Koha 3.12.0 released

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of Koha 3.12.0, the latest stable release of the Koha open source integrated library system. Koha is the first free and open source software library automation package (ILS). Development is sponsored by libraries of varying types and sizes, volunteers, and support companies from around the world.

Koha 3.12.0 is a major release, with numerous new features, enhancements, and bugfixes. Koha 3.12.0 is released under the GNU General Public License version 3 or later. Since the release of Koha 3.10.0, the development team has added 1470 patches to Koha, comprising some 21 new features, 160 enhancements, and 440 bugfixes. The result, I am sure you will agree, is the best version of Koha yet.

Koha can be downloaded from http://download.koha-community.org/koha-3.12.00.tar.gz or—on apt-based Linux distributions—using .deb files from Koha’s apt repository at http://debian.koha-community.org/koha/. For installation documentation, see http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Installation_Documentation or the INSTALL files in the tarball.

Illustrated Koha 3.12 release notes outlining some of the highlights of 3.12.0 are available, as are full release notes, which you can find below the fold.


18 May 2013

Koha is the first free and open source software library automation package 
(ILS). Development is sponsored by libraries of varying types and sizes, 
volunteers, and support companies from around the world.  
The website for the Koha project is 


Koha 3.12.0 can be downloaded from:


Installation instructions can be found at:


    OR in the INSTALL files that come in the tarball

Koha 3.12.0 is a major release with many new features compared to Koha 3.10.

It includes 21 features, 160 enhancements and 436 bugfixes.

New features in 3.12.0

Architecture, internals, and plumbing
	7167	Updatedatabase improvements
	7387	Add Template::Toolkit plugin to allow caching of includes

	7973	Allow for new type of LDAP authentication
	9587	Allow login via mozilla persona - https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/persona/

	7674	Separate tabs for my holdings and others holdings
	7919	Display of values depending on the connexion library (authorised values, patron categories, extended attributes)

	4906	Allow fine calculation to exclude grace period
	7189	Preference to control if returning lost items gives refund
	8220	Allow koc uploads to go to process queue instead of being applied directly.
	8365	Renewal duration in issuingules
	9151	Renewal notice according to patron alert preferences

Hold requests
	9206	Only allow place holds in records that the patron don't have in his possession

	7740	Highlight items in own library in search results/detail page in OPAC
	8377	Show HTML5 video/ audio for media files in OPAC and staff client
	8733	Adding critic reviews to book pages
	8917	Track clicks to links external to Koha

	7067	Allow patron self registration via the opac

	5343	Subscription cost (Link serial and acqui modules)
	8782	Add a feature to close a subscription

	9420	Work on Bootstrap for Koha

	7804	Add Koha Plugin System

Enhancements in 3.12.0

	8641	Add information warning about log-in as root user to About->System information

	8117	Divide budget periods into two tabs
	8240	There is dead code in orderreceive.tt
	8795	Just add the login branch In orderreveive.tt
	8913	Improve acquisitions navigation
	9030	There is no constraint on aqorders_items
	9130	Remove old javascript from Parcel

Architecture, internals, and plumbing
	8089	Use Koha::Cache everywhere
	8164	Replace IFNULL() with COALESCE() in all database calls

	9704	Add persona login to the CCSR theme

	3549	Framework sorting in addbook
	6945	Add a link to show a MARC preview in the normal view
	8347	Koha forces UNIMARC 100 field code language to 'fre'
	9025	Add new icons for item types
	9034	Add sorting and filtering on items table (catalogue/detail.pl)
	9154	On item edit page, highlight row of item being edited
	9162	Add a system preference to set which notes fields appears on title notes/description separator
	9356	Show Dissertation note (MARC21 502) in XSLT
	9357	Missing 'c' option in LEADER_18 value builder
	9363	Show Patent control information and report number (MARC21, XSLT, detail pages)

	7243	Do not take rentals as fines
	8758	Code seems useless in circ/returns.pl
	9014	Add time due to slips
	9263	Trim barcodes in offline circulation
	9283	Change structure of export checkouts form
	9332	Display call number in "Holds waiting" notice (checkout page)
	9367	Code optimization: CheckReserves is too often called
	9423	Add notforloan value to issue confirmation or blocking message
	9604	Filter overdues with homebranch and holdingbranch

Command-line Utilities
	5608	Tool to move MARC21 series info to 490 tag
	5635	Bulkmarcimport new parameters & features
	8519	Make koha-index-daemon run on startup
	9012	Allow bulkmarcimport to specify a framework code when importing MARC
	9045	Adding some parameters to export_borrowers.pl

	2832	Make alphabet localizable
	5709	Adding the ability to translate HTML5 placeholder text in an input field
	9610	Spanish translation of MARC21 default bibliographic framework

Installation and upgrade (command-line installer)
	9191	Updatedatabase.pl must have ability to run updates only up to a particular revision

Installation and upgrade (web-based installer)
	9101	Add REPORT_GROUP to authorised values sample data

	8032	Sort lists by call number
	9167	The sort field copyrightdate is not standardized
	9458	Add sorting to lists

	6835	Ability to specify types of email address in overdue_notices.pl

	5079	Make display of shelving location and call number in XSLT results controlled by sysprefs
	5888	Opac-detail subject/author links improvements
	7620	OPACNoResult, add search string to available parameters
	8712	We should use WAI-ARIA guidelines to help with accessibility -OMNIBUS bug
	9068	Babelthèque: New podcasts area
	9257	Add "groups" to normal search pulldown
	10100	OPAC News dates need an CSS handle (class)

	8878	Koha-shell: a command to make using koha commands easier
	9143	Package related updates for master
	9250	Provide commands to allow handling of SIP servers in the packages
	9880	Package updates to make master build

	7969	Select all / unselect all on fines page
	9076	Add ability to delete borrowers by expiration date and category code to cleanborrowers.pl
	9718	Add POD and comments for Check_Userid and Generate_Userid subs
	9751	Patron flags red in moremember.pl like in circulation.pl

	7678	Statistics wizard: patrons
	7896	Acquisition statistics wizard: add filters and cell values
	9117	Reports hierarchies management improvements
	9417	Allow number of results per page to be selectable for guided reports

	9134	There is no previous link on the second page of the search results page
	9239	Koha should share Evergreen's QueryParser module for parsing queries
	9403	Material type icons not showing for XSLT default view in intranet

Self checkout
	8033	Add print receipt option to Koha self-check
	9009	Add separate user js and css for SCO module

