Koha Community Newsletter: November 2021

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Volume 12, Issue 11
ISSN 2153-8328
Edited by Michael Kuhn

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Current Koha versions

Read the respective release notes by clicking the revision number.

Date Revision Notes
26 November 2021
Jonathan Druart
Koha 21.11.00
4 new features
196 enhancements
388 bugfixes
29 October 2021
Kyle Hall
Koha 21.05.05
77 bugfixes
29 October 2021
Fridolin Somers
Koha 20.11.11
46 bugfixes
27 October 2021
Victor Grousset
Koha 20.05.17 4 bugfixes
29 October 2021
Wainui Witika-Park
Koha 19.11.23 3 bugfixes

The Debian packages are usually available within days after the release.

New Koha version 21.11

On 26 November 2021 Jonathan Druart announced the release of Koha 21.11. This major release includes 4 new features, 196 enhancements and 388 bugfixes.


According to the page KohaAdvent – Your daily dose of Koha over the Christmas period it seems there is no KohaAdvent this year.


New Koha libraries

New Zealand
  • Auckland University of Technology Library via Catalyst
United Kingdom

Koha tips and tricks

Support provider news


2021 Library Automation Perceptions Survey

Since 2007, every year Marshall Breeding performs a survey to gauge libraries overall satisfaction with their respective integrated library solutions. This survey is instrumental in letting support providers know how they are doing, and does wonders for small companies when their satisfied partners share their experiences. Responses from this survey also help the open source community improve visibility, lead enhancements, and promote global acceptance of the products.

As open source software is supported both by the general community and by a variety of different service organizations, some special considerations apply to Koha. In the libraries.org directory, Koha is represented by a combination of the name Koha and the primary support organization involved (for example “Koha — Catalyst IT”). Libraries relying entirely on community support or internal resources are represented as “Koha — Independent”.

If you have responded in previous years, please respond again this year to help identify any trends regarding improvement or worsening of the products or support services.

Take survey

Read the original posting by Marshall Breeding to the mailing list “Koha”.

Upcoming events

For all upcoming IRC meetings see Next IRC meetings or the Koha Community calendar.

For any other Koha-related meeting just see the Koha Community calendar.


The Koha Pakistan Community and the National Library of Pakistan will be hosting KohaCon21! They have changed the dates of the conference due to the Christmas holidays across the globe, now the conference will be held on 13-15 December, the hackfest will be from 16-18 December.

The conference will be in-person/physical, however those who are not able to attend due to the Covid-19 and other global restrictions they can attend and present online too.

For more details see the Conference site for KohaCon21.


by Katrin Fischer

If you or your organization would like to organize KohaCon22, please enter all relevant information on this wiki page: KohaCon22 Proposals (if you do not already have an account to edit the wiki, you can request one, it is usually pretty fast to get access).

The community has agreed that KohaCon conferences must be either hybrid with an in-person conference streamed online, or entirely online. Apart from keeping the community members safe, this will also allow for greater accessibility, so that everyone can attend and learn from each other no matter their availability, ability to travel, or budget.

Know that the community stands behind anyone who volunteers to organize and that help is always available if you’re unsure how to proceed.

Call for proposals will end on 8 January 2022 at 23:59 UTC. If there is more than one proposal, we will organize a vote, which will be announced in the mailing list “Koha”.

koha-US Conference 2022

by the koha-US Conference Committee

Imagine Koha library staff from around the country coming to your city for 4 days of insightful presentations and community building. This dream can come true for your library. Submit a proposal to host the 2022 koha-US Conference and the members of koha-US may vote your city as the next location for the koha-US Conference. Proposals will be accepted through December 31, 2021.

The form to submit your library’s proposal is: https://bit.ly/3n2y2W8.

We look forward to receiving your proposal!

Open Opportunities webinars series

On 2 November 2021 Bywater Solutions announced the Koha Open Opportunities webinar series – a number of webinars regarding Koha for the next fews months. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

4th German Speaking Koha Users Meeting

The 4th virtual user meeting for German speaking Koha users (“4. Koha D-A-CH-Anwendertreffen”) will be held on 30 November 2021.

For more information see the following e-mail that was originally sent to the mailing list “Koha”: https://lists.koha-community.org/pipermail/koha-de/2021-November/000346.html.

Past events

For all past IRC meetings see the following links or the Koha Community calendar.

For any other Koha-related meeting just see the Koha Community calendar.

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