How To Get Listed

So you want to be listed on our site as a Koha Support provider?

It’s easy:

Send an email of introduction to the Koha mailing list containing
(a) a request to be added
(b) contact information to be included in your entry. You may copy and paste the following short form into your email if you like:

Company Name:

Contact Person:

Contact email:



Entries will be added if they represent a current proffer of Koha services.  Entries that are obviously spam (i.e., not relevant to Koha services) will not be accepted.

Companies must show their support of the Koha Community by adding a visible link to the Koha community website at to their Koha offering web page.

From time to time, the Koha webmasters may check vendors to see if they currently offer services.  If a company no longer does, their entry may be removed.  All removals will be posted publicly to the Koha mailing list.

A vendor may request that their entry be removed at any time.

Please remember that the Koha webmasters are volunteers, and harassment will not be tolerated.