	7688	Change subscriptions numbering pattern and frequencies
	8509	Allowing the Expected status even if another status has been saved
	8715	Select all serials for a year

	8125	SIP should send Zipcode with address

Staff Client
	6209	Standardize on one javascript library for client-side form validation

System Administration
	4354	Cannot edit existing issuing rules
	5634	Ordering branches should be case independent
	8664	Add floating toolbar with save button to system preferences editor
	8906	Improve OAI management interface
	9760	Simplify local use preferences

	6261	Consolidate patron toolbar include files
	7731	Library should be used instead of branch and site
	8710	Do not show the images tab in the OPAC if the record has no local cover images
	8877	MARC21 field 511 missing from XSLT
	8893	Show more information on printout
	9137	Focus when editing/adding new itemtypes/authorised values
	9169	Wrap relator code in <span> to allow for CSS customization
	9265	Switch to HTML5 doctype in OPAC and staff client
	9428	Use DataTables in Authority MARC frameworks page
	9429	Use DataTables on Authorized Values page
	9430	Use DataTables on library transfer limits page
	9431	Use DataTables on Patron Category Administration page
	9435	Use DataTables on libraries and groups administration page
	9436	Use DataTables on cities administration page
	9437	Use DataTables on itemtypes administration page
	9439	Enforce superlibrarian mutual exclusivity of other permissions
	9444	Use DataTables in system preferences editor
	9445	Use DataTables in local use system preferences editor
	9446	Use DataTables on Z39.50 servers administration page
	9450	Use DataTables in cataloging Z39.50 search results
	9457	Ordering branches should be case independent (2)
	9460	Use DataTables on transfers to receive report page
	9461	Use DataTables on holds awaiting pickup report page
	9462	Use DataTables on patron detail page
	9464	Update DataTables configuration on patron statistics page
	9465	Use DataTables on update child to adult patron page
	9466	Use DataTables on saved reports page
	9467	Use DataTables on catalog by item type report page
	9469	Use Datatables in serials statistics wizard
	9471	Use DataTables on serials claims page
	9473	Use DataTables on tags list page
	9476	Use Datatables on Koha news page
	9477	Use Datatables on notices page
	9483	Use DataTables on batch patron modifications page
	9521	Move common jQuery assets to koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/lib
	9615	Combine staff home page images into single sprite
	9616	Replace YUI menu on patrons page with Bootstrap
	9617	Replace YUI menu on catalog pages with Bootstrap
	9619	Replace YUI buttons on libraries administration page with Bootstrap
	9621	Replace YUI menu on lists pages with Bootstrap
	9622	Replace YUI button on MARC frameworks page with Bootstrap
	9623	Replace YUI button on authority types administration page with Bootstrap
	9624	Replace YUI button on reports dictionary page with Bootstrap
	9625	Replace YUI buttons and menus on reports pages with Bootstrap
	9627	Replace YUI buttons and menus on serials pages with Bootstrap
	9628	Replace YUI buttons and menus on budgets administration pages with Bootstrap
	9629	Replace YUI button on patron category administration pages with Bootstrap
	9630	Replace YUI button on cities and towns administration page with Bootstrap
	9631	Replace YUI buttons on classification sources administration page with Bootstrap
	9632	Replace YUI button on the currencies administration page with Bootstrap
	9633	Replace YUI button on the itemtypes administration page with Bootstrap
	9635	Replace YUI buttons on label batches pages with Bootstrap
	9636	Replace YUI buttons on labels pages with Bootstrap
	9637	Replace YUI button on local use system preferences page with Bootstrap
	9639	Replace YUI button on MARC tag structure toolbar with Bootstrap
	9640	Replace YUI button on record matching rules page with Bootstrap
	9641	Replace YUI button on the Koha news management page with Bootstrap
	9642	Replace YUI button on the patron attribute types administration page with Bootstrap
	9643	Replace YUI button on the road types administration page with Bootstrap
	9644	Replace YUI button on the suggestions management page with Bootstrap
	9645	Replace YUI buttons on the quotes management page with Bootstrap
	9646	Replace YUI buttons on the printers administration page with Bootstrap
	9647	Replace YUI buttons on Z39.50 servers administration page with Bootstrap
	9648	Replace YUI buttons on authorized values administration page with Bootstrap
	9649	Replace YUI buttons on cataloging home page with Bootstrap
	9650	Show message if there are no notices
	9669	Replace YUI buttons on staff client cart toolbar
	9672	Replace YUI buttons on MARC editor page with Bootstrap
	9674	Replace YUI buttons and menu on acquisitions pages with Bootstrap
	9675	Replace YUI buttons on authorities home page with Bootstrap
	9676	Replace YUI buttons on authorities editor page with Bootstrap
	9688	Replace YUI button on Authority MARC framework toolbar with Bootstrap
	9689	Replace YUI buttons on the OAI sets administration page with Bootstrap
	9690	Replace YUI buttons on the catalog search results page with Bootstrap
	9693	Remove YUI styling from buttons on the patron card creator's image manage page
	9694	Remove YUI styling from buttons on the patron card creator manage pages
	9696	Remove YUI styling from buttons on patron card creator edit pages
	9698	Replace YUI buttons on patron card creator manage toolbar with Bootstrap
	9764	Replace YUI buttons on the authority search popup with Bootstrap
	9765	Remove unused include file: budgetperiods-admin.inc
	9769	Replace YUI buttons on acquisitions basket page with Bootstrap
	9771	Replace YUI buttons on acquisitions basket groups page with Bootstrap

Test Suite
	8300	Koha should have mechanized testing suite

Critical bugs fixed in 3.12.0

(this list include all bugfixes since the previous major version. Most of them have already been fixed in maintainance releases)

	9928	blocker	No way to see all purchase suggestions at all
	7018	critical	Need all acq permissions to search
	9106	critical	Filtering list of uncertain price list by owner empties order information
	9126	critical	Receiving orders create too much items
	9346	critical	Acqui/neworderempty.pl ignores exchange rates and destroys user data on page load
	10088	critical	Software error when filling a basket with staged record
	4266	major	Encumbrance and expenditure not used in code
	7228	major	Can't order more than 1 when importing all from staged file
	7449	major	Billingplace and freedeliveryplace not saved when creating a new basketgroup
	7593	major	Merging bib records loses connection to order line
	8853	major	Clicking basketgroup name in closed basketgroups reopens it
	9236	major	Deleting an order when receiving redirects to closed basket
	9281	major	Impossible to create an order from a staged file
	9432	major	Acqui/addorderiso2409.pl is not Plack-friendly
	9454	major	NewBasket does not use placeholders in sql
	9503	major	Link from histsearch via invoicenumber results in error
	9653	major	Filters on suggestion page in intranet are broken
	9923	major	Correction of a bug due to bz 7129

