Koha 3.4.0 release schedule – April is coming fast

Hi All

After 5 (soon to be 6) on schedule 3.2.x releases we are closing in our
6 month target for a 3.4.0 release. Release date is April 22 2011.

So in light of that, here are some key dates we all need to be aware of

April 1st : Feature freeze

April 8th : String freeze

April 22nd : Release day

So what do these dates mean for you

Feature Freeze:
Any patches for new features submitted on or before April 1st will be
considered for inclusion. This means you don’t have to have your patch
signed off by the 1st, but it does have to be submitted, and attached to
a bug by then.

String Freeze:
Patches containing changes to the templates will not be accepted after
this date (barring security fixes)

After the string freeze we have 2 weeks for the translators to
translate, and for the rest of us (who should have been tested like mad
already, to keep testing).

On about the 20th, I will remove any partially completed features, or
any that cause regressions, and the release will go ahead on the 22nd.

One other important note:

On the 1st I propose to merge new/enh/bug_5917 (which is the
Template::Toolkit work) into master. I will branch another branch at
that point that people can continue to use for signing off any patches
that contain .tmpl changes. I will take care of merging the changes to
master. From then on, any newly submitted patches should be against the
.tt files. You can help this go a lot smoother by testing 5917 now.


Your friendly neighbourhood release manager