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The Launching Ceremony of Open Source Library Management System KOHA at BRAC University to be held on February 24, 2010 at 3.30 pm. Ayesha Abed Library BRAC University Dhaka, Bangladesh

For a report from the ceremony and about the project please read here.

The official call for proposals for KohaCon10 has been made. If you’re joining us in NZ in October, please think about sharing your Koha knowledge, tips, and ideas with us! Submit as many proposals as you want. now accepts logins using OpenID. There’s one catch: if you have already created your account with us (fabulous, by the way ;)) you will need to associate your OpenID with your existing account before you can log in with your OpenID.

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The next meeting of the KohaCon 2010 volunteers is scheduled for for Wednesday, March 17 2010, 10am NZST (Tuesday, 16 March 2010 at 21:00:00 UTC+0) in the #koha IRC channel (server:

Official Koha Newsletter (ISSN 2153-8328)
Volume 1, Issue 2: February 2010

Table of Contents


The next general IRC meeting will take place on the #koha IRC channel at 19:00 UTC+0.  The agenda can be viewed and edited on the Koha wiki.

If you are planning on attending Kohacon10 in Wellington later this year, please go to to register.

Registration is free but we do need to know numbers. If you wish to donate to help with running costs there is a paypal button as well. Space is limited so please register only if you are coming.

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Join us in #koha (server all day on Wednesday, 2/10/2010 for a general bug squashing for 3.2

Don’t have an IRC client? That’s ok, just use our Mibbit widget to connect directly to our channel through your browser.

Tarballs of Koha 3.2 alpha are now available for download.  Two versions are available; the first is a compact version that includes the PO files for translations but doesn’t expand them into koha-tmpl, while the second version is the traditional full package that includes every language.  Because the full package is ten times larger than the compact one, please download the compact one unless you absolutely require the full version with the translations already expanded.

Compact, preferred distribution: (the package itself) (checksum) (signed checksum) (signature of tarball)

Version with all translations expanded: (the package itself) (checksum) (signed checksum) (signature of tarball)

In order to expand all translations from the compact package, after expanding the tarfile, do

cd koha-3.02.00-alpha/misc/translator

Then run the normal installation process.  To expand a particular language, e.g., fr-FR, do

cd koha-3.02.00-alpha/misc/translator
./ fr-FR

As a reminder, as with any alpha release, this is not recommend for use in a production setting.  To report bugs in the alpha, please visit