Architecture, internals, and plumbing
	9907	blocker	Plugins test dies early on some servers
	10085	blocker	Unapi does not function under Plack
	6554	critical	Resolve encoding problems with corrected UTF8 handling in templates
	9574	critical	Serials/subscription-add.pl does not work right under Plack
	9832	critical	QueryParser causes software error if koha-conf.xml has not been updated
	9971	critical	Plugins system is broken!
	9136	major	C4::Tags not Plack-compatible
	9434	major	Introduce new tied cache system
	10074	major	Encoding problems for login and installer
	10176	major	Invalid URLs in 'Refine Search Results' when it uses UNICODE symbols

	10019	major	Encoding problem with utf8 chars in userid

Browser compatibility
	10108	major	Can't print more than one page of overdues

	9246	blocker	Upon running koha installer, mysql "Error 1166 at line 1871: Incorrect column name 'closed" appears and crashes install.

	7253	major	Fast cataloging not always checking out
	9392	major	Confirmation does not appear for negative notforloan items issues
	9662	major	Z3950_search.pl ISSN search field not passed to Z3950Search
	9684	major	Z39.50 Card View broken in CCSR
	9908	major	OCLC Connexion Desktop Client Doesn't Work

	8770	blocker	Amount does not equal amountoutstanding on a fine with no payments or credits
	9933	blocker	Changing/editing circulation rules for specific library affects all libraries
	9380	critical	Branch not recording right on writeoff
	9953	major	When OpacMaintenance breaks lifting debarment
	10030	major	MaxFines checks against amount, not amount outstanding
	10079	major	HomeOrHoldingBranch should not control who can delete when IndependantBranches is enabled

Command-line Utilities
	9103	major	Overdue_notices.pl should use AutoEmailPrimaryAddress syspref
	9656	major	Fines.pl creating a log file should be optional

	9919	blocker	Syntax error in kohastructure.sql
	10185	blocker	Updatedatabase.pl remove all reserves

Hold requests
	9922	critical	Holds queue shows home library with AutomaticReturn
	5801	major	C4::Circulation::_GetCircControlBranch should not be used in opac-reserve.pl
	8294	major	Enumeration should show in copy specific hold menu
	9575	major	Serious Holds Problem with IndependantBranches
	10166	major	Can't place holds on multiple titles if one or more are un-holdable

	8061	major	Koha's templates do not cope well with right-to-left languages
	9414	major	Fix sample letters for German and Norwegian

Installation and upgrade (command-line installer)
	9135	blocker	Updatedatabase.pl fails when DEBUG is set
	9812	blocker	Several files shouldn't be exposed or browseable through a URL
	9843	blocker	OpenILS/QueryParser.pm not (always) installed when installing from tarball
	9914	blocker	Dependency updates for 3.12
	9767	critical	Fix for updatedatabase.pl (mixed version numbers)

Installation and upgrade (web-based installer)
	9413	blocker	Renewal notice features breaks English installer

MARC Authority data support
	9132	major	Paging through OPAC authority search results does not work
	9145	major	Authorities: standard language for UNIMARC

MARC Bibliographic record staging/import
	9839	major	When importing MARC records, item record not created even when set to "always add"

	8378	major	<fine> syntax not working on overdues anymore

	10072	critical	"my suggestions" always says "There are no pending purchase suggestions."
	10217	critical	Make sure direct links to detail views work when there is no session
	8883	major	Opacsmallimage doesn't work in ccsr theme
	8979	major	"News" does not work with CCSR
	9147	major	OPAC hidden fields are not hidden in ISBD view
	9679	major	Can't place hold from cart in CCSR
	9711	major	OPACPopupAuthorsSearch  ugly in CSSR
	9995	major	For reference items no longer listed in XSLT result lists
	10070	major	History of anonymous searches is not kept
	10201	major	Old OPAC patron update system should be removed

	9052	blocker	YUI assets installed in the wrong place by packages
	9256	critical	Search is broken for 3.10 package-installs when marcflavour != marc21
	10061	critical	Fix the tiny_mce error when building packages
	9918	major	Packaging updates for 3.12

	6506	critical	Deleting patron history missing errors
	9930	critical	Can't update patron info in ccsr

	6898	major	Circulation librarians can't run overdues without reports permissions

	9980	blocker	Anonymous searches in the OPAC entirely broken
	8620	critical	Barcode searching not working correctly
	7440	major	Vestiges of NoZebra should be removed
	8746	major	Rebuild_zebra_sliced.sh don't work where Record length of 106041 is larger than the MARC spec allows
	9341	major	Problem with UNIMARC authors facets
	9395	major	Problem with callnumber and standard number search in OPAC and Staff Client
	9620	major	IncludeSeeFromInSearches ON and data in $9 subfields can break indexing
	9961	major	Truncation and QueryAutoTruncate not working properly with new QueryParser

	9902	major	Item subfields not populating

Staff Client
	9591	blocker	Set Library changes after viewing Holds Queue >> reserves item
	9272	major	Plack goes into paroxysms of horror when faced with deleting an authorized value

System Administration
	8401	critical	Search term deleted from system preference content

	9529	major	Adding a patron shows javascript on screen under login section
	9570	major	View plain not working in ccsr

Test Suite
	9142	blocker	Failing test case in 3.10.0 release.
	9486	blocker	T/Letters.t loads modules in wrong order
	9909	blocker	If plugins directory isn't writable, plugins test shouldn't try to write to it
	9911	blocker	Remove two invalid tests
	9912	blocker	DateUtils.t must not access database

	9883	blocker	Koha::Plugins::* should not require koha-conf to load
	9884	blocker	Plugin permissions not added to translations
	9900	blocker	Plugins should not be enabled by default
	8264	major	Local cover images not working in IE8
	9065	major	Upload local cover image permission implementation error
	9421	major	Tools/picture-upload.pl not Plack-compatible
	9535	major	Patron card creator "Remove duplicates" function doesn't work

Transaction logs
	9293	major	Action_logs not tracking payments

Z39.50 / SRU / OpenSearch Servers
	9986	major	Two fixes on Z3950 Search

Other bugs fixed in 3.12.0

(this list include all bugfixes since the previous major version. Most of them have already been fixed in maintainance releases)

