Cataloguing plugins (value builders)

With value builders you can enhance your cataloguing with additional features like validation, link creation, auto-generation of numbers etc.

A value builder is a perl script that, within a MARC framework, is linked to a certain subfield in bibliographic records, authority records or items.


Cataloguing plugins are not to be confused with Koha plugins

Set up

Get there: Administration > MARC bibliographic framework

To use a value builder in your MARC framework, navigate to Administration > MARC bibliographic framework and then to the MARC structure of the desired framework.

Search for or browse to a field, and choose “Edit subfields” from its “Actions” menu. Go to the subfield’s tab, and choose the relevant entry from the drop down list at « plugin ».


Adding the call number browser to the items editor:

  1. In your MARC framework, go to field 952 and edit subfield o.

  2. Choose from the “Plugin” list.

  3. Save your changes.

Signaturenbrowser in Unterfeld o von Feld 952 anschließen