for Koha 3.6 is

Release Manager:        Chris Cormack <chrisc@catalyst.net.nz>
Documentation Manager:  Nicole C Engard <nengard@gmail.com>
Translation Manager:    Frédéric Demians <frederic@tamil.fr>
QA Manager:             Ian Walls <ian.walls@bywatersolutions.com>
Bug Wranglers:          MJ Ray, Marcel de Rooy, Paul Poulain, Mason James

Past Release Maintainer (3.6.x):
                        Chris Nighswonger <cnighswonger@foundations.edu>
Release Maintainer (3.6.x):
                        Jared Camins-Esakov <jcamins@cpbibliography.com>


We thank the following individuals who contributed patches to Koha 3.6.10.
     1	D Ruth Bavousett
     6	Jared Camins-Esakov
     1	Colin Campbell
     1	David Cook
     3	Chris Cormack
     1	Elliott Davis
     1	Jonathan Druart
     1	Nicole Engard
     1	Katrin Fischer
     1	Chris Hall
     1	Kyle M Hall
     1	Mason James
     3	Owen Leonard
     1	Melia Meggs
     1	Maxime Pelletier
     1	Paul Poulain
     1	Meenakshi R
     1	MJ Ray
     7	Fridolyn SOMERS
     5	Robin Sheat
     7	Mark Tompsett
     3	Marc Veron

We also especially thank the following individuals who tested patches
for Koha 3.6.10.

      1 Tomas Cohen Arazi
     51 Jared Camins-Esakov
      1 Galen Charlton
      1 David Cook
     54 Chris Cormack
      1 Elliott Davis
      5 Jonathan Druart
      2 Nicole C. Engard
      2 Magnus Enger
      2 Katrin Fischer
      4 Kyle M Hall
      1 Mason James
      1 Doug Kingston
      7 Owen Leonard
      1 Melia Meggs
     34 Paul Poulain
      3 Marc Veron
      3 wajasu

We regret any omissions.  If a contributor has been inadvertantly missed,
please send a patch against these release notes to 

Revision control notes

The Koha project uses Git for version control.  The current development 
version of Koha can be retrieved by checking out the master branch of 


The branch for this version of Koha and future bugfixes in this release
line is 3.6.x.

The last Koha release was 3.8.6, which was released on October 22, 2012.

Bugs and feature requests

Bug reports and feature requests can be filed at the Koha bug
tracker at


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