	9595	normal	Update About page for license update to GPL3
	9813	normal	Update About page with license information about Bootstrap and jQuery
	7143	trivial	Bug for tracking changes to the about page
	9418	trivial	Some corrections and additions to about.tt
	9956	trivial	Add missing translators to the about page

	2046	normal	Suggestions: Title Field too small
	7358	normal	Basket.pl : it is possible to affect a closed basket to a  closed basketgroup
	8443	normal	Suggestions : publication year and copyright date
	8557	normal	In orderreceive.tt and serials-edit.tt the use of a barcode scan send the form unexpectedly
	9168	normal	Software error when filtering in receipt summary
	9280	normal	Bad price calculation when filling a basket with staged records
	9506	normal	Values are false in the generated pdf for basketgroups
	9824	normal	Hide basket with no expected items in basket list by bookseller
	9937	normal	Routines introduced for creating a subscription from an order need unit tests.
	10065	normal	Style invoice edit form according to standard structure
	10115	normal	Hiding advanced search in Orders search tab removes plus button
	10152	normal	Default sorting wrong in parcels.pl
	10270	normal	GetOrdersByBiblionumber needs better unit tests
	9116	minor	Code cleaning: Remove some useless temp variables
	9226	minor	Wrong branch filter after suggestion creation
	9364	minor	Wrong billing/delivery addresses when creating a basket
	9438	minor	Biblio notes displayed when ordering
	9685	minor	Allow sort baskets by number
	10106	minor	Markup error causing misplacement of "reopen" checkbox on invoice edit screen
	7875	trivial	Pending suggestion link (the numbers) from staff client home directs to accepted suggestions instead of pending
	9062	trivial	Tax and discount should be formatted the same
	9268	trivial	Scanning in barcode or ISBN in Acquisitions -> new order submits the form unexpectedly
	9455	trivial	Embedded mysql quotes in sql string
	9791	trivial	Some tables are displayed with a pixel before and after

Architecture, internals, and plumbing
	7853	normal	Opac-maintanance.pl should correctly redirect back to opac-main.pl, if no updates are outstanding
	9183	normal	C4::Search should only have one ZOOM event loop
	9546	normal	MANIFEST.SKIP breaking regexp when running make manifest tardist
	9552	normal	BIB1 Relation "Greater Than" Attribute Not Mapped Properly in CCL.Properties
	9683	normal	Allow disable rewrite apache mod
	9727	normal	Typo in code causes compilation failure with Solr enabled
	9894	normal	'hidden' value is hard to understand in frameworks
	9926	normal	Missing perl modules in Koha
	9951	normal	Resolve encoding problems where script parameters are not decoded
	8429	minor	Unnecessary use of Exporter in SIP/ILS objects
	9292	minor	Remove dead code related to 'publictype'
	9401	minor	Javascript used for tags handling wants access to CGISESSID cookie
	9582	minor	Unused code in members/pay.pl
	10054	minor	When SingleBranchMode is enabled, allow superlibrarians to set logged in library
	10143	minor	Fix FSF address in license headers
	9609	trivial	Rebuild zebra reports double numbers for exported records with -z option
	10156	trivial	Fix usr/bin/perl path for get_report_social_data.pl

	9008	normal	Warn if librarian logged-in with mysql/admin account
	9827	normal	Remove 'insecure' system preference
	9841	minor	Improve the link from the "logged in as mysql-user"-warning

Browser compatibility
	7687	minor	Remove problematic CSS gradient declarations targeting Internet Explorer

	5790	normal	Deleting a biblio should alert/fail if there are existent holds
	9123	normal	Authorities search ordered by authid does not work
	9358	normal	Fixed field plugins for MARC21 should be updated for MARC21 update #15
	9377	normal	Itemtype in duplicate biblio search
	9497	normal	Make it easier to add to the the list of possible encodings for Z39.50 servers and add ISO 8859-1
	9523	normal	Trying to import staged marc records where a matched bib has been deleted caused the import to hang
	10225	normal	If an item isn't editable, don't show the onclick Edit/Delete menu
	9019	minor	ILS-DI: GetRecords should return item fields in marcxml
	9207	minor	Improve z39.50 speed slowdowns for sites with many records
	9353	minor	Missing subfields on MARC21 frameworks
	9494	minor	Library of Congress Z39.50 target seed data outdated
	9759	minor	Last subfield can be deleted
	10033	minor	Dangerous query in _koha_modify_item
	9534	trivial	No way to get back to bib detail from edit record screen
	10093	trivial	Typo in marc21_leader.tt

	8054	normal	Can hit submit twice when paying fines
	8079	normal	Opac not showing fines - says 'no'
	8559	normal	Conflicting item statuses
	8682	normal	Quick slip: renewals do not appear on quick slips
	9219	normal	Show damaged and lost statuses for issues on circulation.pl as they are on moremember.pl
	9860	normal	Incorrect box heading 'Cannot check in' when a late document is returned
	9875	normal	Don't display empty tab when using (OPAC)SeparateHoldings
	8781	minor	Access to Transfer page while "independent branches" is on
	9289	minor	Adjacent checkbox behavior broken on circulation.pl
	9720	minor	Uninitialized value warnings in circulation
	9526	trivial	Patron statistics table is not pretty, the page needs the circ toolbar added

Command-line Utilities
	2013	normal	New Overdues.pm breaks fines2.pl
	8840	normal	Ubuntu-pkg-check.sh fix and extend functionality
	9496	normal	Rebuild_zebra.pl should handle invalid XML records better
	9885	normal	Passwords generated by command line scripts are weak
	9104	minor	Country in CSV in overdue_notices.pl
	9235	minor	Hardcoded values in cronjobs/backup.sh
	8200	trivial	/home/chris/git/koha.git in /usr/share/koha/misc/translator/update.pl
	9671	trivial	Fines.pl cronjob help lists wrong values for finesmode syspref

	9681	normal	Add some indexes in database
	9745	trivial	Don't nuke translated permissions with changes introduced in bug 9382

	8945	normal	Koha 3.10 Help Files Update
	9267	normal	Ubuntu 12.04 install docs broken
	9850	normal	Koha 3.12 Help Files Update
	9440	trivial	Update Koha's LICENSE file from GPL2 to GPL3
	10042	trivial	Minor typo ("Communnity") in packages docs

Hold requests
	8419	normal	Suspended holds appear on the daily holds queue
	9320	normal	Pending reserves is showing reserves already waiting
	8508	minor	Holds to Pull : Library dropdown options are erroneously concatenated by br tags

