Koha 23.11 released


30 Nov 2023

Koha is the first free and open source software library automation
package (ILS). Development is sponsored by libraries of varying types
and sizes, volunteers, and support companies from around the world. The
website for the Koha project is:

Koha 23.11.00 can be downloaded from:

Installation instructions can be found at:

  • Koha Wiki
  • OR in the INSTALL files that come in the tarball

Koha 23.11.00 is a major release, that comes with many new features.

It includes 10 new features, 330 enhancements, 573 bugfixes.

System requirements

You can learn about the system components (like OS and database) needed for running Koha on the community wiki.

New features & Enhancements


New features

  • 33105 Add vendor issues

    For vendors who, in particular, provide electronic services (e.g. eJournal providers) it is useful to be able to record service issues.

    This new feature allows for recording such details, for example logging login problems, service interruptions and incorrect availability.

    This is important as evidence when submitting contract negotiations and judging vendor performance against existing contracts.

    Sponsored by Bywater Solutions and PTFS Europe Ltd


  • 12732 Allow sorting by basket creation date to the late orders table

    This enhancement allows end users to sort the late orders table by basket creation date.

  • 14092 Add ability to search on ‘all statuses’ to orders search

    This enhancement adds an ‘all statuses’ option to the status select option in the orders search panel.

    Sponsored by Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-Württemberg (BSZ)

  • 20755 Allow separate email configuration for acquisition and serials emails

    This enhancement adds four new system preferences:

    • AcquisitionsDefaultEMailAddress
    • AcquisitionsDefaultReplyTo
    • SerialsDefaultEMailAddress
    • SerialsDefaultReplyTo

    These are used to set specific email addresses to send and receive replies to acquisitions orders notices, late orders claims notices and late serial issues claims notices.

    Sponsored by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

  • 28449 Link from basket summary to invoice for an order line

    This adds a new column ‘Invoice’ to the table of order lines on the basket summary page. It contains the invoicenumber for received order lines and is linked to the invoice if the staff user has the edit_invoices permission.

    Sponsored by The Research University in the Helmholtz Association (KIT)

  • 31631 Optionally choose for tax-exclusive values to be used for calculating fund values (spent, ordered)

    Public and tertiary libraries in New Zealand can claim tax back on purchases.

    This enhancement adds a new system preference CalculateFundValuesIncludingTax.

    When set to ‘Exclude’ these libraries can input order prices with tax included (so vendor invoice prices – which do contain tax – can be entered directly into Koha).

    However, the order prices removed from the Koha funds are the tax exclusive values (NZ libraries claim tax back so it should not be removed from their funds).

    Sponsored by Waikato Institute of Technology

  • 32984 The EDIFACT message that receives an item should be linked on the ‘Acquisition details’ tab on catalogue details page

    Sponsored by PTFS Europe Ltd

  • 33499 Make interface URL clickable on vendor details
  • 33662 Add link to order search to acq module navigation

    Sponsored by The Research University in the Helmholtz Association (KIT)

  • 33664 Add ability to cancel order lines in closed baskets

    With the new system preference CancelOrdersInClosedBaskets it’s now possible to allow for cancelling order lines from closed baskets. This is useful if something cannot be delivered and you don’t want to reopen the basket or use go through the receive shipment process.

    Sponsored by The Research University in the Helmholtz Association (KIT)

  • 34169 Add validation for monetary input fields in acquisition module

    At the moment Koha can only calculate with amounts that are formatted with a decimal comma, but inputs were not always validated which could lead to errors and wrong amounts. Now entered amounts are validated before saving throughout the acquisitions module.

    Sponsored by The Research University in the Helmholtz Association (KIT)

  • 34501 Patron purchase suggestion table should include the non-public note

    This adds a new column to the suggestions table for the non-public note.

  • 34618 Add sort 1 and 2 fields to basket in acquisitions
    This patch adds the option to display Statistic 1 and Statistic 2 columns in basket summary view in acquisitions.
    The new columns are hidden by default in the updated table configuration.
  • 34708 Ability to modify an order line to increase quantity of ordered item

    This allows to add additional items to an already saved order lines when items are created on order.

    Sponsored by Pymble Ladies’ College

  • 34908 Sort item types alphabetically by description rather than code when adding a new empty record as an order to a basket

    Sponsored by South Taranaki District Council

Architecture, internals, and plumbing


  • 17499 Koha objects for messaging preferences

    Sponsored by Koha-Suomi Oy and National Library of Finland

  • 29033 Add C4::Context->multivalue_preference

    This addition adds a simple way to retrieve pipe delimited list type system preferences as arrays.

