Koha Community Newsletter: February 2023

Koha Community Newsletter: February 2023 Subscribe
Volume 14, Issue 2
ISSN 2153-8328
Edited by Michael Kuhn

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Table of contents


Current Koha versions

Read the respective release notes by clicking the revision number.

Date Revision Notes
23 February 2023 Koha 22.11.03
40 enhancements
87 bugfixes
26 January 2023 Koha 22.05.09
1 enhancement
29 bugfixes
27 January 2023 Koha 21.11.16 3 enhancements
25 bugfixes (2 security fixes)
23 January 2023 Koha 21.05.21 2 bugfixes (2 security fixes)

The Debian packages are usually available within days after the release.


Notes, gossip and announcements

New Koha libraries


  • Landesamt für Denkmalpflege Sachsen in Dresden via Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-Württemberg / BSZ (in collaboration with Admin Kuhn)



Koha tips and tricks

Support provider news

Upcoming events

For all upcoming IRC meetings see Next IRC meetings or the Koha Community calendar.

For any other Koha-related meeting just see the Koha Community calendar.

Request for proposals to host KohaCon 2024

by Caroline Cyr-La-Rose

The request for proposals to host KohaCon 2024 is now open!

If you or your organization would like to organize KohaCon24, please enter all the required information on the KohaCon 2024 proposal wiki page: https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/KohaCon24_Proposals

The closing date for bids is 4 April 2023 23:59 UTC.

Proposals received will be discussed at the 5 April 2023 General IRC Meeting: https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/General_IRC_meeting_5_April_2023

Information about hosting KohaCon

The community has agreed that KohaCon conferences must be either:

  • hybrid with an in-person conference streamed online, or
  • entirely online

This allows for greater accessibility, so that everyone can attend and learn from each other no matter their availability, ability to travel, or budget.

For hybrid conferences, the rules for continent rotation apply. Therefore, for 2024, the following continents are eligible:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • South America
  • Oceania

For more information about the generally agreed rules established for KohaCons, see https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Processes_for_KohaCons

This covers the timetable, continent rotation, and information to help with planning a successful KohaCon.

Deadline for proposals

The closing date for proposals is 4 April 2023 at 23:59 UTC. If there is more than one proposal, we will organize a vote – this will be announced on the mailing list.

Help with your proposal

The community stands behind anyone who volunteers to organize a KohaCon, and help is always available if you’re unsure how to proceed.

Send an email to the mailing list if you need help, or ask on IRC. There is a wealth of experience in the community from those who have attended and organized previous KohaCons (and other conferences).

Past events

For all past IRC meetings see the following links or the Koha Community calendar.

For any other Koha-related meeting just see the Koha Community calendar.