	9211	normal	Days_between wrong behaviour

	6574	normal	Js error in en-GB template breaks circulation toolbar
	6709	normal	Marc21_field_006.xml and marc21_field_008.xml can't be translated.
	7938	normal	The -v option to the translate script is not documented
	9112	normal	Update of SQL file for italian setup
	9140	normal	Untranslatable strings in item circulation history
	9141	normal	Untranslatable strings on "pay an amount..." page
	9266	normal	Untranslated strings in tags moderation
	9331	normal	Untranslatable strings in ajax.js
	9797	normal	Untranslatable strings have returned to ajax.js
	9818	normal	"Overdue Fines Cap ($)" should not use $ (I18N)
	10017	normal	Opac CCSR template do not cope well with right-to-left languages
	10083	normal	In Transit string doesn't get translated in the staff interface
	10214	normal	Malformed syspref.po file
	9056	minor	Add more translations to table language_descriptions
	9493	minor	Confirmations for user holds in opac are not translatable
	9020	trivial	Translate new permissions for 3.10
	9381	trivial	Add Catalan language

Installation and upgrade (command-line installer)
	9734	normal	String::Random is marked as optional, but C4::Members requires it
	9315	trivial	Bad version of String::Random reported by koha_perl_deps.pl

Installation and upgrade (web-based installer)
	9498	normal	Update encoding for Norwegian sample Z39.50 servers
	9752	normal	Set marcflavor = normarc when NORMARC is chosen in the web installer
	9837	normal	Fix Norwegian authorized values for the web installer
	10050	normal	Update German web installer files for 3.12
	9831	minor	Wrong and missing values in installer for French UNIMARC
	9863	trivial	'import' button in web installer should read 'Import'

Label printing
	8943	normal	Add table sorting to labels

MARC Bibliographic data support
	7054	normal	NORMARC: wrong default for 000 position 17
	7055	normal	NORMARC: Links and defaults for 008 position 15-17 and 35-37
	9213	normal	Implement analytics for NORMARC XSLT
	9274	normal	Software error in bibtex export
	9804	trivial	Fix name for NORMARC biblio-koha-indexdefs.xml

MARC Bibliographic record staging/import
	5333	normal	Undefined value stops import from z39.50
	9035	trivial	Remove deprecated 'bulkauthimport.pl' file
	9144	trivial	Bulkmarcimport.pl - Problem identifying errors

	8299	normal	Overdue_notice.pl shows warning messages
	9348	minor	Format dates in HOLD notices consistently
	9886	minor	ParseLetter removes too often punctuation characters from fields
	9499	trivial	--itemscontent= option is undocumented in advanced-notice.pl cronjob + default date should be date_due, not issuedate

	8108	normal	Remove unused images from the OPAC
	8515	normal	OPAC password change does not obey OpacPasswordChange
	8660	normal	Tag status does not show on multiple tag add
	8955	normal	Self checkout should degrade gracefully with JavaScript turned off
	9102	normal	[SECURITY] We should set httponly on our session cookie
	9115	normal	[3.6.X] basket window should close automatically when placing a hold
	9166	normal	OPAC needs configuration file for datepicker
	9174	normal	Item type image does not display for biblio-level itemtypes in list display in OPAC
	9276	normal	Display of biblio-level authorized values on OPAC search results broken
	9287	normal	Socialnetworks is enabled by default
	9504	normal	URL escape in OPAC more searches
	9572	normal	Opac info tooltip from branches is not well positioned
	9660	normal	OpenLibrary covers are too small on OPAC search results
	9731	normal	Remove changelanguage.pl in favor of (already present) opac-changelanguage.pl
	9932	normal	Broken calendar image and misplaced masthead include for CCSR theme
	9970	normal	Add datepicker widget default configuration to OPAC patron entry form
	10026	normal	OPAC cart not showing location anymore
	10107	normal	Opacbookbag shouldn't prevent from adding items to a list in the OPAC
	10204	normal	Patron image no longer appears in the OPAC
	10266	normal	Restricted status doesn't show in OPAC
	4862	minor	"Browse by subject" is misnamed
	7657	minor	Google and OpenLibrary image conflict
	8981	minor	Remove Nonpublic General Note from OPAC authorities display
	8983	minor	Typo error in UNIMARCslim2OPACResults.xsl
	9003	minor	Add css fix for opac news items with strong and em
	9098	minor	Replace tabulations by spaces in opac-user.pl
	9158	minor	Correcting whitespace around display of series 440 marc fields
	9308	minor	Logo-koha.png not transparent in ccsr theme.
	9309	minor	"OPACurlOpenInNewWindow" isn't respected for 856$u links shown in OPAC when not using XSLT
	9329	minor	Wrong message for already expired cards
	9585	minor	Fix spelling mistake in default tab conditional for opac-detail
	9756	minor	Patron self registration missing the system preference PatronSelfRegistrationAdditionalInstructions
	9935	minor	Social icons missing in CSSR theme
	9946	minor	Opac-topissues with no time limit
	10073	minor	Show ccode or location also if not bound to Authorized Values in XSLT
	8546	trivial	Error in description of OPAC Advanced Search Publication date range search
	9059	trivial	Increase size of opac-sendbasket window
	10006	trivial	Holding branch is not available to XSLT display

	8816	normal	Add WARNING to debian/control file, to not manually edit
	9260	normal	Koha-run-backups complains "[: 97: missing ]"
	9890	normal	Fix the new plugin system for package installs
	10041	normal	Provide a koha-translate script to aid package users on installing translations
	10094	normal	Koha-list should have an --disabled option
	10101	normal	Koha-enable error handling
	10104	normal	Koha-disable error handling
	10144	normal	Koha-start-zebra error handling
	10146	normal	Koha-stop-zebra error handling
	10149	normal	Koha-restart-zebra error handling
	10150	normal	Koha-email-disable error handling
	10157	normal	Koha-email-enable error handling
	10159	normal	Koha-rebuild-zebra error handling
	10259	normal	Koha-*-zebra scripts are expected to run without warnings if no instance name passed
	9592	minor	Package dependency updates for master
	9784	minor	Koha-shell missing from koha-common man page
	9802	minor	Add test case to verify package man pages are well formatted
	10084	minor	YUI path wrong in CCSR theme with packages

