IRC meeting for KohaCon 2010 volunteers

Russel Garlick has called an IRC meeting for KohaCon 2010 planning at 10:00 NZDT on Tuesday, 16 Feburary 2010 (AKA 21:00 UTC+0 on Monday, 15 February):

Thanks to all who have offered to help out with KohaCon 2010.

We will be having our first IRC meeting for all conference volunteers at 10am Tuesday 16th of Feb in #koha on

For those of you in different time zones:


  1. Catch up/Present overall plan – (there will be something posted on
    the wiki in the next week or so)
  2. Confirming roles
  3. Set time for regular catch up meeting on IRC.

Update: Minutes from the meeting are now available.