KohaCon11 – programme ideas wanted

Planning for KohaCon11 is well underway but the organising committee need your help.

We have set up a page in the wiki to gather together suggestions of conference presentations or sessions that people would like to attend.  This is because we have a suspicion that a lot of you cool people are out there are doing very cool things but don’t realise how interested the rest of us are to hear about your work.

So this works a couple of ways:

  • If you are not sure of a presentation topic but have an idea, file an abstract and the organisers will say yay or no -maybe even help you develop it into a fully fledged concept,
  • If you have ideas of what topics you’d like to see covered then enter your idea for a presentation on the wiki or leave a comment below and someone will copy it across for you,
  • Everyone should look at the wiki list of suggestions and don’t be shy about claiming an idea to talk about – maybe even do a co-session if you are nervous.

Our goal is to put together a full programme with something for everyone and you can help – oh and don’t forget to register for KohaCon11 so we know how many people we are planning for. We have 150 registrants so far and it’s still 120 sleeps away!

See you in Mumbai!