  • 30825 Get rid of GetReservesControlBranch
  • 31383 Additional contents: We need a parent and child table

    Sponsored by Rijksmuseum, Netherlands

  • 32478 Remove Koha::Config::SysPref->find since bypasses cache

    Sponsored by Gothenburg University Library

  • 32496 Reduce unnecessary unblessings of objects in Circulation.pm

    Sponsored by Gothenburg University Library

  • 33041 Use process_tt in C4::Serial::NewIssue
  • 33043 Use process_tt in SIP modules
  • 33045 Use process_tt in C4::Record::marcrecord2csv
  • 33046 Use process_tt in C4::Reports::Guided::EmailReport
  • 33170 Refactor MarcItemFieldsToOrder code to make adding more fields simpler

    Sponsored by ByWater Solutions

  • 33236 Move C4::Suggestions::NewSuggestion to Koha namespace
  • 33245 Add $patron->is_active
  • 33379 virtualshelfcontents.flags seems useless

    This patch set drops the column virtualshelfcontents.flag which is unused for a long time.

  • 33444 AddRenewal should take a hash of parameters
  • 33745 Speed up Koha::Object attribute accessors
  • 33749 Move Koha::MetadataRecord::stripWhitespaceChars into a RecordProcessor filter
  • 33837 Objects->filter_by_last_update: Does not allow time comparison
  • 33843 Use filter_by_last_update in Koha::Notice::Util
  • 33940 Move get_cardnumber_length and checkcardnumber to Koha
  • 33947 Move GetAllIssues to Koha
  • 33948 Replace GetAllIssues with Koha::Checkouts – staff
  • 33949 Replace GetAllIssues with Koha::Checkouts – opac
  • 33952 Add Koha::Biblio->normalized_isbn
  • 33953 Add Koha::Biblio->ratings
  • 33954 Add Koha::Biblio->opac_summary_html
  • 33955 Add Koha::Biblio->normalized_upc
  • 33956 opac-user.pl should use Koha::Biblio->opac_summary_html
  • 33958 Add Koha::Biblio->normalized_oclc
  • 33962 Remove C4::BackgroundJob from process_koc
  • 33963 Remove C4::BackgroundJob
  • 34212 Bug 23336 follow-up code improvements
  • 34321 Tidy skeleton too
  • 34336 Test::DBIx::Class should be removed
  • 34414 Remove DBD::Mock
  • 34415 Remove Test::DBIx::Class from t/EdiTransport.t
  • 34441 Typo: paramater
  • 34468 Add a progress callback to job_progress.js
  • 34787 Typo: gorup
  • 34812 Remove Test::DBIx::Class from Koha.t
  • 34825 Move Letters.t to t/db_dependent
  • 34828 Add Koha::Biblio::Metadata::Extractor* classes
    This development adds a new class for handling metadata extraction from the metadata registry in Koha. The way it is built provides a good framework for reorganizing the codebase around this area, as well as making it more streamlined to write tests.
  • 34887 Merge Patron.t into t/db/Koha/Patron.t
  • 34983 Retranslating causes changes in locale_data.json
  • 35001 Simplify patron->is_active in light of TrackLastPatronActivityTriggers
  • 35043 Handling of \t in PO files is confusing
  • 35079 Add option to gulp tasks po:update and po:create to control if POT should be built
  • 35103 Add option to gulp tasks to pass a list of tasks
  • 35174 Remove .po files from the codebase



  • 30843 TOTP expiration delay should be configurable

    The mfa_range element in the koha-conf.xml file can now be used to change the default “range”.



  • 26314 “Volumes: show volumes” showing regardless of whether there are volumes linked to the record

    This development changes how the Show volumes link is displayed in both OPAC and staff interface.

    The main change is that the link will only be displayed when it will have results. Currently the link will always display, sometimes leading to no results.

  • 29732 Check alert in cataloguing authorities should be a static message
    This patch changes the way error form validation error messages are displayed when editing authority records. Instead of a JavaScript alert, errors are now shown on the page itself, with links in the message to take you to the corresponding field. A new “Errors” button in the toolbar allows the user to jump back to the list of errors for easy reference.
  • 31132 Add button to clear the cataloguing authority plugin form

    This enhancement adds a ‘Clear form’ link to empty all of the input fields on the authority finder plugin form when cataloguing bibliographic records.

    Sponsored by Education Services Australia SCIS

  • 31477 Switch icon for inventory
  • 32335 Allow stock rotation items to be moved several stages ahead
  • 34275 Add a button to easily toggle between advanced/basic cataloging editors

    When the advanced cataloging editor is activated using EnableAdvancedCatalogingEditor, there is now a nice toggle button in the upper right corner of the cataloguing module when editing a record that allows to easily switch between the normal and the advanced editor.

