Koha 3.20 beta released

A beta release of Koha 3.20 is now available for download. We encourage all users of Koha to consider downloading and testing the beta prior to its release later this month.

Debian packages for this beta will be available soon on the unstable repository.

Koha 3.20 is a major release, that comes with many new features. This beta
preview is released for testing purposes. Its use on production sites
is discouraged.

Draft release notes can be found below the fold. Share and enjoy (and test)!

12 may 2015

Koha is the first free and open source software library automation package 
(ILS). Development is sponsored by libraries of varying types and sizes, 
volunteers, and support companies from around the world.  
The website for the Koha project is 


Koha 3.20 (beta) can be downloaded from:


Installation instructions can be found at:

    OR in the INSTALL files that come in the tarball

Koha 3.20 (beta) is a major release, that comes with many new features.

It includes 5 new features, 118 enhancements and 351 bugfixes.

New features in 3.20 (beta)

	12412	Add ability for plugins to convert arbitrary files to MARC from record staging tool

Hold requests
	5786	Move AllowOnShelfHolds and OpacItemHolds system preferences to the Circulation Matrix

	9580	Cover image from Coce, a remote image URL cache

	8007	Discharge management

	11395	Batch modifications for records

Enhancements in 3.20 (beta)

	13404	More System information about GRS1 vs DOM settings

	6820	Hide receive option if there is nothing to receive
	9089	Show suggestion number on suggestion management
	10753	Creating suggestions for 'Any library' uses _ANY as branchcode
	12648	Link patrons to an order
	12743	Allow default values from the ACQ framework to be used when creating a record in acquisitions
	12944	There is no way to search orders by creator
	13156	Display borrower's cardnumber who did a suggestion in suggestion.pl
	13214	Improve performance of acqui/addorderiso2709.pl, stop fetching all import_records needlessly

Architecture, internals, and plumbing
	11337	Calls to GetSubscriptions can be replaced by Searchsubscriptions
	11814	Serial statuses should be stored in constants
	11927	Add greek support to CHR
	12969	VAT and price calculation should be done in a subroutine
	12970	Refactor VAT and price calculation - basket page
	12973	Allow passing code to XSLT_Handler instead of filename
	12975	Refactor VAT and price calculation - basketgroup page
	12976	Refactor VAT and price calculation - invoice page
	13001	Refactor VAT and price calculation - parcel page
	13019	Add base classes on which to build Koha objects
	13262	Add parameters to XSLT Handler transform method
	13346	The type of the OpacExportOptions pref should be multiple
	13545	Add barcode image generator service
	13570	Koha-conf.xml mentions win32
	13758	KOHAVERSION should be statically set
	13790	Add unique id issue_id to issues and old_issues tables
	13852	Manage C4::VirtualShelves in C4::Auth for performance
	13893	Add ability to execute perl scripts in atomicupdates

	10177	Koha Accepts Seven "Space" Characters as a Valid Password
	13499	Auth.pm needs a tidy
	13507	Add intranet support for CAS authentication

	7741	Clear search terms in Z3950 search page
	10480	Improvements for framework plugins in cataloguing/item editor
	13023	Nonpublic note for items should be mapped to a database column like itemnotes
	13218	Usability enhancement for z39.50 search
	13322	Update MARC21 frameworks to Update No. 19 (October 2014)
	13364	Add a call number browser to add item page
	13773	Add stock number to details and items display
	13885	Cataloging search header should include more options
	13886	Add ability to merge records directly from cataloging search

	11201	List pending in-house checkouts
	11239	Show hour of due date in history circulation
	12122	TransferSlip should accept both itemnumber and barcode
	13408	Tell librarians they may continue scanning while checkouts table is loading
	13492	Add location to the checkouts tables
	13549	Add cardnumber to overdue circulation report overdue.pl
	13611	Serial enumeration not visible in the opac-user.pl when browsing own holds.

Command-line Utilities
	11399	Batch Rebuild Items Tables
	13166	Add all restrictions purge to cleanup_database.pl

	11008	Useless column supplierreference in aqorders table
	11165	Auth_header.datemodified should be updated

Developer documentation
	12889	Improving documentation in C4::Members.pm
	13575	Updating developer list.

Hold requests
	9528	Add delivery branch to the place hold display
	13299	Add home library column to the holds ratios report
	13623	Enhance html for holds queue viewer

	7939	Separate po files for different MARC dialects
	13400	Untranslatable "Are you sure you want to delete this authority?"

Installation and upgrade (web-based installer)
	13068	New feature for DB update and sandbox

Label/patron card printing
	13407	Remove methods which are included in the 0.36 release of PDF::Reuse

	13417	New permission to allow staff to remove public lists
	13419	Add filters and server-side processing to the shelves list view
	13421	Add the creation time for virtual shelves

MARC Authority data support
	11961	Add a "Z39.50 search" button to the authority creation and modfication forms.

