Koha Newsletter: Volume 1/Issue 11: November 2010

Official Koha Newsletter (ISSN 2153-8328)
Volume 1, Issue 11: November 2010

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Summary of KohaCon10 in Blog Posts

KohaCon10 took place in Wellington, New Zealand last month to honor 10 years of Koha development, use and community! It seems that your trusty documentation manager was unofficially names the official blogger of the conference, so excuse a newsletter full of links to posts written by me (and Ian Walls, my colleague who had cover the sessions I couldn’t).

KohaCon10 Presentations

Some KohaCon10 presentations were posted on SlideShare, others posted on personal websites and others plotted on a map. If I’ve missed any please feel free to add them in the comments below.

KohaCon10 Videos

KohaCon10 videos are still making their way online, here are a few that are up so far. You can search for the rest as they’re added on blip.tv by using the keyword “kohacon10

KohaCon10 Pictures

Mostly KohaCon10 pictures were posted on Flickr and tagged “kohacon10“. My favorites were taken by Kristina, she knows how to take pictures!! Thank you to all who took pictures and shared them so that those back home could share in the festivities with us and so that we can all look back and remember our time together fondly.

What we didn’t get was a group picture that I could post here, so you’ll have to go browse through the Flickr pictures and spot your friends and community members that way.



Newsletter edited by Nicole C. Engard, Koha Documentation Manager.

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