Ada Lovelace day

Today is Ada Lovelace day, Ada Lovelace was one of the worlds first programmers and March 24th has been set aside to celebrate the achievements of women in technology and science. You can read more about the day here. So I think this is the perfect day to thank some of the women who have helped make Koha what it is today.

Here are some that stick out in my mind

  • Rosalie Blake and Joann Ransom from Horowhenua Library Trust who, as people involved with Koha all know, were the driving force behind Koha.
  • Then there is Rachel Hamilton-Williams the owner of Katipo Communicatons without whom there would be no Koha.
  • Olwen Williams – One of the original developers and the person who did all the hard work doing the first Koha migration ever.
  • Brooke Helman – Who wrote the first newbie guide to Koha, and deployed Koha with no support company help.
  • Irma Birchall – Owner of Calyx and champion of Koha and software freedom in Australia
  • Nicole Engard – Documentation manager and bug fixer.
  • Jane Wagner, Liz Rea, Katrin Fischer – All have committed patches to Koha in the last 3 months.

Then of course there are the hundreds of other women involved in the community. Koha is lucky to have you all.