MARC Bibliographic data support
	1487	Set only the used fields/subfields
	12842	Add classification to MARC21 XSLT detail page

	13819	Add biblioitems to available tables in ISSUESLIP and ISSUEQSLIP

	1917	Add RSS Feeds for Lists
	7843	Create RSS for OPAC news
	8992	Add an interfacing with the idref webservice
	11900	OPAC cart can confuse patrons
	13119	Use XSLT to display tagged titles in the OPAC
	13695	Allow ISBD format export
	13729	Give news in Opac a unique anchor
	13826	OPAC: Display RSS icon on list of recent comments

	13359	Provide virtual-mysql-server Depends On to facilitate alternate mysql implementations
	13571	koha-conf.xml.in has fallen out of sync with koha-conf.xml
	13785	koha-disable should also stop SIP/Zebra/Indexer for instance

	13021	DataTables server-side processing - guarantor search
	13349	Allow library code to display against users pending changes
	13583	Able to view menu for Statistics even when user does not have permission
	13584	Able to view menu for Purchase Suggestions even when user does not have permission
	13891	Make all patron searches use DataTables server-side processing
	13892	SQLHelper replacement - C4::Members::Search - ysearch.pl
	13894	SQLHelper replacement - C4::Members::Search - reserve.pl

	10706	Keyword search on reports should search report number
	13372	Items lost report improvements
	13880	Allow svc/report to be passed sql parameters
	13994	Add a back link to error message in Reports
	14013	Use name of a saved report as part of the file name for download

	11430	Search history: Delete selected lines
	13307	Create a link to the last advanced search in search result page (OPAC)
	13528	Ability to search on the different isbn variations

Self checkout
	8033	Remove unused sco/receipt template file

	12671	Guess next serial date when there are several issues per unit

	7904	SIP modules handling of @INC is confused
	13159	Enhancements to the SIP2 command line emulator
	13252	SIP2 server should accept IPv6 connections

Staff Client
	13889	Add information about cron jobs to system log

System Administration
	13436	Add more options to UsageStatsLibraryType

	4041	Address Format as a I18N/L10N system preference
	13381	RDA: 245 field changes in XSLT
	13385	RDA: 508 display in XSLT
	13386	246 display in XSLT
	13433	655 display in XSLT
	13434	586 XSLT improvements
	13496	Wrong Koha version on installer title
	13864	Columns configuration - Late orders
	13865	Columns configuration - Orders search
	13866	Columns configuration - Patrons search
	13887	Add datatables to item specific holds table

Test Suite
	12603	TestBuilder - Module to simplify the writing of tests
	12604	TestBuilder - Refactoring Category.t
	13264	Full stack encoding tests (UTF-8)
	13814	Add unit tests for C4::Boolean

	12404	CSV profiles improvements
	12543	Add userid as matchpoint for "Import patrons" tool
	13040	Improve exporter to allow multiple branch selections

Critical bugs fixed in 3.20 (beta)

(this list include all bugfixes since the previous major version. Most of them have already been fixed in maintainance releases)

	4277	major	Budget planning refreshes funny
	6059	major	Problem with changing quantity on uncertain prices list
	13352	major	Editing amount in Acquisitions budget causes error due to formatting
	13731	major	Suggestions reason doesn't save

Architecture, internals, and plumbing
	13577	blocker	The correct COLLATE is not set to all DB tables
	13810	blocker	Prevent updatedatabase.pl from breaking because of case insensitive utf8 collation
	11944	major	Cleanup Koha UTF-8
	13379	major	Authorised_values.category is varchar(16)
	13544	major	Admin/auth_subfields_structure.pl does not compile in older perls
	13554	major	Bug 12969 introduces a test case that fails
	13596	major	Prevent updatedatabase.pl from reverting utf8_mb4 databases to utf8
	13690	major	Koha::Schema should be lazy-loaded
	13876	major	Permission issues on updating via installer - dev installations

	13296	critical	Error when using z3950 with UNIMARC authorities
	13465	critical	Fields controlled by authorized values cannot be unset (Lost, damaged, not for loan status, ...)
	7561	major	Cannot fast catalog with fast cataloging permissions
	13523	major	AddBiblio fails on mysql with STRICT_TRANS_TABLES

	13934	critical	Check in fails on master "Can't bless non-reference at .../ItemType.pm Line 64"
	9481	major	Charge not showing fines
	11872	major	Lost overdue items should not generate fines
	12895	major	Dropbox mode doesn't work correctly
	13461	major	Circ always asking for confirmation if RentalFeesCheckoutConfirmation is used
	13679	major	There is a bug in overdues if you have overdues that match a rule, and have some items due in the future they are included in the list of overdues
	13909	major	Suspension days calculation doesn't honour finesCalendar
	13919	major	Renewal possible with item level hold on item
	13923	major	Holds tab on the circulation page is broken
	14011	major	Triggering slip print with enter key collides with 'barcode submitted' message

	14069	blocker	Follow-up 13790: Fix database update to drop PK on issues/old_issues first

Label/patron card printing
	10773	major	Add item-level descriptions for Label Printing
	13124	major	Record titles with parentheses causing label weirdness

	12344	major	Multi transport types for issues and checkins
	13468	major	Overdue notice lists all checked out books

