Koha Newsletter: Volume 2/Issue 9: September 2011

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Volume 2, Issue 9: September 2011


Edited by Daniel Grobani, Koha Community Newsletter Editor.
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Table of Contents

Koha Developments

Koha 3.4.5 Release Delayed

Chris Nighswonger, Koha 3.4.x release maintainer, reports that the release of Koha 3.4.5, originally scheduled for 22 October, has been delayed a few days.

Koha 3.6 Feature Freeze
by Chris Cormack

Why is it so cold in here? We are in feature freeze leading up to next month’s release of 3.6.0. No new features submitted will be considered for that release. Anything that is already in the needs-signoff queue is still OK, though.

But get testing, signing off, etc. The next deadline is string freeze, coming up on 8 October, and the more we get signed off by then, the better.

Koha 3.8 Roles
by Paul Poulain

A reminder: Everyone who plans to volunteer for a position in Koha version 3.8 is welcome to file his/her name on the wiki page: http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Roles_for_3.8.

The specific module maintainers and release maintainer positions are (desperately) empty.

Elections will be held in October.

New Database Schema Site
by Chris Cormack

For everyone who writes reports, or develops on Koha, we have a new site available to help: http://schema.koha-community.org.

This, combined with the work Nicole has been doing to add comments, allows for nice information like this: http://schema.koha-community.org/tables/biblio.html.

It is up to date with master (what will be 3.6.0 on October 22), and will continue to track master thereafter.

Thanks to Robin for rediscovering SchemaSpy and to Nicole for adding comments.

Koha Community

New Koha Libraries

  • Arcadia University (via ByWater Solutions)
  • College of the Redwoods (via ByWater Solutions)
  • Ducks Unlimited Canada (via Equinox Software)
  • Mississippi Department of Archives and History (via ByWater Solutions)
  • New Zealand State Services Commission (via Catalyst IT)
  • New Zealand Treasury Department (via Catalyst IT)

Community Gossip

Thatcher Rea joined ByWater Solutions as their Lead Support Specialist.

Paul Poulain of BibLibre is convening a working group to address integrating solR and a re-implementation of Zebra into Koha 4.0.

Vandana Singh of University of Tennessee Knoxville is seeking people to interview for a study comparing technical support of open source ILSs and proprietary ILSs. For more info, or to participate, see http://www.facebook.com/pages/OSS-Lib-Tech/111245305579507.

Bones 1: Nicole Engard is recovering from hip replacement surgery.

Bones 2: Koustubha Kale is recovering from a broken arm and wrist.

Six Koha libraries are jointly sponsoring development of customizable print slips.

Past Koha Events

Global Bug Squashing Day #4

Global Bug Squashing Day #4 occured on 2 September.

For more info, see http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/2011-09-02_Global_bug_squashing_day.

September General IRC Meeting

The September general IRC meeting was held on 7 September 2011.

For more info, including links to the minutes, see http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/General_IRC_Meeting,_7_September_2011.

Upcoming Koha Events

Global Bug Squashing Day

by Magnus Enger

String freeze for 3.6 has been set to 8 October 23:59 UTC.

I’d like to propose a Global bug squashing day for October 7th, as a last, concerted effort to get as much as possible from the “needs signoff” queue into 3.6. Details are here: http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/2011-10-07_Global_bug_squashing_day.

Happy squashing!

October General IRC Meeting

The next general IRC meeting is 5 October 2011 1000 UTC.

Here’s the agenda as of publication time:

  • Introductions
  • Update on Roadmap to 3.4
  • Update on Roadmap to 3.6
  • Vote for Roles for 3.8
  • KohaCon2011
  • Results of the Vote for KohaCon2012
  • Global bug squashing days
  • Actions from General IRC Meeting, 7 September 2011
  • Miscellaneous
    • Follow-up on koha-devel thread “bugzilla & default assignee”. suggestion made : add koha-devel@lists.koha-community.org as a possible assignee for bugs the default assignee don’t want to handle. Adopt this proposition? any other proposition?
    • Gamification and Open Badges
  • Set time of next meeting

For more info, see http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/General_IRC_Meeting,_5_October_2011.


KohaCon11 will be held 31 October 2011 to 6 November 2011 in Thane, India.

For more info, see http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Category:KohaCon11 or http://kohacon11.vpmthane.org/ocs/index.php/k/k11.

KohaCon12: Voting on Proposals

by Magnus Enger
The deadline for proposals for KohaCon12 ended on 1 September, and we have two proposals:

  • software.coop and other tbc: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  • Washoe County Library System: Reno, NV USA

Details on the proposals are at http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Proposals_for_KohaCon12.

Nicole Engard has created a survey where folks can vote on their preference: http://survey.web2learning.net/limesurvey/index.php?sid=63529.

The deadline for voting is 1 October.