	207	normal	Display of institutional member's info gives strange information
	9002	normal	Remove Problematic Logic from Patron Messaging Preferences Form
	9479	normal	The member notices page does not display dates in the syspref format
	9556	normal	Changing patron category does not fully update patron messaging preferences
	9772	normal	Displayed Norwegian chars correctly in the patron category dropdown on the Patrons page
	9783	normal	Can hit submit twice when adding patrons
	9917	normal	Routing list tab on patron account should depend on syspref/permission
	10053	normal	Borrowers.branchcode cannot be null
	9406	minor	No confirmation displayed after renewing a patron from details page
	9407	minor	Patrons search should match substrings
	9484	minor	Userid not generated consistently (different editing pages)
	9997	minor	Suspected typo in patron self registration code
	9330	trivial	Patron duplication : should duplicate with empty title (salutation field)
	9981	trivial	Sort1 not automatically cleared when duplicating a patron

	6602	normal	Reports dictionary doesn't properly recognize text columns
	9033	normal	Wide character error in runreport.pl
	9451	normal	Borrower_stats.pl gives off warnings and is not Plack-compatible
	9659	normal	Undefined authorised value category yields empty dropdown menu on SQL reports
	9719	normal	Changing the rows per page on a custom report fails if it has user supplied parameters
	10110	normal	Problems with diacritics in saved SQL reports
	9182	trivial	Saved reports list : wrong sortable columns

	7507	normal	Audience Subtype limit on Advanced Search does not have all Audiences
	8984	normal	Zebra does not index some fields in UNIMARC biblio records
	9049	normal	Rebuild_zebra should not use shadow when called with -r
	8946	minor	Wrong label and missing values in UNIMARC coded fields advanced search
	9419	minor	The highlight feature can cause a browser freeze
	9588	minor	Weighted search query with index
	9402	trivial	Useless letter "v" between 2 <option> tags

Self checkout
	9748	minor	Noitemlinks not being enforced

	7608	normal	Manual history is always 'enabled'
	8896	normal	Delete serials no more missing from missinglist
	9323	normal	Untranslatable string in serials search
	9391	normal	Issues on serial collection page no longer show status
	10183	normal	Serials collection table is displayed with a single pixel before and after
	9222	minor	Manual history reversed in subscription-detail.pl
	9229	minor	Branch code instead of name in subscription-detail.pl
	9947	minor	Creating item for received serial prefills enumchron subfield

	8039	normal	Self Checkout/SIP: Allow authentication with userid and password
	9343	minor	SIP doesn't handle debarred date/status correctly
	8433	trivial	Use English not needed in modules not using English
	9838	trivial	SIP tests : fix in 04patron_status.t

Staff Client
	9663	normal	Individual bibliographic record "Save" option requires export permission
	9873	normal	Quiet errors in the log from XSLT.pm
	9335	minor	Message Log Popups don't disappear?
	9376	minor	Problem with dateexpiry display in moremember.tt
	9726	minor	XISBN service throttle not initialized
	7368	trivial	General staff client typo omnibus
	9179	trivial	Incorrect capitalization in serials-collection.pl
	9382	trivial	Bold necessary permissions for staff client access.
	9397	trivial	Error Messages hard to find for Visually Impaired Users (Accessibility) [Returning Items]
	9398	trivial	[ ? ] Link Lacks Context for All General Users (Accessibility) [Contexual Help]
	9658	trivial	Breadcrumb wrong on reports dictionary

System Administration
	7596	normal	System preferences editor JavaScript contains untranslatable English string
	9201	normal	OAI-PMH mapping value cannot be 0
	10103	minor	UniqueItemFields is missing from sysprefs.sql
	8163	trivial	Click to populate XSLT preferences with "default" or empty values

	6329	normal	Patron categories should show which fields are required
	8068	normal	Acq stats refers to budgets when it should be funds
	8278	normal	Replace YUI autocomplete in UNIMARC 210c plugin
	8986	normal	Batch patron modification template corrections
	9073	normal	Download option from the cart should match the menu button in lists
	9108	normal	Add uk/euro date sort filter to pages which require it
	9172	normal	Move TinyMCE library outside of language-specific directory
	9284	normal	JavaScript should conform to coding guidelines recommended by JSHint
	9310	normal	Patron image upload template corrections
	9443	normal	Use DataTables on MARC frameworks administration page
	9459	normal	Use DataTables on hold ratios report page
	9463	normal	Use DataTables on patron sent notices page
	9554	normal	Single quote in didyoumean
	9555	normal	Template files contain single quote strings
	9583	normal	OPAC cart button display problem in Chromium
	9680	normal	Cart aligned right in CCSR
	9695	normal	Use alphabet system preference on page used to browse patrons for patron card batches
	9697	normal	Replace YUI buttons on the patron cards batch edit page with Bootstrap
	9737	normal	Local Covers sometimes appear then disappear on OPAC Search Results/Lists
	9766	normal	Remove YUI menu on budget planning page in favor of different column-hiding system
	9877	normal	Use DataTables on funds administration page
	9879	normal	Use DataTables on suggestions management page
	9881	normal	Remove unused tablesorter plugin from offline circulation page
	9882	normal	Use DataTables on batch modifications pages
	9887	normal	Use DataTables on circulation page
	9903	normal	Sort by date broken on patron detail page
	9904	normal	Link to plugins management should not be in global navigation
	9905	normal	Use DataTables on calendar page
	9925	normal	Remove unused table-pager include
	9945	normal	Pretty icon display in authorised values configuration
	10023	normal	Degree notation in acq
	10044	normal	Doubled up paging on order receive
	10134	normal	Set XSLT usage ON as default, for new Koha installs
	10145	normal	The acquisition details block is badly placed
	10153	normal	Patron header search form is too wide
	10196	normal	Items table partially hidden in marc view in ccsr
	5648	minor	Icons clumping together
	8899	minor	Remove unused CSS declarations from staff client CSS
	9196	minor	Authorities editor overlapping box
	9215	minor	Non translatable string in manage-marc-import
	9278	minor	Remove unused OPAC CSS file sanop.css
	9306	minor	Update  SeparateHoldings  preference descriptions
	9385	minor	Patron add labels right aligned in chrome
	9545	minor	Fix Import Marc Bibliographic Framework Text Label
	9571	minor	Fix width for textareas in Edit Item screen
	9586	minor	Remove $ENV{DEBUG} info from Member Template
	9608	minor	White background on header on check in
	9613	minor	Items namespace missing in XSLT
	9651	minor	When deleting a fund, button is wrongly labelled with 'Delete this budget'
	9803	minor	Question mark in cataloging not clearly a link
	9984	minor	The hold ratios table uses a server-side sort
	10045	minor	Suggestions refer to budgets, but should be funds
	10046	minor	Label budget should be fund on invoices page
	10049	minor	Comments tab shows ( ) instead of ( 0 ) on translated templates
	10097	minor	Hide framework selection when importing staged authority records
	10111	minor	Layout on basket summary page a bit inconsistent
	2835	trivial	Inconsistent use of colon at the end of sentences
	6680	trivial	Cart download choices not understandable to patrons
	9275	trivial	Missing '<' closing pharagraph tag
	9655	trivial	Capitalization wrong on 'Close and Print' button in basket groups
	9952	trivial	MARC tab: tab 0 is not translated correctly
	9957	trivial	Missing cancel link on subfield editing page
	10000	trivial	Little typo in intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modules/help/tools/letter.tt: sliip
	10002	trivial	Don't include line breaks in strings that are translated
	10008	trivial	Serials search results 'Opened' tab should be 'Open'
	10040	trivial	Capitalization wrong on alert when deleting subfields from authority frameworks
	10233	trivial	Toolbar background missing from staff client catalogue page

