The many support options for Koha demonstrate the strength of the open-source development model. Because Koha is a distributed open-source product, support options are not limited to what is provided by a single vendor. In fact, an important part of the open-source promise is that there is no vendor lock-in. Libraries are free to support the product in-house or obtain help from a support company.

Koha Documentation

Koha Documentation Project:

Koha Chat

Come and chat with us, Kohaphiles of all types can be found on our real-time chat.

Koha Mailing Lists

The Koha Mailing Lists are a great place to get support. They are also available as web forums.

Koha Support Companies

Several support companies around the world support Koha and are happy to provide libraries with the full array of vendor services including installation, migration assistance, data integrity testing, staff training, software maintenance, and development of new features.