Koha Community Newsletter: October 2021

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Volume 12, Issue 10
ISSN 2153-8328
Edited by Michael Kuhn

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Current Koha versions

Read the respective release notes by clicking the revision number.

Date Revision Notes
29 October 2021
Kyle Hall
Koha 21.05.05
77 bugfixes
29 October 2021
Fridolin Somers
Koha 20.11.11
46 bugfixes
27 October 2021
Victor Grousset
Koha 20.05.17
4 bugfixes
29 October 2021
Wainui Witika-Park
Koha 19.11.23
3 bugfixes

The Debian packages are usually available within days after the release.

Koha advent

On 15 October Martin Renvoize wrote:

We’re looking to organise another Koha advent calendar series this year and
I’m trying to be a bit more organised than last year: https://koha-community.gitlab.io/KohaAdvent/

Last years calendar was themed around building a plugin. This year I’d like
to suggest a broader community theme with best practice guides and how to’s
including all the way’s people can contribute to the project and get the
most out of the community.

With that in mind, are there any area’s anyone would like us to focus on in
particular, any how-to guides you would be keen to see? Let us know and
I’ll try and find the appropriate person to write something up.

Many thanks in advance for your idea’s!

Something old, something new: Bugs in discussion (Course reserves)

by Erica Rohlfs, MLIS, PMP, Senior Implementation Project Manager (Equinox Open Library Initiative)

Select a department: empty field if no description set in authorized value has been a bug In Discussion for several years. As Tietgen states, “When you set up an authorized value in the DEPARTMENT category without descriptions, the pull down menu in course creation shows an empty value.” Currently, Department (Home > Administration > Authorized values > select Authorized value category DEPARTMENT) is a required field when setting up your Course Reverses (To enable Course Reserves: Home > Administration > System preferences > set UseCourseReserves to “Use” > Save preferences). Some libraries currently take advantage of the “empty value,” because they do not want to display department information (the same workaround can be used for Term, also configured within the Authorized Values interface). However, there is a potential conversation bridge between this bug and another older bug, Make required fields on course reserves configurable.

In looking at a more recent In Discussion bug, Record URL broken, when there is more than one 856 on the record may be of interest to libraries currently utilizing Course Reserves, where the bibliographic records contain more than one (1) 856 tag.

To review these and other bugs related to the Course Reserves module, go to Bugzilla Main Page > click “Browse” > you will be instructed to “Select a product category to browse,” click “Koha” > you should then see a menu of components to browse, select “Course reserves”.

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Upcoming events

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koha-US to host a Giving Tuesday Koha Q&A

Giving Tuesday is a global movement encouraging people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.

In support of this initiative, the koha-US Education Committee will be holding a 2-hour YouTube Livestream on 30th November starting at 9:00am PST (Noon EST, 17:00 UTC).

They are planning a Koha Question and Answers session and need your help to make this a success! Please submit Koha-related questions for the committee to address during the Livestream no later than November 15th via this form: https://forms.gle/jhebiNf5j8r6PnKU7

No topic is off-limits. The committee will talk about participating in the Koha community, customization, report-writing, workflows, features, etc. – if they can’t get to all the questions, they will work to provide follow-up beyond the event.


The Koha Pakistan Community and the National Library of Pakistan will be hosting KohaCon21!

  • Proposed dates: 14-30 November 2021
  • Format: A hybrid in-person and online conference.

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