  • 34657 Merge cataloging plugins for UNIMARC 123d, e, f, and g
  • 35198 Sort database column names alphabetically on automatic item modification page


New features

  • 9525 Add option to define float groups and rules for float

    This feature makes it possible to use library groups for creating floating groups. It adds a checkbox “Is local
    float group” to the library groups configuration and a new return policy “Item floats by librarygroup” to the circulation conditions.

    Sponsored by Koha-Suomi Oy

  • 29002 Add ability to book items ahead of time

    This lays the foundations for item bookings in Koha.

    An item can be made ‘bookable’ via the item modification screens; Once at least one item is bookable, a new “Place booking” button will appear as an option on the bibliographic record detail page and a “Bookings” tab will be available from the side menu to allow management of bookings.

    Bookings cannot overlap, and circulation will detect when an item has a booking on it and notify the librarian appropriately.

    Note: There are many further enhancements in the pipeline still to come.

    Sponsored by PTFS Europe

    Sponsored by CCPL


  • 8367 How long is a hold waiting for pickup at a more granular level

    This enhancement adds a new value to the circulation rules: ‘holds pickup period’. It overrides the value set in the ReservesMaxPickUpDelay system preference and allows setting different delays for specific item type, patron category, and library combinations.

    Sponsored by Catalyst

  • 21159 Update item shelving location (952$c) on checkout

    This enhancement enables libraries to automatically update an item’s shelving location using the new system preference UpdateItemLocationOnCheckout.

    It accepts pairs of shelving locations. On checkout the item’s location is compared to the location on the left and, like UpdateItemLocationOnCheckin, is updated to the location on the right.

    Special values for this system preference are:

    • ALL – used on left side only to affect all items, if it matches, but this is an easier to read option)
    • PERM – used on right side only to set items to their permanent location
      BLANK – used on either side to match on or set to blank (actual blanks will work)

    Syntax highlighting is used in the text area to make it easier to read, as is already possible when checking in items.

    Sponsored by Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology

  • 25393 Create separate ‘no automatic renewal before’ rule

    This new circulation rule allows libraries to control the no renewal before behaviour at the auto and non-auto renewals level.

  • Sponsored by CCPL

  • 25560 Define itemtype specific rules in the UpdateNotForLoanStatusOnCheckin system preference

    The UpdateNotForLoanStatusOnCheckin system preference is now more configurable: you can define rules to be applied to specific item types upon check-in.

    Add the item type code followed by a colon, and then on separate lines below define each notforloan value pair with leading spaces. Example:

    -1: 0

    You can use an ALL wildcard to target all item types. The ALL wildcard does NOT override item-type specific rules.

    -1: 2

    If an item type is not defined in the UpdateNotForLoanStatusOnCheckin system preference, and there are no ALL rules defined, then items of that type will not have their notforloan status change on check-in, irrespective of their current notforloan value.

    Sponsored by Waikato Institute of Technology

  • 28805 Add on-site option to batch checkout functionality

    Sponsored by Banco Central de la República Argentina

  • 29145 Allow patrons to have overdue items that would not result in debarment when removing overdue debarments
  • 32740 Add a new option patron home library to OverdueNoticeFrom
  • 33398 Show primary_contact_method when holds are triggered
  • 33575 Add table settings to the holds table for a specific record in the staff interface
  • 33725 Add item’s collection code to search results location column in staff interface
  • 33876 item-note-nonpublic and item-note-public are difficult to customize in the checkout table
  • 33887 Automatic checkin should be able to optionally fill the next hold with the returned item

    This enhancement adds an option for automatic checkins, so that for any holds, it automatically fills the next hold and sends a notification to the patron that a hold is waiting.

    This option is set using the new system preference AutomaticCheckinAutoFill.

  • 33945 Add ability to delay the loading of the current checkouts table on the checkouts page
  • 34300 Add link to place a hold on ordered items in baskets
  • 34457 Add card number to hold details page
  • 34529 Offline circulation should be able to accept userid as well as cardnumber
  • 34547 Add transfer reason to list of checkins
  • 34626 Add waiting since date to holdswaiting patron message
  • 34924 Add ability to send ‘final auto renewal notice’
  • 34938 Add collection column to holds ratio report (circ/reserveratios.pl)
  • 35068 Split ‘Renew or check in selected items’ button in issues table into separate buttons
  • 35253 Make materials specified note easier to customize
    This enhancement adds classes to the materials specified messages that are displayed when checking out and checking in an item, when there is a value for an item in 952$3. The new classes available for customizing IntranetUserCSS are mats_spec_label and mats_spec_message.

