Project Organization

Technical decisions concerning the development of Koha are made every day by a variety of people:

  • Individual developers
  • Libraries who directly or indirectly contribute or sponsor new features
  • Members of the release team

Discussion of development matters takes place on the #koha IRC channel and the Koha mailing lists.

The Horowhenua Library Trust, with the advice and consent of the Koha community, has established a committee empowered to:

  • to advise the Trustees regarding the acquisition and safeguarding of property of the Koha project;
  • to advise the Trustees regarding the disposal of property of the Koha project;
  • to represent to the Trustees the views of the Koha community, insofar as these can be determined through the various forums that may exist from time to time within the community;
  • to make any other representations to the Trustees that the Committee believes to be in the best interests of the Koha project

The rules of this committee are posted on this website.

The current members of this committee are

  • Bob Birchall (Member at Large per clause 5.6)
  • Paul Poulain (3.8 Release Manager)
  • Frédéric Démians (Translation Manager)
  • Chris Cormack
  • Rachel Hamilton-Williams (Kaitiaki)
  • Chris Nighswonger (3.2, 3.4, 3.6 Release Maintainer)
  • Joann Ransom (Head Librarian of the Horowhenua Library Trust and Committee Secretary)
  • George Sue (Trustee of the Horowhenua Library Trust)