Test Suite
	9209	normal	Mocked Koha::Calendar tests
	8924	minor	Some modules erroneously skipped by 00-load

	5521	normal	Item edit form appears if no items found
	8745	normal	Disallow rebuild_zebra.pl from executing, when run by root user
	8977	normal	Printoverdues.sh call an uninitialized variable
	9360	normal	Clean borrowers tool wording and layout problematic
	9415	normal	XML catalog export is missing root node
	9509	normal	BatchMod.pl does not ensure each barcode is unique
	9605	normal	Rotating collections permissions are wrong
	10022	normal	Multiple tags moderation doesn't work on translated page
	9954	minor	CSV profile encoding not selected on editing

Transaction logs
	7241	normal	Circulation action logs record biblionumber instead of item number

	8942	normal	Translation process breaks javascript in calendar.inc

Z39.50 / SRU / OpenSearch Servers
	9105	normal	Moving Z3950 search code to Breeding.pm
	10058	normal	Fix unapi for NORMARC
	9520	minor	Update default LOC Z39.50 target

New sysprefs in 3.12.0

  * AllowHoldsOnPatronsPossessions
  * alphabet
  * DisplayIconsXSLT
  * DisplayOPACiconsXSLT
  * FinesIncludeGracePeriod
  * HighlightOwnItemsOnOPAC
  * HighlightOwnItemsOnOPACWhich
  * HTML5MediaEnabled
  * HTML5MediaExtensions
  * IDreamBooksReadometer
  * IDreamBooksResults
  * IDreamBooksReviews
  * IntranetNumbersPreferPhrase
  * ManInvInNoissuesCharge
  * NotesBlacklist
  * OpacItemLocation
  * OPACNumbersPreferPhrase
  * OpacSeparateHoldings
  * OpacSeparateHoldingsBranch
  * PatronSelfRegistrationAdditionalInstructions
  * Persona
  * RefundLostItemFeeOnReturn
  * RenewalSendNotice
  * RentalsInNoissuesCharge
  * SCOUserCSS
  * SCOUserJS
  * SeparateHoldings
  * SeparateHoldingsBranch
  * SocialNetworks
  * TimeFormat
  * TrackClicks
  * UNIMARCAuthorityField100
  * UNIMARCAuthorsFacetsSeparator
  * UNIMARCField100Language
  * UniqueItemFields
  * UseKohaPlugins
  * UseQueryParser

System requirements

    Important notes:

    * Perl 5.10 is required
    * Zebra is required


The Koha manual is maintained in DocBook.The home page for Koha 
documentation is 


As of the date of these release notes, only the English version of the
Koha manual is available:


The Git repository for the Koha manual can be found at



Complete or near-complete translations of the OPAC and staff
interface are available in this release for the following languages:

  * English (USA)
  * Arabic (91%)
  * Armenian (94%)
  * Chinese (China) (84%)
  * Chinese (Taiwan) (94%)
  * Danish (100%)
  * English (New Zealand) (94%)
  * French (100%)
  * French (Canada) (61%)
  * German (100%)
  * German (Switzerland) (94%)
  * Greek (56%)
  * Italian (99%)
  * Norwegian Bokmål (64%)
  * Portuguese (93%)
  * Portuguese (Brazil) (90%)
  * Slovak (100%)
  * Spanish (100%)
  * Turkish (98%)

Partial translations are available for various other languages.

The Koha team welcomes additional translations; please see


for information about translating Koha, and join the koha-translate 
list to volunteer:


The most up-to-date translations can be found at:


Release Team

The release team for Koha 3.12 is

  Release Manager:       Jared Camins-Esakov <jcamins@cpbibliography.com>
  Documentation Manager: Nicole C Engard <nengard@gmail.com>
  Installation Documentation Manager: Mason James <mtj@kohaaloha.com>
  Translation Manager:   Ruth Bavousett <druthb@bywatersolutions.com>
  QA Manager:            Katrin Fischer <Katrin.Fischer@bsz-bw.de>
  QA Team:               Marcel de Rooy <M.de.Rooy@rijksmuseum.nl>,
                         Elliott Davis <elliott@bywatersolutions.com>,
                         Jonathan Druart <jonathan.druart@biblibre.com>,
                         Mason James <mtj@kohaaloha.com>
                         Paul Poulain <paul.poulain@biblibre.com>
  Bug Wranglers:         Magnus Enger <magnus@enger.priv.no>,
                         Chris Hall
                         Mirko Tietgen
                         Marc Veron
  Packaging Manager:     Robin Sheat <robin@catalyst.net.nz>
  Live CD Manager:       Vimal Kumar V.