    Example CSS customization:

    > .mats_spec_label { color: white; background: purple; }
    > .mats_spec_message { color: white; background: green; }

Command-line Utilities


  • 28995 Add –added_after to writeoff_debts.pl
  • 33050 Allow to specify quote char in runreport.pl
  • 33204 Add the ability to filter on patron library for borrowers-force-messaging-defaults.pl
  • 33239 Add the ability to run borrowers-force-messaging-defaults.pl only on a specified message name
  • 33698 Add fields to verbose output of cronjob delete_items.pl
  • 33871 Add where parameter to sitemap.pl
  • 34064 Compare kohastructure.sql against current database using database audit script
  • 34213 False POD for matchpoint option in import_patrons.pl
  • 35074 Add –patron_category to writeoff_debts.pl



  • 34328 Add Scottish Gaelic to the advanced search options



  • 34955 One Koha manual

    From 23.11, there is one Koha manual for all Koha versions.

    Notes are used in the manual to indicate in which Koha version a feature has appeared or changed.

    Previous manual versions (23.05 and older) are not affected.


New features

  • 34587 Add a Usage Statistics module to ERM

    This feature adds the ability to create Data Providers and harvest usage data in COUNTER format. Data Providers (or Data Platforms) are the organisations who provide usage statistics for your electronic resources. This could be a vendor or a platform provider. The data provider record contains information about SUSHI credentials and any COUNTER data which has been harvested from the provider. There is also the ability to create custom reports using this COUNTER data.

    Sponsored by ByWater Solutions and PTFS Europe


  • 32932 Re-structure Vue router-links to use “name” instead of urls
  • 33417 Create one standard Toolbar component
  • 33480 Improve display of the vendor aliases in the ERM module
  • 34215 Vue Toolbar component should be more flexible

    Sponsored by Bibliothèque Universitaire des Langues et Civilisations (BULAC)

  • 34217 Add missing cypress tests for vendors in agreements and licenses
  • 34418 Allow empty nodes in breadcrumb’s elements
  • 34448 ERM should be able to display error messages coming from the API
  • 34497 Vue – Dialog component should allow for confirmation input options
  • 34691 Active link in the menu is not always correctly styled – again

Fines and fees


  • 34377 Accounting transactions should show managing librarian info for credits/debits
  • 34985 Add a quantity field to the manual invoice form

    This patch add a quantity field and a cost field to the manual invoice form. This allows to automatically multiply the amount. The new fields will display and calculate when the selected debit has a default cost set.

Hold requests


  • 17617 Add the ability of sending a confirmation e-mail to patron when hold is placed

    When the new system preference EmailPatronWhenHoldIsPlaced is activated, a notice will be sent to the patron to confirm their hold has been placed. The notice template used is HOLDPLACED_PATRON.

    Sponsored by Fire and Emergency New Zealand

  • 31692 Let librarians change item level holds to record level holds when possible
  • 33087 OPACHoldsIfAvailableAtPickup considers On order as available
  • 33845 Hold notes should show when viewing a patron’s hold list
  • 34160 Link item barcode to the item more details page from the holds queue viewer



  • 34098 Improve translation of some strings in the patron import template
  • 34228 Add translation context to “Managed by”
  • 34247 Improve translation of notice character count
  • 34433 ‘Custom cover image’ in lightbox is untranslatable
  • 34834 Add translation context for “Order”

    This patch adds context for translators for the word Order, as it is sometimes used as a verb (e.g. to order) and a noun (e.g. an order).

  • 35091 Improve translation of usage statistics country list


New features

  • 30719 ILL should provide the ability to create batch requests

    This brings a new ILL request batches feature to the staff interface, allowing staff members to create groups of requests in batches using DOIs or PubmedIDs.

    The feature requires at least one compatible ILL backend and at least one metadata enrichment plugin (DOI or PubmedID, or both) to be used.

    Current backends that support batches available:

    Current metadata enrichment plugins available:

    Sponsored by UKHSA – UK Health Security Agency and PTFS Europe Ltd

  • 33716 ILL – Allow for a disclaimer stage per request type

    This introduces a new YAML system preference ILLModuleDisclaimerByType allowing for different text and dropdown options to be displayed to user (Staff+OPAC) depending on the request type introduced.

    The new type disclaimer screen is presented after the create request form has been submitted, but before the request is saved. Thus, only allowing for a request to be placed if the user accepts the disclaimer.

    The accepted disclaimer option is saved in the database to allow it to be viewed afterwards, as well as the timestamp it was accepted.

    Sponsored by NHS England


  • 18203 Add per borrower category restrictions on placing ILL requests in OPAC

    When the ILL module is activated, the patron category administration page will include a setting “Can patron place ILL requests in OPAC”. For existing installations the flag will be set for all patron categories on update.

