Roles for the 3.12 Koha release

Yesterday the Koha community held an IRC meeting to elect/confirm people into roles for the 3.12 release. Here is the elected team.

  • Release Manager: Jared Camins-Esakov (USA)
  • Translations Manager: D Ruth Bavousett (USA)
  • Documentation Manager: Nicole C. Engard (USA)
  • Database Documentation Manager: Nicole C. Engard (USA)
  • Installation Documentation Manager: Mason James (New Zealand)
  • Quality Assurance Manager: Katrin Fischer  (Germany)
  • Quality Assurance Team: Marcel De Rooy (Netherlands), Jonathan Druart (France), Mason James (New Zealand), Paul Poulain (France), Elliott Davis (USA)
  • Release Maintainer 3.8.x: Chris Cormack (New Zealand)
  • Release Maintainer 3.10.x: Chris Cormack (New Zealand)
  • Packaging Manager: Robin Sheat (New Zealand)
  • Live CD/DVD Manager: Vimal Kumar Vazhappally (India)
  • Bug Wranglers: Marc Véron (Switzerland), Chris Hall (New Zealand), Magnus Enger (Norway), Mirko Tietgen (Germany)
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