Koha Newsletter: Volume 1/Issue 7: July 2010

Official Koha Newsletter (ISSN 2153-8328)
Volume 1, Issue 7: July 2010

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Tips & Tricks

Search in Koha
by Marilen Aretius Corciovei

For people used to web searches and database oriented application Koha way of dealing with searches (since v.3) might seem a bit alien. This is a small set of notes related to some not very obvious questions which I had to answer in order to do some configurations which seemed trivial at the beginning. I am not saying this is wrong or ineffective, just different and different means time to learn. I’m writing this to help you reduce this time. [Read Part 1 & Part 2.]

Amazon Content Not Working?
by Nicole C. Engard

Question: Why is Amazon’s enhanced content not appearing?

Answer: Amazon uses your server time in its API requests and so if your system time is off you will not be able to use Amazon content. Update your server time and make sure all of your Amazon preferences are turned on, this should solve the problem.


Koha in Libraries

Koha Users Forum launched in Nigeria
by Olugbenga Adara

Projektlink Konsult Limited, the premier Koha support company in Nigeria hosted the first ever Koha Users Forum at its premises in Ibadan, Nigeria on Monday June 21, 2010. The event, which had 22 participants from 12 different institutions using Koha in Nigeria, featured tutorials, tips and tricks and discussions on challenges and solutions to problems encountered by the participants while running Koha. More details are available here.

Archive & Access Project
by Savitra Sirohi

The Archive and Access project aims to set up a consortium of archives and libraries in India with the purpose of catalog sharing and eventual sharing of full text digitized resources. The project is supported by the Jamsetji Tata Trust and housed at the Centre or the Study of Culture and Society, Bangalore.

This will be a union catalog, powered by Koha, of historical collections of libraries and archives from different parts of the India. This is an ongoing process, with the regular introduction of new institutions to the catalog.

The project wishes to solicit contributions from libraries, organizations, historians and other scholars for this catalog. Those interested in participating can contact project members at: publicarchivesindia@gmail.com and more information can be found on the official page.


Koha Events

Second Koha Open Day in London
by Andrea Chandler

The Kings Fund and CAMLIS are pleased to announce that we will be holding another free open day for people interested in finding more about implementing or switching to Koha. All Koha users are also welcome.

The event will be held in the afternoon of Friday 10th of September at CAMLIS, from 2pm-5pm. At the moment we don’t have a strict schedule but we hope to include some short presentations with discussion, followed by hands-on experience in small groups at
the library computers. There will be some time for existing Koha users to chat with each other. If any user is interested in giving a 10 minute presentation or demonstration of some aspect of Koha, please contact one of us.

Places for this event are limited so please book early by contacting Matthew Hale at the King’s Fund: m.hale@kingsfund.org.uk. If there is sufficient interest we will repeat it at a later date, so do register your interest even if you can’t necessarily make this day.

KohaCon 2010 Program Available
by Nicole C. Engard

As we get closer to the next annual KohaCon (this year in NZ – where it all started) it’s time to check out the program for the event! We are still gathering speaker bios and program description updates, but the preliminary program is available on the conference site.



Newsletter edited by Nicole C. Engard, Koha Documentation Manager.

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