	13510	blocker	Cross site scripting in opac lists
	13609	critical	Cross Site Scripting problem in authority search
	12858	major	Syndetics index apreciably slow page load for items without result at Syndetics
	13672	major	OPAC locks up browser when browsing items from series link with NoveList and OpacHighlightedWords
	13917	major	OPAC: Putting holds still possible by URL even if turned off by system preference
	13998	major	Opac-ratings-ajax.pl is broken
	14016	major	Due dates in OPAC show 0:00 when it should be 23:59

	13398	critical	Perl files for rotating collections are missing in installations
	13431	critical	Shared FastMmap file causes issues
	14055	critical	Bug 13979 breaks package upgrades
	14068	critical	Bug 14055 breaks new package installs
	13377	major	Automatic_renewals.pl not marked executable
	13759	major	debian/git-build-snapshot misses YUI and dies of sorrow during build
	13979	major	Packages uninstallable on Debian Jessie

	13470	critical	Pay fines with extended borrower attributes result in application error
	13936	critical	Fix patrons search on using the checkout tab
	13602	major	Username/password already exists when editing borrower attributes and messaging preferences
	14044	major	Backslashes ( and possibly other characters ) break patron search

	13425	critical	There is an xss vulnerability in 3.16, 3.18 and master in the opac and intranet facets
	13428	major	Fix facet deletion
	13476	major	Item Search feature gets datatables error and doesn't complete search
	13636	major	Search results item status incorrect for holds
	13753	major	INDEXER_DAEMON default is incorrect in koha-indexer
	13789	major	Facets with accented utf-8 characters generate double encoded links

	12669	major	"Template process failed: undef error - Invalid local time for date in time zone"
	13109	major	Serial failure for received and general viewing

	13432	major	SIP Server does not respect timeout setting

Staff Client
	14103	critical	PDF::FromHTML headaches related to optional discharging.

System Administration
	6007	major	Checking 'Display only used Tags/Subfields' on MARC framework page results in unusable output

Test Suite
	13933	blocker	T/DateUtils.t causes the build to break (from bug 13601)

	14148	blocker	Stage-marc-import.pl broken if plugins not enabled
	13473	critical	Plugins fail when loading templates
	13938	critical	Staging MARC records for import fails
	8246	major	Can't delete bibs in big batch delete
	13522	major	Tools/viewlog.pl does not compile in older perls
	13606	major	Batch modification for records is limited to ~500
	14057	major	Inventory is painfully slow

Other bugs fixed in 3.20 (beta)

(this list include all bugfixes since the previous major version. Most of them have already been fixed in maintainance releases)

	13579	normal	History file should be open using utf-8 encoding
	14006	normal	About.pl checks the wrong zebra index mode
	7143	trivial	Bug for tracking changes to the about page

	3969	normal	Budget Search Doesn't Work
	4402	normal	Date filter in parcels.tt requires db format dates
	7480	normal	The Basket manager is always the logged in user
	10388	normal	Acq edited items showing 'null's
	10752	normal	Impossible to add 2 identical suggestions, but without any explanation
	12323	normal	Acquisitions search results fixed in order of biblionumber
	12905	normal	Deleting parent fund will orphan child funds, leaving them un-editable.
	13319	normal	On inserting an order, the parent_ordernumber attribute is not set to the object
	13333	normal	Basket group is not displayed for already received orders
	13378	normal	There is no way to search suggestions not linked to a fund
	13380	normal	Auto fill order cancellation reasons from authorised values
	13675	normal	The budget of an order is set to null if not changed on receiving
	9333	minor	Confirm close JavaScript alerts is not used
	10971	minor	Hide EAN search option for MARC21 when 'ordering from subscription'
	12059	minor	Publisher code always empty on invoice
	12565	minor	Acq: Link to basket in breadcrumbs broken
	14018	minor	Ordering from suggestion shows 'copy. year:2014'
	13222	trivial	Accessors for import_record.status have variable names suggesting overlay_status