    Sponsored by PTFS Europe Ltd

  • 27542 It should be possible to cancel an ILL request sent to a partner
  • 32911 Remove ILL partner_code config from koha-conf.xml and turn it into a system preference

    The partner_code element in the koha-conf.xml was replaced by a new system preference ILLPartnerCode.

    Sponsored by PTFS Europe Ltd

  • 33970 We need a “backend” column in “illrequestattributes” table

Label/patron card printing


  • 10762 Make it possible to adjust the barcode height and width on labels

    When creating a new layout for the label creator, you can now define the width and height for the printed barcode.

  • 28726 Add sort1 and sort2 to patron card creator patron search



  • 15222 Add to cart option/other list options missing from OPAC lists display

    This enhancement adds options to the OPAC for adding titles to the cart or another list, from an existing list. (These options already exist in the staff interface.)

MARC Authority data support


  • 27943 MARC21 authorities not support 7XX on display

    Sponsored by Keratsini-Drapetsona Municipal Library, Greece

  • 28166 Optionally add MARC fields to authority search

    With the new system preference AdditionalFieldsInZ3950ResultAuthSearch it is now possible to display additional information from the MARC record in the authority Z39.50/SRU search result lists.

    Sponsored by Steiermärkische Landesbibliothek

  • 34075 Allow specifying default tab view for authorities

    This enhancement adds a new system preference DefaultAuthorityTab that allows libraries to choose which tab is selected first when viewing an authority record.

MARC Bibliographic data support


  • 29471 MARC21: 520 – Summary etc. doesn’t display in staff interface
  • 34020 Sequence of MARC 264 subfields different on XSLT result list and detail page
  • 34648 Update MARC21 frameworks to Update 31 (December 2020)

    This enhancement updates the default MARC21 bibliographic framework to reflect changes brought to the format by Update 31 (Dec. 2020).

    Note that this only affects new installations. For existing installations, you can modify your MARC frameworks in Administration > MARC bibliographic framework.

    Details of Update 31 are on the Library of Congress Website: https://www.loc.gov/marc/up31bibliographic/bdapndxg.html

  • 34649 Update MARC21 default framework to Update 32 (June 2021)
    This enhancement updates the default MARC21 bibliographic framework to reflect changes brought to the format by Update 32 (June 2021).

    Note that this only affects new installations. For existing installations, you can modify your MARC frameworks in Administration > MARC bibliographic framework.

    Changes to the value builder will affect all installations.

    Details of Update 32 are on the Library of Congress Website: https://www.loc.gov/marc/up32bibliographic/bdapndxg.html

  • 34658 Update MARC21 default framework to Update 33 (Nov. 2021)
    This enhancement updates the default MARC21 bibliographic framework to reflect changes brought to the format by Update 33 (Nov. 2021).

    Note that this only affects new installations. For existing installations, you can modify your MARC frameworks in Administration > MARC bibliographic framework.

    Changes to the value builder will affect all installations.

    Details of Update 33 are on the Library of Congress Website: https://www.loc.gov/marc/up33bibliographic/bdapndxg.html

  • 34659 Update MARC21 default framework to Update 34 (July 2022)
    This enhancement updates the default MARC21 bibliographic framework to reflect changes brought to the format by Update 34 (July 2022).

    Note that this only affects new installations. For existing installations, you can modify your MARC frameworks in Administration > MARC bibliographic framework.

    Details of Update 34 are on the Library of Congress Website: https://www.loc.gov/marc/up34bibliographic/bdapndxg.html

  • 34665 Update MARC21 default framework to Update 35 (Dec. 2022)
    This enhancement updates the default MARC21 bibliographic framework to reflect changes brought to the format by Update 35 (December 2022).

    Note that this only affects new installations. For existing installations, you can modify your MARC frameworks in Administration > MARC bibliographic framework.

    Details of Update 35 are on the Library of Congress Website: https://www.loc.gov/marc/up35bibliographic/bdapndxg.html

  • 34667 Update MARC21 default framework to Update 36 (June 2023)
    This enhancement updates the default MARC21 bibliographic framework to reflect changes brought to the format by Update 36 (June 2023).

    Note that this only affects new installations. For existing installations, you can modify your MARC frameworks in Administration > MARC bibliographic framework.

    Details of Update 36 are on the Library of Congress Website: https://www.loc.gov/marc/bibliographic/bdapndxg.html

  • 34677 Update to MARC21 relator terms list
    This enhancement updates the marc21_relatorterms.yaml file with new relator codes and changes issued by the MARC21 committee in technical notices.

