Koha Community Newsletter: July 2023

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Volume 14, Issue 7
ISSN 2153-8328
Edited by Michael Kuhn

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Current Koha versions

Read the respective release notes by clicking the revision number.

Date Revision Notes
28 June 2023 Koha 23.05.01
6 enhancements
35 bugfixes
26 June 2023 Koha 22.11.07
5 enhancements
77 bugfixes
28 June 2023 Koha 22.05.14 27 bugfixes
11 May 2023 Koha 21.11.20 20 bugfixes

The Debian packages are usually available within days after the release.


New Koha libraries



Great Britain


Koha tips and tricks

Support provider news

Upcoming events

For all upcoming IRC meetings see Next IRC meetings or the Koha Community calendar.

For any other Koha-related meeting just see the Koha Community calendar.

Schedule and registration for the Perl and Koha conference 2023

By the Conference Organizers Team

The schedule is complete now: http://perlkohacon.fi/Schedule.html

  • 3 days of talks and 2 days for workshops, all in three streams of various Perl and Koha, many for developers, some for end-users and librarians. It’s when the product meets the language, and users meet developers.
  • But we need some more 5 minutes lightning talks, so feel free to prepare something (tell us by form https://perlkohacon.fi/cft or by email)

🎉 REGISTRATION is open now: https://perlkohacon.fi/Registration.html – we
have the conference free, but registration is mandatory.

‼️ We need to know that you will come: Some great social events (🚢!) are planned, thus ✍ PLEASE DO!

✈️🏨 We added hints about hotels, trip, Helsinki: http://perlkohacon.fi … 🙏 share, and Welcome!

KohaCon24 to be held in Montréal, Canada

In the IRC General Meeting held on 6 July 2023, the proposal for KohaCon24 by Inlibro to host in Montréal was accepted unanimously by all present.

The conference will be open to in-person and online participation. Their proposal can be seen here: https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/KohaCon24_Proposals.

The target date is September 2024, but more information will be available in
the coming months.

Past events

For all past IRC meetings see the following links or the Koha Community calendar.

For any other Koha-related meeting just see the Koha Community calendar.