Architecture, internals, and plumbing
	9978	normal	Update GNU licenses header in Koha files from GPL2 to GPL3
	10900	normal	Incorrect calling conventions accessing C4::Context
	12601	normal	Aqorders.budget_id should be a foreign key
	12839	normal	Aqbooksellers.gstreg is never used
	12841	normal	Aqorders fields should not be mapped
	12845	normal	C4::Output::FormatData is unused
	12850	normal	C4::Serials::GetLateIssues is not used
	12852	normal	The "preview" param is never used in serials/claims.pl
	12868	normal	GetMemberDetails calls GetMemberAccountRecords incorrectly
	12896	normal	Move the bookseller-related code into its own module
	12980	normal	GetHistory does useless processing
	13006	normal	Suggestions.mailoverseeing is not used
	13007	normal	Suggestions.budgetid should be a foreign key
	13201	normal	GetSuggestion takes suggestionid
	13240	normal	Advanced_notices.pl contains code obfuscation
	13244	normal	GetCancelledOrders and GetOrders can be merged
	13318	normal	C4::Acq::GetParcel is not used and can be removed
	13320	normal	Some prices calculation are done in template side
	13343	normal	Items are not embedded when sending a basket/shelf
	13360	normal	C4::Ris considers that hashes are ordered
	13393	normal	The C4::VirtualShelves::Merge package is empty
	13441	normal	Branchcodes should not be allowed to have spaces in them
	13497	normal	The pref AddPatronLists should be removed
	13586	normal	Makefile.PL mentions win32
	13601	normal	Get rid of DateTime::Format::DateParse
	13645	normal	DBIx connection needs to be cached
	13684	normal	C4::Output uses C4::Budgets
	13713	normal	Remove useless constraint in Koha::Schema::Result::Biblio
	13740	normal	Timeout on deleting patrons if too many patrons
	13793	normal	The installer does not output the result of the update using Plack
	13850	normal	C4::Ris does not manage correctly 660 and 661 - UNIMARC
	13875	normal	Columns configuration - table name cannot contain underscore
	13898	normal	Remove unused code in moremember.pl related to permission
	13939	normal	ILS-DI function GetServices doesn't work when the item/biblio is available for hold for specific patron
	13975	normal	Warning "Use of the encoding pragma is deprecated" in misc/export_borrowers.pl
	14042	normal	The authority type admin page manage its own pagination
	14046	normal	CheckIfIssuedToPatron fails if biblionumber != biblioitemnumber
	14066	normal	Koha code does not really use Readonly
	10606	minor	MySQLism in GetUpcomingDueIssues
	12792	minor	C4::Reserves breaks my vim syntax color
	13418	minor	The C4::VirtualShelves::Page needs some cleaning
	13836	minor	Koha/Number/Price.pm: format_for_editing fails 3 tests because of leading spaces in output
	10328	trivial	Rename opaccolorstylesheet to OpacAdditionalStyleSheet

	1861	normal	Unique patrons logins not (totally) enforced
	12887	normal	User logged out on refresh after CAS authentication
	11400	trivial	Show "Login as a different user" instead of "Logout" if not enough premissions
	13521	trivial	Auth.pm code issues

	9742	normal	Confirm overlay prompt always appears on creating record from Z39.50
	10985	normal	Unimarc: Authority summary does not work as expected
	13331	normal	Subfield does not show in cataloging editor - if subfield is disabled in OPAC/enabled in Staff, via frameworks
	13603	normal	AutoBarcode setting hbyymmincr not taking month into account when looking up next increment
	13635	normal	$record->title is called even if marc flavour is UNIMARC
	13648	normal	OPAC = hidden removes pull down from item form
	13204	trivial	Plugin housekeeping: Remove labs_theses.pl plugin
	13416	trivial	Typo in marc21_leader.pl position 5 (record status)
	13987	trivial	Z39.50 Authority search result not displaying server name

	2542	normal	Manual fine/credit fail on superfluous characters ( e.g. '$' )
	8276	normal	Circ history not sorting right
	10423	normal	Date not well formatted on 'print summary' from patron account
	11120	normal	The date option for the overdue_notices cronjob is broken
	12135	normal	Pending suggestions table width is wrong
	13069	normal	Enable sort by title to ignore articles on circulation and patron detail pages
	13315	normal	Add feedback for last item checked out to circulation.pl
	13482	normal	A race condition prevents item info from being available for ReserveSlip (hold notice) printing.
	13908	normal	Checkouts table sorting is not honoring default sort preferences
	13982	normal	Checkouts table not sorting on correct column
	13025	minor	Software error: Undefined subroutine &C4::Circulation::HasOverdues called at /home/koha/kohaclone/C4/Circulation.pm line 1925
	13290	minor	Add better feedback for returns to the checkouts table
	13415	minor	Prevent librarians from scanning multiple items into a single barcode field
	13537	minor	Focus should move to barcode after renewing via checkouts table
	13841	minor	Returns via backdating or SIP2 can create new fines with an amount outstanding of 0
	10051	trivial	Surname and first name should have comma in overdues report
	13647	trivial	On-site checkouts: Allow library to specifiy due date
	13804	trivial	Returns via the checkouts tables uses the phrase "Returned" rather than "Checked in"
	14014	trivial	Argument "" isn't numeric in numeric gt (>) in circulation.tt

Command-line Utilities
	13728	normal	Koha-translate -l -a shows po files instead of language codes

Course reserves
	13817	normal	Edit links on course items may point to the wrong course!
	13818	minor	Editing and saving a course reserve displays the add item form

	2806	normal	Issuingbranch isn't used
	13539	normal	Table patroncards not used
	11706	trivial	Typo "efault" in updatedatabase.pl

Developer documentation
	14129	normal	Templates.readme is outdated

	10703	normal	Add/update database documentation
	13771	normal	Koha 3.18 Help Files
	13872	trivial	Typographical error on columns_settings.tt
	13878	trivial	Typo in help file (aqbudgets.tt)
	14051	trivial	Tiny adjustment of ReturnPathDefault pref description

Hold requests
	13368	normal	Checking out an item not on loan, but with a hold, busts the holds priority
	8474	minor	Holds done by librarians cause silent errors in koha-error_log
	13298	minor	Holds ratios report ignores ordered items
	13670	minor	Patron holds table not loading when holds tab anchor is used

