To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Koha, we would like to invite the world to Wellington. Here is your chance to the meet the folks from the original Koha library and have a drink with them.

See the Official KohaCon10 Website for more information


October 25 – November 2 2010

  • 3 day conference
  • followed by a hackfest


Conference Venue:

 Wellington Convention Centre Civic Suites
 107 Wakefield Street


Bywater Solutions


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The next general IRC meeting of the Koha project will be held on Tuesday, 9 February 2010 at 11:00 UTC+0.  See the meeting wiki page for more information. Connect to the #koha channel on to participate.

Update: A transcript of the meeting is now available.

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Official Koha Newsletter (ISSN 2153-8328)
Volume 1, Issue 1: January 2010

Table of Contents