    It also makes additional updates required so that the codes match the Library of Congress’s MARC Code List for Relators at https://www.loc.gov/marc/relators/relaterm.html and https://www.loc.gov/marc/relators/relacode.html

    Note that this list will only be available in new installations. For existing Koha installations, make the changes to the RELTERMS authorized value category in Administration > Authorized values.

    The complete list of additions, changes, and removals made:

    abr – Abridger
    adi – Art director
    anc – Announcer
    ape – Appellee
    apl – Appellant
    ato – Autographer
    aue – Audio engineer
    aup – Audio producer
    bka – Book artist
    brd – Broadcaster
    brl – Braille embosser
    cad – Casting director
    cas – Caster
    cop – Camera operator
    cor – Collection registrar
    cou – Court-governed
    crt – Court reporter
    dbd – Dubbing director
    dgc – Degree committee member
    dgs – Degree supervisor
    djo – DJ
    edc – Editor of compilation
    edd – Editorial director
    edm – Editor of moving image work
    enj – Enacting jurisdiction
    fds – Film distributor
    fmd – Film director
    fmk – Filmmaker
    fmp – Film producer
    fon – Founder
    his – Host institution
    isb – Issuing body
    jud – Judge
    jug – Jurisdiction governed
    med – Medium
    mka – Makeup artist
    mtk – Minute taker
    mup – Music programmer
    mxe – Mixing engineer
    nan – News anchor
    onp – Onscreen participant
    osp – On-screen presenter
    pad – Place of address
    pan – Panelist
    pra – Praeses
    pre – Presenter
    prn – Production company
    prs – Production designer
    prv – Provider
    rap – Rapporteur
    rcd – Recordist
    rdd – Radio director
    rpc – Radio producer
    rsr – Restorationist
    rxa – Remix artist
    sde – Sound engineer
    sfx – Special effects provider
    sgd – Stage director
    sll – Seller
    stg – Setting
    swd – Software developer
    tau – Television writer
    tld – Television director
    tlg – Television guest
    tlh – Television host
    tlp – Television producer
    vac – Voice actor
    vfx – Visual effects provider
    wac – Writer of added commentary
    wal – Writer of added lyrics
    wat – Writer of added text
    win – Writer of introduction
    wpr – Writer of preface
    wst – Writer of supplementary textual content

    aui – Author of introduction -> Author of introduction, etc.
    aus – Author of screenplay -> Screenwriter
    coe – Contestant -appellee -> Contestant-appellee
    cot – Contestant -appellant -> Contestant-appellant
    cou – Court-governed -> Court governed
    dpb -> dbp – Distribution place
    dgg – Degree grantor -> Degree granting institution
    orm – Organizer of meeting -> Organizer
    osp – On-screen presenter -> Onscreen presenter
    pte – Plaintiff -appellee -> Plaintiff-appellee
    rcp – Recipient -> Addressee
    red – Redactor -> Redaktor
    wde – Wood-engraver -> Wood engraver

    Removals (deprecated relators):
    clb – Collaborator
    -grt – Graphic technician
    voc – Vocalist



  • 8838 Digest option for HOLD notice

    This adds a digest checkbox for “Hold filled” in the messaging preferences settings. When checked, all pickup notices for holds will be collected and send out in a single notice. The letter used is HOLDDGST.

  • Sponsored by CCPL

  • 32986 Add ability to generate custom slips for patrons
    This feature makes it possible to create custom slips that will appear in the ‘Print’ menu in the patron’s user account in staff. For this purpose a new module was added to the pull down in the notices and slips tool: ‘Patrons (custom slip)’.


New features

  • 27378 Enable compliance with EU Cookie Legislation via cookie consent

    This new features adds proper handling of tracking cookies into Koha.

    An administrator can now enable the option for end users to accept or deny non-essential cookies being stored in their browser using the new system preference CookieConsent.

    Once enabled, the administrator should add their non-essential cookie code into CookieConsentedJS as opposed to OPACUserJS and IntranetUserJS.

    This will enable a cookie banner to appear at the bottom of the screen with options to allow all, allow essential and view more information.

  • 30979 Add ability for OPAC users to checkout to themselves

    This new feature adds a new OpacTrustedSelfCheckout system preference. When enabled, OPAC users will see a new checkout option in the header of the page when logged in. This option displays a modal where they can scan barcodes to perform a self checkout.

    Sponsored by European Southern Observatory


  • 12421 No way to get back to search results from overdrive results
  • 23798 Convert OpacMaintenanceNotice system preference to additional contents
  • 26824 Use confirmation modal when removing titles from a list in the OPAC
  • 28130 Show list of serial email alerts a patron subscribed to in patron account in OPAC

    This enhancement adds an ‘Alert subscriptions’ page to a patron account to easily view or cancel email alerts the patron has enabled for subscriptions. This new page is available on both the staff interface and the OPAC.

    Sponsored by Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-Württemberg (BSZ)

  • 29691 Use template plugins to display OPAC news on homepage
  • 31503 Allow several consent types on the consents tab of OPAC account page

    This enhancement adds plugin hooks to allow plugin authors to add their own consent requirements. Consent types introduced will be added to the OPAC account page (Consents tab) using the new patron_consent_type hook.

    A very simple example is given on the Bugzilla report.

  • 32711 Add biblio details to trusted self-checkout modal
  • 32721 Allow specifying UserCSS and UserJS at library level for the OPAC

    With this feature it’s possible to add library specific CSS and JavaScript on the library administration pages.
    This works in combination with the global ‘UserJS’ and ‘UserCSS’ functionality and allows for multiple OPACs with different CSS and JavaScript customizations.

    Sponsored by PTFS Europe

  • 33808 Accessibility: Non-descriptive links
  • 33809 Accessibility: OPAC results page needs more descriptive links
  • 33812 Accessibility: OPAC messaging preferences is missing form labels
  • 33818 Accessibility: Non descriptive title on ISBD detail
  • 33819 Accessibility: More description required in OPAC search breadcrumbs
  • 34438 OPAC self registration form does not include lang (preferred language for notices) field

    This adds the ‘preferred language’ to the patron self registration form when TranslateNotices is activated. The field can be hidden using the PatronSelfRegistrationBorrowerUnwantedField and PatronSelfRegistrationBorrowerMandatoryField system preferences if not needed.

  • 34865 Syspref OPACURLOpenInNewWindow not working for Library URLs
  • 34869 Convert OPACResultsSidebar system preference to HTML customization
    This enhancement removes the OPACResultsSidebar system preference and allows adding content in this area using the HTML customizations tool. This also means this content is translatable for any languages installed for the OPAC

    Note: Any existing content is moved to the HTML customizations tool (Tools > HTML customizations > location – OPACResultsSidebar).

  • 34889 Convert PatronSelfRegistrationAdditionalInstructions system preference to HTML customization
  • 34894 Convert OpacSuppressionMessage system preference to HTML customization
  • 35147 Add classes to Shibboleth text on OPAC login page

    Sponsored by New Zealand Council for Educational Research

  • 35261 Update links for self registration avoiding “here”
  • 35262 Improve OPAC self registration confirmation page



  • 28493 Make koha-passwd display the username


New features

  • 12532 Copy guarantee email to guarantor (or redirect if guarantee has no email set)

    This new feature allows libraries to set email notices for guaranteed users to be copied to their guarantors.

    If the guarantee doesn’t have a valid email of their own, then enabling this feature will redirect the guarantee’s email notices to the guarantor.

    A new system preference, RedirectGuaranteeEmail, is introduced.


  • 12133 Guarantor requirements when registering a patron

    This enhancement makes two changes to guarantors and guarantees when registering a new patron:

    • A child patron must have a guarantor – this is controlled by
      the new ChildNeedsGuarantor system preference.
    • A guarantor cannot be a guarantee.

    Sponsored by Koha-Suomi Oy

  • 15157 Cronjob to automatically restrict patrons with pending/unpaid charges

    Sponsored by Koha-Suomi Oy

  • 15504 Track Patron’s Last Activity

    This enhancement changes how tracking patron activities (and updating the borrowers.lastseen field) works – you can now select what patron activities to track.

    Previously, with TrackLastPatronActivity enabled, the borrowers.lastseen field was updated when one of the “hard-coded” activities occurred – you could not select what patron activities to track

    With this enhancement, you can now individually select the patron activities to track. The current trackable activities are:
    – All activities
    – Checking in an item
    – Checking out an item
    – Connecting to Koha using SIP and ILS-DI
    – Logging in (for both the OPAC and the staff interface)
    – Placing a hold on an item (added by bug 35027)
    – Placing an article request (added by bug 35030)
    – Renewing an item

    – If no activities are selected, then patron activity is not tracked and the borrowers.lastseen field is not updated.
    – The system preference TrackLastPatronActivity was renamed to TrackLastPatronActivityTriggers.

  • 16223 Automatically remove any borrower debarments after a payment

    Sponsored by Koha-Suomi Oy

  • 21431 Differentiate password change and password reset in action logs
  • 26170 Add protected status for patrons

    This enhancement makes it possible to protect patrons from being accidentally deleted or merged with other patrons, from the UI and from (well behaved) cron jobs. It adds a ‘Protected’ field (with Yes and No options) in the library use section for a patron’s record.