	11364	normal	Label layout types and text justification types are not translatable
	12279	normal	Diacritics in system preference editor broken
	13341	normal	Hard-coded "Preview" text in OPAC openlibrary.js
	13357	normal	Untranslatable strings on itemsearch.tt
	13700	normal	Translated item search not working
	13748	normal	Acquisition wizard: some strings not translatable
	13861	normal	\n in strings don't translate well
	12192	minor	Template toolkit code in HTML attributes is picked up into po-files
	13362	minor	Translate script creates dirs on update
	13450	minor	Title and breadcrumb of Patron form can look weird in translations
	13741	minor	"No fund found" not translatable
	13794	minor	Text input field values not translated
	13856	minor	Hard to translate strings on patron search results page
	14030	minor	Add Georgian language and fix Kannada language code
	13350	trivial	Untranslatable strings in aqbudgetperiods.tt
	13351	trivial	Untranslatable javascript in members.tt
	13410	trivial	Untranslatable "Change messaging preferences to default for this category?"
	13422	trivial	SCO: "Would you like to print a receipt" not translatable
	13566	trivial	Change translation for 'Rotating collection' in German web installer
	13686	trivial	Add a hint about collation to the "alphabet" syspref

Installation and upgrade (command-line installer)
	13984	normal	CardnumberLength missing in sysprefs.sql

Installation and upgrade (web-based installer)
	13373	normal	Update Polish web installer sample data files
	11954	minor	Clean up currency default files
	13285	minor	Updatedatabase throws an error if opacthemes is not set
	13712	trivial	Missing newline in DB update

Label/patron card printing
	8796	normal	Patron cards not starting on designated card
	13954	normal	Patroncards: images show inadequate rough pixelation
	14122	minor	Patron card: Software error when creating using borrower_number as parameter from URL

	11574	normal	Clean up printing of lists in OPAC

MARC Bibliographic data support
	9124	normal	942e tied to undefined CN_EDITION in default MARC21 framework
	10241	normal	Easy analyticals creates two 773 fields. Search/link from host to children is broken
	13855	normal	Fastadd framework has 2x 100$c, missing 100$a
	8909	minor	MARC21 240$a (Uniform title) is not a URL

MARC Bibliographic record staging/import
	10906	normal	Reimported records into Koha are imported only as DEFAULT frameworks, not what they were originally
	13531	normal	Bulkmarcimport bombs if no match is found
	13530	trivial	Typo in bulkmarcimport

	12123	normal	HTML notices can break the notice viewer
	12739	normal	SendAlerts function does not take care of "html" format or UTF-8
	12847	normal	Date comparisons in C4::Members::IssueSlip are broken
	12922	normal	Do not DIE the advance_notices.pl -cronjob if "no letter of * type" is found
	13504	normal	The marker '----' is not removed for CHECKIN and CHECKOUT

	5844	normal	Unhilight cuts off some strings
	6950	normal	Cannot sort the results of a tag search
	7391	normal	Return to cart after adding items to a list
	9120	normal	Typing the ENTER key when submitting a tag from search results reloads the page
	12702	normal	Suggestions still accessible in OPAC when deactivated
	13599	normal	Add patron cardnumber to self registration confirmation
	12399	minor	Opaccredits printing at top on printable version
	12861	minor	Noisy warns in C4/AuthoritiesMarc.pm
	13335	minor	Holds and priority display via OPACShowHoldQueueDetails confusing
	13339	minor	Cart button doesn't open the cart
	13449	minor	Syndetics TOC will not display in some cases
	13469	minor	Unapi path to XSLTs is wrong in OPAC
	13832	minor	Missing table header IDs on record holdings table in OPAC
	14075	minor	Undefined value creates noisy warns in C4::AuthoritiesMarc
	11345	trivial	Self registration captcha
	13689	trivial	Remove opac-old.css and sco-old.css
	13857	trivial	Email input field for sharing lists is too small
	14065	trivial	Typo in opac self registration form

	8050	normal	debian/build-git-snapshot should warn user if it fails
	4847	minor	Python required for Debian package builds
	13784	minor	Allow running Zebra daemon for disabled instances in packages
	13896	trivial	PID is created in /tmp/ instead of in /var/run/koha/...

	12637	normal	UTF-8 problems when creating a patron list from the patron search results page
	13235	normal	Revise layout of patron search form
	13458	normal	Add new patron shows default / hardcoded patron categories after search
	13502	normal	A bug was introduced by 1861 - meaning borrowers sometimes cant be added
	13605	normal	_AUTHOR_ not replaced in relatives checkouts
	13879	normal	DataTables server-side processing for patrons - sort is broken
	13926	normal	SQLHelper replacement - C4::Members::Search - circulation.pl
	13957	normal	Patron autocomplete shows NULL in list of results
	14119	normal	Missing de-DE DISCHARGE message
	13526	minor	Mandatory fields should not be able to be hidden in borrower self-registration
	13582	minor	Able to view menu for Circulation History even when user does not have permission
	13657	minor	Don't show extra comma after guarantor name on patron details

