What’s on in koha-devel #15

Hi everybody!

Table of contents


Next major version

Release dates

The next major Koha version, 17.11, will be released in about 2 months.
I have just published what should be the release dates if you have something you really want to see being included  in this release, you should make it move in the next few weeks (submission, rebase, signoff, QA, etc.)

Second QA sprint

The QA team agrees to organise a new QA spring next Friday, on September 29th.


It would be good to organize a Global Bug Squashing Day in the next 2 weeks to see some big features move forward and have a chance to see them in the next major release.

Previous minors

Over the last two months the release team has worked together to publish stable releases at the same time. They contained security fixes.
It helped us to improve our communication and our workflow and we will certainly modify the way we publish stable releases to make it more simple and less error prone.

Koha Manual

A documentation meeting has been organized last month, and a new one is this week.
If you want to help writing or translating the manual but do not know how to start, it is the meeting to attend!
You can use the koha-docs mailing list or the pad to send us anything useful for the manual (snippets, written up documentation, corrections, …)

Technical topics

Corrupted data

The last month we communicate about a bug in previous Koha versions that can lead to corrupted data.
Worst, some attempts to fix this problem have introduced critical behaviors.
So, this is my last call.
If you are using one of these versions:
  • 16.11.07, 16.11.08, 16.11.09
  • 16.05.12, 16.05.13, 16.05.14
  • 17.05.00, 17.05.01
You must upgrade as soon as possible.
To avoid corrupted data, you must set the DBMS auto increment fix up correctly at DBMS configuration.

CI Improvement

Last month we told you that we improved our Continuous Integration server (aka Jenkins) to run the full test suite successfully. It was the first time it ever happened.
Because of a problem in our architecture, we had to isolate the different nodes and make them run in a virtualized environment. Tomas wrote koha-testing-docker to build docker containers to run the testing suite for the supported stable releases.
Our “Koha_Master_D8Jenkins project is now set up to run master tests using this environment.
However you will notice that they now are executed in more than 3h30 instead of 2h before. We need to improve that and understand what is going on (networking issues?).
If you want to help us, you are welcome, as always.

Special thanks

I would like to thanks Amit Gupta for his help reporting and fixing the different XSS patches that have been pushed in the last stable release!

Next meetings

If you want to tell us something, highlight a problem, or start a discussion, it is the place to do it (do not forget to add the topic on the agenda!).
The next general IRC meeting is on October 4th at 14 UTC – https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/General_IRC_meeting_4_October_2017
The next dev IRC meeting is on September 27th at 21 UTC – https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Development_IRC_meeting_27_September_2017
The next documentation IRC meeting is on September 28 at 22 UTC – https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Documentation_IRC_meeting_28_September