Koha community adopts code of conduct

In order to help provide a safe and welcoming environment for all attendees at Koha events, the Koha community has approved a code of conduct and anti-harassment policy. All delegates, attendees, and organizers at Koha events, including the upcoming KohaCon14 in Argentina, are expected to abide by this policy.

The organizers of KohaCon14 have taken steps to effectively implement this policy, and specific details of how to seek assistance and report incidents while on site will be forthcoming.

The full text of the policy is available on the Koha community website. Please read the policy and disseminate it widely. Although the policy is currently focused on behavior at conference, all participants in communications forums used by the Koha project, including the mailing lists and IRC channel, should abide by it.

The code of conduct is expected to be revised as circumstances and our experiences suggest ways of improving it. Suggestions for changes can be made via the general mailing list or by contacting any member of the release team.