	4281	normal	Reports dictionary limited to only 1 field
	10976	normal	The assistant for reports uses the wrong value for the list of item types
	12567	normal	Catalog Statistitics wizard's publication year doesn't work for MARC21
	13447	normal	Runreport.pl html email fails
	13578	normal	Parameter public is lost on creating a report
	13992	normal	Software error in reports if field or table does not exist
	14008	normal	Filters are not displayed on search for reports

	13442	normal	Facet links broken when collection code limit is used
	13562	normal	Item search: Not possible to add other search fields from 952?
	12948	minor	The language filter in advance search doen't work with DOM MARC21 - NORMARC
	13516	minor	Display issue for search results with items both checkout out and lost
	13787	minor	Clean up noisy koha qa tool warnings
	13800	minor	Diacritics not mapped
	13981	minor	Transliterate rule for oe and ae

	13746	normal	On creating a new subscription, notes fields get confused
	13890	normal	Full serial permission is needed to change sequence on a routing list
	14022	normal	Subscription form resets 'subscription length' to issues on editing
	13868	minor	Date on routing list slip is not well formatted
	13947	minor	Serials/subscription-history.pl calls GetBiblio incorrectly

	12820	normal	SIP2 does not send rental charge fee!
	9848	minor	SIP tests : fix in 10renew_all.t (additional checkin)
	13803	minor	SelfCheck not setting flag when item requires transit
	13506	trivial	Sip/Configuration/*.pm classes are unused

Staff Client
	3873	normal	Gracefully handle errors when item in staff client cart has been deleted
	10285	normal	Error 500 in staff client displays old start page
	11890	normal	Control-Click/Command-Click to open a link in a new tab not consistently working
	12210	normal	Baker & Taylor book jackets not disabled when BakerTaylorBookstoreURL is not populated
	11982	minor	Show local cover images in the biblio details page in the intranet.
	13460	trivial	Use price template toolkit plugin across all of intranet
	13834	trivial	News: Wording not consistent for Publication date / Creation date
	13991	trivial	Uninitialized value $src in /tools/viewlog.pl

System Administration
	5002	normal	No error message if category code already exists
	5511	normal	Check for Change in Remote IP address for Session Security. Disable when remote ip address changes frequently.
	11464	minor	Saving preferences - Nothing to Save
	13401	minor	Sort branches alphabetically in admin/authorised_values.pl
	10131	trivial	System preference search doesn't work for search terms starting with *
	13676	trivial	OpacSuppression description says 'items' but means 'records'

	8096	normal	Card number twice on patron search results
	12253	normal	MARCURLS not showing in OPAC basket
	13142	normal	Change "mobile phone" label back to "other phone"
	13270	normal	On receiving, "vendor note" label should not be displayed if nothing to display
	13355	normal	System preferences tab value wrong in templates
	13369	normal	[Datatables] tr and td are not correctly highlighted
	13459	normal	Datatables paging slightly broken
	13487	normal	DataTables pagination needs some fixes
	13525	normal	Date sorting on accounts (fines) tab doesn't work correctly
	13612	normal	Remove old YUI javacript libraries from opac-tmpl
	13744	normal	Paging on some datatables slightly broken
	13768	normal	In quotes.tt line 14 the use of \" break the translation
	13858	normal	Datatables paging for news page is broken
	13859	normal	Fix item search result list - obsolete "by" and display of publication date for MARC21
	13863	normal	Datatables paging for cities and search history pages is broken
	9878	minor	Flag display is inconsistent between circulation.pl and memberentry.pl
	12084	minor	Published date for serial items not formatted according to dateformat system preference
	12291	minor	Replace the acronym HTML tag with abbr
	13268	minor	Biblioitems.size value not correctly displayed (more)
	13370	minor	Inputs overflow in filters
	13375	minor	Syspref search highlight styling broken in Chrome
	13495	minor	Use "Checked in" instead of "Returned" in circulation
	13564	minor	Items search: rename Stock number to Inventory number
	13638	minor	Batch patron modification tool missing option to switch language
	13745	minor	Serial collection page shows branchcode instead of branchname
	13750	minor	Holds queue: Always show branch name, not branch code
	13941	minor	Add ids to  tag in staff client where missing
	14125	minor	Version variable not properly replaced in csv profiles help page
	14127	minor	Typo in message preference form - "mesage"
	9958	trivial	RoutingSerials description misleading
	10174	trivial	Digest is confusing
	13017	trivial	Login page image replacement technique fails when browser width exceeds 2000 pixels
	13587	trivial	Authorized Values toolbar missing '+' Icons
	13593	trivial	'Stock number' should be 'Inventory number'
	13682	trivial	Capitalization: Holds Queue
	13869	trivial	Wrong capitalization on guided reports page
	14033	trivial	Capitalization: confirmation message on deleting an authority type
	14126	trivial	Typo on order receive page

Test Suite
	13451	minor	Holidays.t assumes default data
	13453	minor	Koha.t daily quote tests assume sample data
	13456	minor	Serials/Claims.t expects no subscriptions
	13457	minor	Suggestions.t expects sample itemtypes
	13928	minor	Noisy t/Borrower tests
	13882	trivial	Adding new unit tests in t/Borrower.t, testing all 'borrower' database fields
	13940	trivial	Testing C4::OAI::Sets
	13942	trivial	Testing the 'recordpayment' function in C4::Accounts

