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  1. D P Tripathi says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am an active learner and user of Koha and very much interested in attending the Conference. I would like to know the procedure to attend the same.
    Kindly reply,
    DP Tripathi

  2. Victor says:

    Hi Tomas,

    Based on previous conferences, can you give an approximate number of attendees? Also, What’s the ratio of public vs. academic libraries? We are contemplating the possibility of going in October. We recently completed a joint project with a public Library in Nicaragua. We think we may also have a potential talk/presentation in the works.

    Also, are there any conference hotels selected? If not, Can you provide some suggestions?

    Any information you might be able to provide in order to better understand the scope of the conference as well as the theme for this year would extremely useful.

    Best regards,

    Victor Z
    Colorado, USA

  3. Vanesa says:

    Está confirmada la realización del kohacon 2014?
    ¿en estas fechas?

    Aún no he visto la convocatoria en ninguna lista ni encuentro novedades en el blog

    ¿se hace????



  4. Vanesa says:

    Please confirm the realization of the kohacon 2014 in Cordoba, Argentina, because i have not received any information or call for papers and the new in the blog “” are not updated.

  5. I want to attend a Koha Conference how and when?
    Thank you

  6. ZAHID IQBAL says:

    hi, i have registered my self for the koha conference. I belong to Pakistan. I want to attend the conference. Please guide me about the international participant procedure, invitation letter, visa process, residence approximate charges.
    Please guide me, i want to attend the conference.

    Islamabad, Pakistan

  7. gbadamosi kazeem says:

    I am a fast learner and very much interested in koha .please I want attend the conference kindly send me invitation letter and visa procedure .thanks

  8. edgardo says:


    Tengo la posibilidad de ir un par de días del KohaCon 14 el tema es que estoy lejos de ser un experto en el software y no se si yo podría aprovechar estas “jornadas” hago las siguientes preguntas si son tan amables en responder:

    1.- Un usuario inexperto lo puede aprovechar?

    2.- qué días me convendría ir de acuerdo al programa y mi poca experiencia?

    3.- es 100% en inglés?

    Muchas Gracias,


  9. Alvaro Sandoval says:

    ¿Qué valor tiene la inscripción a la Conferencia, por persona?

  10. Tomas Cohen Arazi says:

    Alvaro, la conferencia es 100% gratuita. Solo tenes que correr con tus propios gastos de alojamiento y movilidad.

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