NZ Koha Trademark Update

I am delighted to report that the Koha NZ trademark is now safely registered in the name of Te Horowhenua Trust also known as Horowhenua Library Trust. This follows a judgement in December 2013 declining the application by PTFS LibLime to have the trademark registered in their name.

I wish to thank Andrew Matangi, consultant for Buddle Findlay a prestigious NZ law firm, who defended our rights and represented us in the legal battle against PTFS Liblime. I want to also thank Mason James from KohaAloha who wrote in support of our claim for the NZ Koha trademark despite it technically infringing on his rights, and also Paul Poulain, Irma Birchall, Rosalie Blake, Rachel Hamilton-Williams and ex NZ National Librarian Penny Carnaby who submitted affidavits to support our claim. Catalyst IT helped our case by launching their own independent objection to the application by PTFS for the NZ Koha trademark, raising different arguments to ours; thanks Don Christie.

Chris Cormack deserves a special mention. He has been involved in this matter from day 1 in 1999 when we decided over coffee to call our fledging LMS Koha. For 15 years Chris has been there to talk through various courses of action and I value his wise (and even his unwise) counsel greatly.

The real winner of course is Koha and the community that stands behind it. Back in 2011 when we announced that PTFS Liblime were making a grab for the NZ Koha trademark the response from around the world was heartwarming and astounding. So many of you sent donations to fund our legal battle and today, nearly 3 years later, that battle is over. All remaining funds will, of course, be spent on making Koha even better than it is already.

7 Comments on “NZ Koha Trademark Update

  1. Hot diggity dog. Koha is a fantastic light shining in the world of expensive and inflexible corporate library management systems. I recall being very inspired by the Koha creators at a LIANZA conference back when I was a new prison librarian trying to make limited funds go further.

  2. That’s the community spirit. definitely we will contribute at level best.I believe that working for community/humanity always blessed, energized by almighty.Thanks to all our community and specially NZ teams for all their efforts

  3. i would personally like to think YOU jo. we all know that your heart has been in this from the beginning and that plus a good lick of smarts, proactivity and passion makes some powerful forces behind koha. thanks for your dedication and just being you!