Koha Community Newsletter: November 2022

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Volume 13, Issue 11
ISSN 2153-8328
Edited by Michael Kuhn

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Current Koha versions

Read the respective release notes by clicking the revision number.

Date Revision Notes
26 November 2022
Tomas Cohen Arazi
Koha 22.11.00
13 new features
351 enhancements
554 bugfixes (3 security fixes)
23 November 2022
Lucas Gass
Koha 22.05.07
8 enhancements
54 bugfixes
22 November 2022
Arthur Suzuki
Koha 21.11.14 4 enhancements
47 bugfixes (1 security fix)
27 October 2022
Victor Grousset
Koha 21.05.20 3 bugfixes (1 security fix)

The Debian packages are usually available within days after the release.

New Koha version 22.11 Rosalie

On 25 November 2022 Tomas Cohen Arazi announced the release of Koha 22.11 Rosalie. This major release includes 13 new features, 351 enhancements and 554 bugfixes (3 security fixes).


Remembering Rosalie Blake

By Chris Cormack and Kathryn Tyree

It is with great sadness we acknowledge the passing of Rosalie Blake.
Rosalie was the Head Librarian at Horowhenua Library Trust when Koha was
started and without her Koha would not exist.

But more than this Rosalie was an amazing person, a librarian who always
thought outside the box, a gifted potter, a friend to many, and a
beloved mother and grandmother.

The memorial service for Rosalie Blake was held in Levin on November 23rd.

The tributes spoke to Rosalie’s determination and positivity in her work
and personal life, generously sharing her time and energy in ways that
often made a huge impact in someone’s life, and other times effected
change which rippled out to hundreds or thousands of people – as her
commitment to Koha has impacted us all.

Joann Ransom gave a tribute at the memorial service, and made special
mention of the fun Rosalie had on the Koha road trip of 2010, when
Rosalie and Jo picked up some Koha community visitors and drove them to
Wellington for Kohacon, sightseeing on the way. Jo also mentioned the decision to name our next Koha release “22.11 Rosalie” which has been warmly received by the family.

It is sure that the Koha project will never forget Rosalie Blake.

More about Rosalie

If you would like to see and hear a little of Rosalie, you may wish to
watch this talk from Kohacon 2020: https://www.catalyst.net.nz/blog/remembering-rosalie-blake

Joann Ransom published her “Eulogy to Rosalie”: https://library-matters.blogspot.com/2022/11/eulogy-for-rosalie.html

The obituary notice for Rosalie, published by her family: https://deaths.dompost.co.nz/nz/obituaries/dominion-post-nz/name/rosalie-blake-obituary?pid=203242974

Published in memory of Rosalie: https://www.catalyst.net.nz/blog/remembering-rosalie-blake

New Koha libraries



Koha tips and tricks

Support provider news


2022 Library Automation Perceptions Survey

Since 2007, every year Marshall Breeding performs a survey to gauge libraries overall satisfaction with their respective integrated library solutions. This survey is instrumental in letting support providers know how they are doing, and does wonders for small companies when their satisfied partners share their experiences. Responses from this survey also help the open source community improve visibility, lead enhancements, and promote global acceptance of the products.

As open source software is supported both by the general community and by a variety of different service organizations, some special considerations apply to Koha. In the libraries.org directory, Koha is represented by a combination of the name Koha and the primary support organization involved (for example “Koha — Catalyst IT”). Libraries relying entirely on community support or internal resources are represented as “Koha — Independent”.

If you have responded in previous years, please respond again this year to help identify any trends regarding improvement or worsening of the products or support services.

Take survey

Read the original posting by Marshall Breeding to the mailing list “Koha”.

Upcoming events

For all upcoming IRC meetings see Next IRC meetings or the Koha Community calendar.

For any other Koha-related meeting just see the Koha Community calendar.

5th German speaking Koha users meeting / programme

Von Katrin Fischer

Wir laden herzlich zum fünften virtuellen Koha-Anwendertreffen am 01.12.2022, 10:00 – 11:30 Uhr und 14:00 – 15:30 Uhr ein. Das Anwendertreffen wird via Zoom stattfinden:

Eine vorherige Anmeldung ist nicht erforderlich. Der Konferenzraum ist vormittags ab 9:45 Uhr und nachmittags ab 13:45 Uhr offen. Die Veranstaltung beginnt um Punkt 10:00 Uhr bzw. 14:00 Uhr.


  • Koha als neues LMS der Brandenburgischen Hochschulbibliotheken? Zwischenbericht aus dem Evaluationsprojekt (Johanna Gröpler, TH Wildau)
  • Auf dem Weg zu Koha – Einblicke in das Migrationsprojekt am KIT (Michaela Sieber, KIT)
  • Koha in Österreich – Ergebnis zu einer Umfrage (Barbara Petritsch, Wien Museum)
  • Neuerungen in Koha 22.11 (Katrin Fischer, BSZ)


  • Raumbuchungsplugin (Tobias Engelke, LMSCloud GmbH)
  • Geographische Suche (Rainer Stowasser, ZAMG Bibliothek / Thomas Klausner, Koha Support EU)
  • Von Freihand zu Magazin – Click und Collect mit koha (Ewa Gózd, Stadtbibliothek Heilbronn)
  • Übersetzungen in Koha (Mark Hofstetter, Koha-Support EU)

In der Digitalen Bibliothek Thüringen finden Sie unter folgendem Link die Übersichtsseite des Anwendertreffens, auf die die Präsentationen gestellt werden: https://www.db-thueringen.de/receive/dbt_mods_00053590

Past events

For all past IRC meetings see the following links or the Koha Community calendar.

For any other Koha-related meeting just see the Koha Community calendar.