	6520	normal	Items don't display when viewing staged records
	6911	normal	Log viewer should remember search terms
	10887	normal	Batch item deletion -- doesn't need Use default values section
	12631	normal	Inventory: fix "wrong place" and "item not scanned" statuses
	12860	normal	Tools > Data export : "Don't export fields" option doesn't work
	13167	minor	Stage MARC for Import hangs for biblio containing valid 979* ISBN-13
	13189	minor	Patron card creator patron search browse by last name broken by extended attributes
	13709	minor	Patron cards creator doesn't work with diacritics, utf-8 or ttf fonts
	14056	trivial	Small punctuation error in description for deleting a holiday

Web services
	13568	normal	OAI Server doesn't handle properly resumption token
	13801	normal	SVC bib bad encoding

Z39.50 / SRU / OpenSearch Servers
	12823	minor	Add some hints for Host, Database and SRU search fields mappings

New sysprefs in 3.20 (beta)

  * AddressFormat
  * CardnumberLength
  * Coce
  * CoceHost
  * CoceProviders
  * CronjobLog
  * IdRef
  * OpacAdditionalStylesheet
  * SearchWithISBNVariations
  * SessionRestrictionByIP
  * useDischarge

System requirements

    Important notes:
    * Perl 5.10 is required
    * Zebra is required


The Koha manual is maintained in DocBook.The home page for Koha 
documentation is 


As of the date of these release notes, only the English version of the
Koha manual is available:


The Git repository for the Koha manual can be found at



Complete or near-complete translations of the OPAC and staff
interface are available in this release for the following languages:

  * English (USA)
  * Arabic (98%)
  * Armenian (98%)
  * Czech (98%)
  * Danish (84%)
  * French (96%)
  * German (100%)
  * Italian (99%)
  * Kurdish (61%)
  * Polish (79%)
  * Portuguese (97%)
  * Slovak (98%)
  * Spanish (100%)
  * Swedish (79%)
  * Turkish (100%)
  * Vietnamese (88%)

Partial translations are available for various other languages.

The Koha team welcomes additional translations; please see


for information about translating Koha, and join the koha-translate 
list to volunteer:


The most up-to-date translations can be found at:


Release Team

The release team for Koha 3.20 (beta) is

  Release Manager:       Tomás Cohen Arazi 
  QA Manager:            Katrin Fischer 
  Documentation Manager: Nicole C Engard 
  Translation Manager:   Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel 
  QA Team:               Jonathan Druart 
                         Brendan Gallagher 
                         Kyle Hall 
                         Paul Poulain 
                         Martin Renvoize 
                         Marcel de Rooy 
  Bug Wranglers:         Magnus Enger 
  Packaging Manager:     Robin Sheat 

  Release Maintainer (3.18.x): Chris Cormack 
  Release Maintainer (3.16.x): Mason James 
  Release Maintainer (3.14.x): Fridolin Somers 


We thank the following libraries who are known to have sponsored
new features/enhancements in Koha 3.20 (beta):

  * CCSR
  * Orex Digital
  * Universidad de El Salvador
  * Universidad Nacional de Cordoba

We thank the following individuals who contributed patches to Koha 3.20 (beta).

  * Nicole (11)
  * Barton (1)
  * Blou (1)
  * “ByWater (1)
  * Chris (1)
  * mxbeaulieu (1)
  * Samuel (1)
  * शंतनू (1)
  * Justin (2)
  * Abby (3)
  * Aleisha (3)
  * Brandon (3)
  * Liz (3)
  * Rochelle (3)
  * Thomas (8)
  * Jacek Ablewicz (3)
  * Larry Baerveldt (2)
  * Maxime Beaulieu (2)
  * Colin Campbell (7)
  * Frédérick Capovilla (2)
  * Alexander Cheeseman (1)
  * Nick Clemens (5)
  * Tomás Cohen Arazi (120)
  * David Cook (5)
  * Kahurangi Cormack (1)
  * Chris Cormack (8)
  * Christophe Croullebois (1)
  * Stéphane Delaune (2)
  * Frédéric Demians (7)
  * Marcel de Rooy (24)
  * Simith D'Oliveira (5)
  * Jonathan Druart (336)
  * Yohann Dufour (8)
  * Hector Eduardo Castro Avalos (3)
  * Nicole Engard (2)
  * Magnus Enger (2)
  * Julian FIOL (7)
  * Katrin Fischer (49)
  * Bernardo González Kriegel (12)
  * Amit Gupta (2)
  * Morag Hills (2)
  * Koha instance knakk-koha (1)
  * Rolando Isidoro (1)
  * Mason James (2)
  * Srdjan Jankovic (2)
  * Pasi Kallinen (1)
  * Attila Kinali (1)
  * Olli-Antti Kivilahti (9)
  * Rafal Kopaczka (4)
  * Nicolas Legrand (1)
  * Owen Leonard (17)
  * Julian Maurice (4)
  * Matthias Meusburger (4)
  * Kyle M Hall (94)
  * Thomas Misilo (1)
  * Josef Moravec (1)
  * Chris Nighswonger (2)
  * Dobrica Pavlinusic (8)
  * Paul Poulain (2)
  * Liz Rea (1)
  * Martin Renvoize (11)
  * David Roberts (1)
  * Benjamin Rokseth (4)
  * Winona Salesky (6)
  * Viktor Sarge (3)
  * Adrien Saurat (1)
  * Robin Sheat (10)
  * Fridolin Somers (13)
  * Emmanuele Somma (1)
  * ByWater Staff (1)
  * Zeno Tajoli (12)
  * Lyon3 Team (1)
  * Mirko Tietgen (3)
  * Mark Tompsett (20)
  * Marc Véron (37)

