Koha Community Newsletter: May 2020

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May 2020

Volume 11, Issue 5
ISSN 2153-8328
Edited by Chad Roseburg, Koha Community Newsletter Editor

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Koha 19.11.06 Released

by Joy Nelson
The Koha community is proud to announce the release of Koha 19.11.06.

It includes 23 enhancements and 122 bug fixes.

The full release notes are available at

Koha 19.11.06 release

Debian packages will be updated within a few days.

Koha 19.05.11 Released

by Lucas Gass
The Koha Community is happy to announce the release of Koha 19.05.11.

This is a maintenance release.

It includes 13 enhancements, 72 bugfixes.

The full release notes can be found at:

Koha 19.05.11 Release

Debian packages will be available shortly.


New Koha Libraries

Koha Tips and Tricks

The team at ByWater Solutions has some great new tutorials for you:

Support Provider News

From PTFS Europe
We are delighted to have been appointed by APUC (Advanced Purchasing for Universities & Colleges) to their Library Systems framework to supply Koha and integrations of the EBSCO discovery service to Universities and Colleges across Scotland – https://www.ptfs-europe.com/frameworks/

Finally, we have launched a new source of useful information for customers and the wider Koha community about what is On Our Mind at PTFS Europe. Every fortnight, we will be sharing a video, a presentation or a document on a subject that we are excited about, have been working on or have just discovered that we think folk might be interested in. As much of ‘What’s On Our Mind’ will take the form of videos, we will upload them to our YouTube channel into a special playlist. So people can subscribe to our channel.

From Catalyst IT
Aleisha Amohia, developer with Catalyst’s Koha team for five years, graduated this week with a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Management & Info Systems).

Mental Health Education & Resource Centre Library now offers online self-registration

Upcoming Events

KohaCon 2020 Continues!

The Kohacon team at Catalyst are excited to announce the following decision: we will go ahead with Kohacon2020.

Kohacon2020 will be a hybrid online and in-person event, appropriate to the New Zealand and global rules on travel at the time.

Following the success of the online Kohathon event, we realised that Koha storytelling, teaching, learning, planning and coding can happen, whether we are together online or in person. We already know that this is a strength of our project.

Conference programme:
– As much as possible, it will stay the same:https://2020.kohacon.org/posts/programme/
– We are thinking about live-streamed and pre-recorded presentations, streamed library tours and social events, workshops delivered using an online training platform, and we already have collaboration tools for us to work together on Koha – we’ll just make sure everyone knows how to participate.

Information for conference attendees:
– If you would like to register as an online-only participant, you will hear more soon about how to register. We are very excited that the online element of the conference will make it accessible to more people.
– We will keep in touch about NZ travel restrictions, to help you decide whether to plan attending in person. Booking travel is not recommended by us at this stage. We still plan to make a decision in July about how we will proceed “in person” so travel may be booked if possible.

Information for conference speakers:
– Speakers, please could you email kohacon2020@catalyst.net.nz to say whether or not you willing to speak at the conference, if your presentation will be delivered online-only.
– Please also provide your speaker bio (information about yourself) if you haven’t already. We will be in touch again with further details for speakers.

Thank you all for supporting the conference so far. We will be in touch again soon.

Extra special thanks to our conference sponsors: Bywater Solutions, EBSCO, PTFS-Europe and Catalyst.

Koha US Cataloging SIG (Special Interest Group): Authorities pt.2

by Heather Hernandez
The next Koha-US Cataloging SIG (Special Interest Group) round table will look at building your catalog without OCLC–really downloading authority records from free from the Library of Congress (I flubbed in May’s meeting & am totally learning from my mistakes, especially the public ones!), getting records via Z39.50 with Koha and/or MarcEdit, keying records (what is “good enough?”), and as usual, any other tips, tricks, topics, or questions. You don’t have to be a member of Koha-US to participate, nor do you have to be a cataloger! We often work in real, live, in production Koha catalogs, and are happy to try things out live–it’s loads of fun! So please join us on Thursday, June 4 @ 8 am – 9 am PT (9 MT/10 CT/11 ET in the United States). Can’t make it? No problem–it will be recorded and available on the Koha US YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLV58VVGJH5V1wNHZqYpAfX7y1dU9eWTXq

More information on the Koha-US SIGs is here: http://koha-us.org/special-interest-groups/ You can join via the “Join” button on this page, or email info@koha-us.org for assistance with joining any of the SIGs.

Please also feel free to address questions, tips, tricks, etc. to the group or to me, heather_hernandez@nps.gov, via email at any time. And guest presenters & hosts are most welcome if you have something you’d like to share! Full details on our SIG meetings, as well as those of the other SIGS, are on the Koha US calendar, http://koha-us.org/calendar/

June General IRC Meeting

The June General IRC meeting will be held the 17th at 15:00 UTC.

The agenda, links to the minutes, and other information is

June Development IRC Meeting

The June Development IRC meeting will be held the 3rd at 20:00 UTC.

The agenda, links to the minutes, and other information is

June Documentation IRC Meeting

The June Documentation IRC meeting was held the 7th at 19:00 UTC.

The agenda, links to the minutes, and other information is

Past Events

May General IRC Meeting

The May General IRC meeting was held the 13th at 20:00 UTC.

The agenda, links to the minutes, and other information is

May Development IRC Meeting

The May Development IRC meeting was held the 20th at 14:00 UTC.

The agenda, links to the minutes, and other information is

May Documentation IRC Meeting

The May Documentation IRC meeting was held the 4th at 19:00 UTC.

The agenda, links to the minutes, and other information is


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