Koha Community Newsletter: August 2020

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August 2020

Volume 11, Issue 8
ISSN 2153-8328
Edited by Chad Roseburg, Koha Community Newsletter Editor

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Koha 20.05.03 Released

by Lucas Gass
The Koha community is proud to announce the release of 20.05.03.

Koha 20.05.03 is a bugfix/maintenance release. It includes 3 security fixes, 44 enhancements, 67 bugfixes.

The full release notes can be viewed here:

Koha 20.05.03 security release

Debian packages are available.

Koha 19.11.09 Released

by Aleisha Amohia
The Koha community is proud to announce the release of Koha 19.11.09.

Thank you very much to everyone involved in this release.

Koha 19.11.09 is a security and bugfix/maintenance release. It includes 3 security fixes, 8 enhancements, 45 bugfixes.

Full release notes can be found here:

Koha 19.11.09 released

Koha 19.05.14 Released

by Victor Grousset
The Koha Community is happy to announce the release of Koha 19.05.14.

Koha 19.05.14 is a bugfix/maintenance release with security fixes. It includes 3 security fixes, 6 enhancements, 11 bugfixes.

The full release notes can be found at:

Koha 19.05.14 released

Debian packages are available.

Equinox Announces Update to Curbside Pickup Plugin for Koha ILS

Duluth, Ga., August 28, 2020: Equinox Open Library Initiative is pleased to
announce completion of the latest update to the Curbside Pickup plugin for libraries
using Koha ILS. This improvement will allow Koha libraries to immediately make
use of the plugin without having to pay for additional development services or wait
for a technical change to the core Koha ILS.

The specifications and workflow for the new Koha plugin were designed by Equinox
staff this past July based off of the Curbside Pickup functionality developed by
Equinox for the Evergreen ILS in June. The Koha Curbside Pickup plugin provides
new staff management tools for coordinating curbside pickup services and
expediting communications using the ILS. These staff management tools include
setting pickup intervals, setting the number of pickup slots allowed per interval, and
whether patrons may directly schedule their own appointments. The development
work completed by Equinox this week removes a technical barrier in the Koha
system, allowing libraries to quickly deploy the new plugin without added cost.


New Koha Libraries

Koha Tips and Tricks

Take a look at these new tutorials from PTFS Europe:

  • What’s on our Mind: EDI ordering using EDIFACT in Koha. Jonathan Field has produced this EDI 101 guide which gives an overview of Setup, Workflow and Field mapping in the EDIFACT module.

The team at ByWater Solutions has some great new tutorials for you:

Support Provider News

From PTFS Europe
Discussion on Koha reporting

We ran a customer discussion session on reporting in Koha and here is a link to a recording of the session. Janet McGowan, Lucy Vaux-Harvey and Fiona Borthwick gave demonstrations as follows:

  • Email notices from reports and an emailer plugin
  • Batch modification of patrons and items from reports
  • Adding charts to reports

PTFS Europe Customer Day
We are running a virtual conference for our customers right on 30 September which we will be live-streaming to our YouTube channel. Videos of the conference sessions will also be available on the channel after the event.

From Equinox
#ChatOpenS: September 16, 2020, 3-4pm EDT with Chris Cormack guest moderating. Networking Twitter Chat bringing those interested in open source in libraries together.

Upcoming Events

KohaCon 2020 Update!

53 days until Kohacon! We’re really excited and we hope you are, too.

This is a short update reminder from us this month – be sure to register for Kohacon!
Registration https://2020.kohacon.org/posts/registration/

Certificates of attendance will be provided to those who have registered.

We will send out links for viewing presentations prior to the conference. For those participating in online workshops, we will send out the links and access code to those who register.

The conference will go ahead regardless of the status of Covid-19 restrictions. The conference will be completely online if required, however, we have plans for NZ participants to also gather in Wellington, in person. We hope to see as many NZ speakers and delegates as possible.

We are thinking about ways to enjoy each others company, even though that cannot be in person for us all. Watch this space for links and updates about sponsor rooms, online social hangouts, a live DJ, and more.

The programme has changed since we first launched it in February of this year and we would encourage you to take another look!
Programme https://2020.kohacon.org/posts/programme/

Sent with thanks to our very generous sponsors:
Pounamu: Bywater solutions, Catayst IT, EBSCO, and Equinox OLI.
Mānuka Honey: FE Technologies, Linux Australia, and PTFS Europe.

Please direct any questions to kohacon2020@catalyst.net.nz

Nā mātou noa, nā,
Koha team at Catalyst NZ

September General IRC Meeting

The September General IRC meeting will be held the 2nd at 20:00 UTC.

The agenda, links to the minutes, and other information is

September Development IRC Meeting

The September Development IRC meeting will be held the 9th of September 2020, 20:00 UTC.

The agenda, links to the minutes, and other information is

Past Events

Koha ILS Users Philippines held Koha ILS Discussion Series

by Eugene Jose T. Espinoza and Raul V. Migriño, Jr.

The Koha ILS Users Philippines (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1470467196524189/) held five Discussion Series through Google Meet tackling various topics regarding Koha ILS. The series began last June 6 and culminated on August 15, 2020.

Below are the list of topics per date:
• June 20 – Koha Modules
• July 4 – Koha Installation
• July 18 – OPAC Customization
• August 1 – Data Migration using MARCEdit
• August 15 – Koha notifications

This Discussion series was based on a poll put up by Manuel Tamayao last June 14, 2020 which gathered 38 responses. Each episode of the discussion series was graced with one or two Koha specialists. Each episode was primarily led by Eugene Espinoza representing one of the two Koha specialists while a host moderates the forum. The series was a hands-on discussion type wherein community participants were asked to try out, in real time, what has been demonstrated by the facilitator.

The Discussion series was attended by current Koha ILS users as well as prospective Koha ILS users. Regular attendees include Jerwyn Fernandez and Ram Migrino who both played a major role in the organization of KohaCon2017 in Philippines.

Newcomer Benjade Palermo from University of Mindanao and Anna Gefreliz Erpelo from University of Rizal System were also regular attendees.

This discussion series was conceptualized primarily to enliven the Koha ILS Users Philippines as well as to reach out to Filipino Koha users having concerns in any phase of their Koha implementation but having no resources or means to address the same.

Koha ILS Users Philippines hopes to hold similar activities in the future.

August General IRC Meeting

The August General IRC meeting was held the 5th of August 2020, 14:00 UTC.

The agenda, links to the minutes, and other information is

August Development IRC Meeting

The August Development IRC meeting was held the 12th of August 2020, 14:00 UTC.

The agenda, links to the minutes, and other information is

August Documentation IRC Meeting

The August Documentation IRC meeting was held the 13th August 2020, 19:00 UTC.

The agenda, links to the minutes, and other information is


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