In addition to the following Koha Manuals, you can find helpful tutorials and guides on the Koha Wiki or visit our section of user created documentation.

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Please keep in mind that these manuals are living documents and change on a regular basis and they can be open with PDF program as well such as Soda PDF and others.

Installation instructions

The best instructions to use for most installations can be found on our wiki.

Install using Debian packages on either Debian or Ubuntu

Koha (latest/main)

Koha 23.05 (stable)

Koha 22.11 LTS (oldstable)

Koha 22.05 (oldoldstable)

Koha 21.11 (oldoldoldstable)

Koha 23.11 (development)

The manuals listed below are a work in progress based upon the current development version of Koha in it’s pre-release state and are subject to frequent change.

Koha Legacy Versions

Please see unsupported versions for legacy version documentation.

Developer Documentation

Documentation of interest to Koha developers can be found on the wiki and other places: