Koha Newsletter: Volume 1/Issue 9: September 2010

Official Koha Newsletter (ISSN 2153-8328)
Volume 1, Issue 9: September 2010

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Koha in Libraries

NHUSD Live on Koha 3
by Chris Hobbs

New Haven Unified School District (NHUSD) in Union City, California, has completed its migration to Koha 3. NHUSD relied on the stellar support available from the Koha community as well as internal resources to successfully migrate nearly 200,000 items to Koha for 13 schools. NHUSD serves nearly 13,000 K-12 students and their families in the San Francisco Bay area.

Inquiries about the project may be made to the Director of Technology at NHUSD, Chris Hobbs (chobbs@nhusd.k12.ca.us).

Nîmes public libraries now live with Koha
by Paul Poulain

BibLibre announce that at the beginning of July, Nîmes Public Libraries successfully migrated from Loris to Koha and are now live.

“We are very happy with Koha. We used a lot of free software for technical purposes, but it’s the first time we move to a free software for the libraries” said Niels Lor, IT Project Manager at Nîmes.

“Nîmes perfectly understand that Free Software is also a matter of sharing, that’s why they are sponsoring many improvements. Some of them are already written, and will be integrated in koha 3.4, some are still underway” said Paul Poulain, BibLibre CEO. Read more…


Koha Tips & Tricks

Advanced Search Link on Cataloging Screen
by Fridolyn Somers

Q : Is it possible to put the advanced search link in the opening cataloging screen?
A : Use this code in “intranetuserjs” system preference :

$(document).ready(function() {
$(“li$gt;form#searchform”).parent().after(“$lt;li$gt;$lt;a href=’/cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/search.pl’$gt;Advanced Search$lt;/a$gt;$lt;/li$gt;”);

It adds a link to advanced search right after the simple search textbox.

Spine Label Customizations
by David Schuster

You can adjust the font/etc.. with the new quick spine labeler! I wanted BOLD and LARGE on my 1×1 Dymo spine. hmmm headers, footers and 10 labels came out… time to investigate…

So this is what I had to do.

  1. I had to go into Firefox and make a couple of modifications
  2. File page Setup
  3. margins&header/Footer tab and change all 4 to 0.0
  4. set the header footer drop down options to blank.

(Thanks to INCOLSA for these tips)

Then in the SpineLabelFormat system preference I put the following.

<p><strong><font size=”4″ face=”Arial”><itemcallnumber><copynumber></strong></p>

After I saved it BAM! a bold spine label on my Dymo 1×1 label… Way cool – thanks Chris N for this feature. Now I’m working on how I can get that on the item level screen after we add the item! ENHANCEMENT!

I had to tweak some of my settings but it works!


Koha Events

Thank you to our sponsors!
by Nicole C. Engard

With KohaCon right around the corner, it is time to give recognition to our amazing sponsors.

Without these sponsors KohaCon would not only not be free, but not be possible! Join me in thanking them all for their generosity and dedication to Koha and open source.

6 Weeks ’til KohaCon – Are you registered?
by Russell Garlick

KohaCon10 starts on October 25th in Wellington, New Zealand. We have an exciting line up of speakers on a range of topics related to Koha and Open Source and Open Standards in libraries. See our programme for details.

KohaCon10 is a free conference (that is right it will cost nothing for you to attend), but you still need to register to reserve your place.

Registrations from the international Koha community have been very strong. Over half of all available spaces are already taken.

If you have been holding off on the premise that you will have plenty of time to do this later, then please register now. Please do not rely on there being free spaces on the day.

Registration is quick and easy via the website. http://www.kohacon10.org.nz/2010/registration/

We look forward to seeing you in Wellington.

Powhiri at Kawiu Marae
by Joann Ransom

Koha Conference attendees are invited to Levin on the 28th October for a very special event.

The Library Trust is honoured that Muaupoko, the tangata whenua or people of the land, are hosting us at Kawiu Marae following the Mayoral reception in Council chambers. This is a first for the Library Trust and the purpose of this post is to encourage Conference attendees to join us for what will be a very special evening.

We will be welcomed onto the Marae in a traditional manner. This will include the karanga where we are called on the Marae, a wero or taiaha challenge (to see if we come in peace), the laying down of koha, speeches, waiata (songs) a hakari or meal and kapa haka entertainment (singing, poi, haka). Information about the various components of the powhiri and what to expect can be found here. Read more…



Newsletter edited by Nicole C. Engard, Koha Documentation Manager.

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