We thank the following libraries, companies, and other institutions who contributed
patches to Koha 3.20 (beta)

  * ACPL (17)
  * BSZ BW (49)
  * BibLibre (370)
  * BigBallOfWax (3)
  * ByWater-Solutions (111)
  * Catalyst (20)
  * Cineca (12)
  * Foundations (2)
  * KohaAloha (2)
  * Libeo (2)
  * Libriotech (2)
  * Oslo Public Library (4)
  * PTFS-Europe (19)
  * Prosentient Systems (5)
  * Rijksmuseum (24)
  * Solutions inLibro inc (9)
  * Tamil (7)
  * Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (132)
  * Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 (1)
  * abunchofthings.net (3)
  * bancaditalia.it (1)
  * biblos.pk.edu.pl (3)
  * bulac.fr (1)
  * bywatersolutions.com” (1)
  * jns.fi (9)
  * kinali.ch (1)
  * live.com (2)
  * msd.govt.nz (1)
  * poczta.onet.pl (4)
  * pttk.fi (1)
  * quecheelibrary.org (4)
  * quechelibrary.org (1)
  * regionhalland.se (3)
  * rot13.org (8)
  * veron.ch (37)

We also especially thank the following individuals who tested patches
for Koha 3.20 (beta).

  * Abby (1)
  * Aleisha (6)
  * Attila Kinali (1)
  * Benjamin Rokseth (2)
  * Brandon (1)
  * Brendan Gallagher (47)
  * Chris (8)
  * Chris Cormack (53)
  * Chris Nighswonger (6)
  * Christophe Brocquet (1)
  * Christopher Brannon (6)
  * Cindy Ames (1)
  * Colin Campbell (4)
  * Courret (7)
  * David Cook (1)
  * David Roberts (2)
  * Dobrica Pavlinusic (28)
  * Frédéric Demians (16)
  * Gaetan Boisson (1)
  * Heather Braum (2)
  * Hector Castro (2)
  * Jacek Ablewicz (2)
  * Jason Robb (1)
  * Jeanne Heicher (1)
  * Jen DeMuth (2)
  * Jesse Maseto (5)
  * joel aloi (1)
  * John Andrews (1)
  * Jonathan Druart (172)
  * Josef Moravec (13)
  * Julius Fleschner (1)
  * Justin (2)
  * Katrin Fischer (302)
  * Larry Baerveldt (6)
  * Luce Barbey (1)
  * Lucie (8)
  * Magnus Enger (12)
  * Marc Véron (104)
  * marjorie (1)
  * Mark Tompsett (42)
  * Martin Renvoize (62)
  * Mason James (2)
  * Mirko Tietgen (17)
  * Morag Hills (4)
  * Nick (10)
  * Nick Clemens (30)
  * Nicolas Legrand (7)
  * Nicole (9)
  * Nicole Engard (10)
  * Olli-Antti Kivilahti (6)
  * Owen Leonard (17)
  * Paola Rossi (67)
  * Pierre (5)
  * Robin Sheat (7)
  * Rochelle (1)
  * Sean McGarvey (2)
  * Sheila Kearns (2)
  * sonia BOUIS (5)
  * Sophie Meynieux (1)
  * Thomas (2)
  * Thomas Misilo (1)
  * Tom Misilo (1)
  * vagrant (1)
  * valerie bertrand (4)
  * wajasu (4)
  * Zeno Tajoli (1)
  * Jason Burds  (2)
  * Koha Team AMU (4)
  * Manuel Cohen Arazi (1)
  * Tomas Cohen Arazi (944)
  * Hector Eduardo Castro Avalos (2)
  * Nicole C. Engard (4)
  * Kyle M Hall (322)
  * Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel (31)
  * Koha Team Lyon 3 (1)
  * Andreas Hedström Mace (1)
  * Marcel de Rooy (74)
  * Eivin Giske Skaaren (1)

We regret any omissions.  If a contributor has been inadvertently missed,
please send a patch against these release notes to 

Revision control notes

The Koha project uses Git for version control.  The current development 
version of Koha can be retrieved by checking out the master branch of 


The branch for this version of Koha and future bugfixes in this release line is master.

Bugs and feature requests

Bug reports and feature requests can be filed at the Koha bug
tracker at


He rau ringa e oti ai.
(Many hands finish the work)

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