  Release Maintainer (3.6.x): Liz Rea <lrea@catalyst.net.nz>
  Release Maintainer (3.8.x): Chris Cormack <chrisc@catalyst.net.nz>
  Release Maintainer (3.10.x): Chris Cormack <chrisc@catalyst.net.nz>


We thank the following libraries who are known to have sponsored
new features in Koha 3.12.0:
  * Arcadia Public Library
  * Athens County Public Libraries
  * BdP de la Meuse
  * Brooklyn Law School Library
  * Central Kansas Library System (CKLS)
  * Corpus Christi Public Libraries
  * Library of the Józef Piłsudski Institute of America
  * Los Gatos Public Library and Harrison Carmel Public Library
  * North Central Regional Library (NCRL)
  * Northeast Kansas Library System (NEKLS)
  * Plum Creek Library System
  * Rolling Hills Consolidated Libraries
  * software.coop
  * Talking Tech
  * Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
  * Université d'Aix-Marseille
  * Université de Lyon 3
  * Université de Rennes 2
  * Université de St Etienne
  * Washoe County Library System

We thank the following individuals who contributed patches to Koha 3.12.0.
  *     34	Tomas Cohen Arazi
  *      1	Alex Arnaud
  *      1	Edmund Balnaves
  *      1	Stefano Bargioni
  *      5	D Ruth Bavousett
  *    616	Jared Camins-Esakov
  *      9	Colin Campbell
  *      1	Barry Cannon
  *      7	Galen Charlton
  *     17	David Cook
  *     29	Chris Cormack
  *      4	Christophe Croullebois
  *      2	Hugh Davenport
  *      1	Elliott Davis
  *      2	Stéphane Delaune
  *      1	Frédéric Demians
  *      1	Srikanth Dhondi
  *     89	Jonathan Druart
  *     24	Nicole Engard
  *     18	Magnus Enger
  *     13	Vitor FERNANDES
  *     24	Katrin Fischer
  *      3	Corey Fuimaono
  *      3	Michael Hafen
  *      1	Chris Hall
  *     78	Kyle M Hall
  *      2	Kristina D.C. Hoeppner
  *      1	Rolando Isidoro
  *      6	Mason James
  *      3	Srdjan Jankovic
  *      5	Peter Crellan Kelly
  *      1	Rafal Kopaczka
  *     21	Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel
  *    187	Owen Leonard
  *     32	Julian Maurice
  *      1	Melia Meggs
  *      1	Matthias Meusburger
  *      4	Sophie Meynieux
  *      1	Nadia Nicolaides
  *      1	Chris Nighswonger
  *      7	Dobrica Pavlinusic
  *      1	Maxime Pelletier
  *      1	Fred Pierre
  *     18	Paul Poulain
  *      7	Karam Qubsi
  *      1	Romina Racca
  *      3	MJ Ray
  *     15	Liz Rea
  *      1	Thatcher Rea
  *      2	Martin Renvoize
  *     37	Marcel de Rooy
  *     53	Fridolyn SOMERS
  *      9	Mathieu Saby
  *     16	Adrien Saurat
  *     16	Robin Sheat
  *      1	Will Stokes
  *      1	ByWater Migration Support
  *      1	Zeno Tajoli
  *      4	Lyon3 Team
  *      5	Mirko Tietgen
  *      1	Mark Tompsett
  *      1	Ed Veal
  *      2	Marc Veron
  *      2	Aaron Wells
  *      1	Jen Zajac
  *      1	koha-preprod

We thank the following companies who contributed patches to Koha 3.12.0
  *     187 ACPL                                                                                          
  *      24 BSZ BW                                                                                         
  *     220 BibLibre                                                                                    
  *      11 BigBallOfWax                                                                          
  *     106 ByWater-Solutions                                                                   
  *     616 C & P Bibliography                                                                    
  *      65 Catalyst                                                                                 
  *       7 Equinox                                                                                   
  *       1 Foundations                                                                              
  *       6 KohaAloha                                                                                  
  *       1 Libeo                                                                                       
  *       1 Libeo                                                                                          
  *      18 Libriotech                                                                                 
  *      11 PTFS-Europe                                                                              
  *      18 Prosentient Systems
  *      37 Rijksmuseum                                                                               
  *       3 Software.coop                                                                             
  *       1 Tamil                                                                                           
  *       4 Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3
  *       9 Université Rennes 2
  *       5 abunchofthings.net
  *       1 cineca.it
  *       2 davenport.net.nz
  *       1 di.unc.edu.ar
  *      13 keep.pt
  *       1 oslo.ie
  *       1 poczta.onet.pl
  *       1 pusc.it
  *       7 rot13.org                                                                                      
  *       1 smfpl.org
  *       3 tech.washk12.org
  *      74 unidentified
  *       2 veron.ch

We also especially thank the following individuals who tested patches
for Koha 3.12.0.
  *       1 Koha Team Lyon 3
  *       4 Pierre Angot
  *      10 Tomas Cohen Arazi
  *       5 Leila Arkab
  *       1 Larry Baerveldt
  *       1 Bob Birchall
  *       2 Nora Blake
  *       3 Brendan
  *       2 Broust
  *       1 Corinne Bulac
  *    1068 Jared Camins-Esakov
  *       1 Colin Campbell
  *      36 Galen Charlton
  *      10 David Cook
  *     124 Chris Cormack
  *       3 Hugh Davenport
  *      31 Elliott Davis
  *       4 Frédéric Demians
  *       2 Srikanth Dhondi
  *     252 Jonathan Druart
  *       1 Jonathan Druarth
  *       1 Frédéric Durand
  *       4 Frederic Durand
  *      32 Nicole C. Engard
  *      14 Magnus Enger
  *       1 Vitor FERNANDES
  *       1 Vitor Fernandes
  *     385 Katrin Fischer
  *     141 Kyle M Hall
  *       2 Claire Hernandez
  *       3 Rolando Isodoro
  *      35 Mason James
  *     133 Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel
  *     104 Owen Leonard
  *       7 Julian Maurice
  *      26 Melia Meggs
  *       1 Sophie Meynieux
  *       1 Pascale Nalon
  *      19 Chris Nighswonger
  *       3 Dobrica Pavlinusic
  *      80 Paul Poulain
  *       2 Karam Qubsi
  *       3 MJ Ray
  *      20 Liz Rea
  *       1 Martin Renvoize
  *      78 Marcel de Rooy
  *       1 M. de Rooy
  *       2 Fridolyn SOMERS
  *       1 Marc Sabin
  *      11 Mathieu Saby
  *       1 Adrien Saurat
  *       9 Robin Sheat
  *       2 Delaye Stephane
  *       1 Zeno Tajoli
  *      20 Mirko Tietgen
  *       1 Ed Veal
  *      12 Marc Veron
  *       2 Cedric Vita
  *       2 Ian Walls
  *       3 koha.aixmarseille
  *       3 mathieu saby
  *       2 wajasu

We regret any omissions.  If a contributor has been inadvertently missed,
please send a patch against these release notes to 

Revision control notes

The Koha project uses Git for version control.  The current development 
version of Koha can be retrieved by checking out the master branch of 


The branch for this version of Koha and future bugfixes in this release line is 3.12-master.

Bugs and feature requests

Bug reports and feature requests can be filed at the Koha bug
tracker at


He rau ringa e oti ai.
(Many hands finish the work)
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