  • 26558 Guarantor information is lost when an error occurs during new account creation

    Sponsored by Koha-Suomi Oy

  • 28688 Automatically renew patron membership

    This patch set allows you to renew patrons automatically when running the membership_expiry.pl cron job.
    You can pass filters to do this only on selected patrons, like active patrons, etc.
    Default behavior does not change.

  • 31357 Separate holds history from intranetreadinghistory

    Sponsored by CCPL

  • 32730 Add patron lists tab to patron details and circulation pages
  • 33271 Show charges_guarantors_guarantees on patron details page
  • 33522 Optionally skip (in)active patrons when sending membership expiry notices
  • 33620 Don’t show patron-privacyguarantor/patron-privacy_guarantor_fines if borrowerRelationship is empty
  • 34511 Typo in manage_staged_records permission description
    This patch corrects a typo in the description of the manage_staged_records permission.
  • 34517 Add option to search patron attribute in standard search
  • 34719 Middle name doesn’t show on autocomplete
  • 35027 Add holds to patron activity triggers
  • 35030 Extend TrackLastPatronActivity with placing article request

Plugin architecture


  • 25672 Administrators should be able to restrict client-side plugin upload to trusted sources
  • 31339 Add Template::Toolkit WRAPPER for Koha Tool Plugins
  • 33776 Add inLibro in default plugin repositories

    This enhancement adds inLibro to the list of git repositories searched for plugins.

    – The ability to search git repositories for plugins from the manage plugins page, and then install, requires a system-level configuration change for your Koha instance(s).
    – To enable, copy the block from debian/templates/koha-conf-site.xml.in to your instance’s koha-conf.xml file, remove comments, and restart.


New features

  • 30708 Creation of a new ‘Preservation’ module

    This new module allows libraries to integrate preservation treatments into their workflow and monitor them.
    Its main goal is to attach data about the preservation treatments to items (contained in a new Koha table).

    Sponsored by Bibliothèque Universitaire des Langues et Civilisations (BULAC)


  • 33547 Print slips from the preservation module

    Sponsored by Bibliothèque Universitaire des Langues et Civilisations (BULAC)

  • 34030 Print slips in a batch from the preservation module

    Sponsored by Bibliothèque Universitaire des Langues et Civilisations (BULAC)



  • 23336 Add an API endpoint for checking an item out to a patron
  • 32739 REST API: Extend endpoint /auth/password/validation for cardnumber

    This development adds a new attribute for identifying the patron for password validation: identifier. It expects to be passed a userid or a cardnumber in it. It the identifier doesn’t match a userid, then Koha will try matching a cardnumber.

  • 33690 Add ability to send welcome notice when creating patrons using the REST API
  • 33974 Add ability to search biblios endpoint any biblioitem attribute
  • 34008 REST API: Add a list (GET) endpoint for itemtypes
  • 34054 Allow to embed biblio on GET /items

    Sponsored by Bibliothèque Universitaire des Langues et Civilisations (BULAC)

  • 34211 Add +strings for GET /api/v1/biblios/:biblio_id/items
  • 34313 Make password validation endpoint return patron IDs
  • 34333 Add cancellation request information embed option to the holds endpoint



  • 6419 Add customizable areas to intranet home pages

    This enhancement adds several new locations to HTML customizations to add content to various staff interface pages. This supports multilingual content, as with any HTML customization.

    New locations are:

    • StaffAcquisitionsHome: adds content at the bottom of the acquisitions module home page

    • StaffAuthoritiesHome: adds content at the bottom of the authorities module home page

    • StaffCataloguingHome: adds content at the bottom of the cataloguing module home page

    • StaffListsHome: adds content at the bottom of the lists module home page

    • StaffPatronsHome: adds content at the bottom of the patrons module home page

    • StaffPOSHome: adds content at the bottom of the point of sale module home page

    • StaffSerialsHome: adds content at the bottom of the serials module home page

    • 23059 reserves_stats.pl: Simplify reserve status handling
    • 33608 Allow to get statistics about found/recovered books
    • 34136 Add ability to render a report using a notice template
      With this feature you can use a notice template for rendering the results of a report in the reports module. As you can use Template Toolkit and HTML in notices, this gives you a lot of flexibility to create for example a nice print format for your data.

    Once a notice has been created with the module ‘Reports’ selected, you will have the option to run your report using the template.

  • 34456 Add the ability to download a template rendered report as a file
    This allows to create new download formats for reports using notice templates. You can create different file formats, specifying the file name and ending in the accordingly labelled field when setting up the notice.



  • 25814 SIP: Add a message on successful checkin
  • 25816 Add OPAC messages in SIP display

    New system preference SIP2AddOpacMessagesToScreenMessage allows to include patron OPAC messages in the SIP2 screen message.
    Starting with “Messages for you: “.

  • 33926 Add ability to specify fields allowed in a response

    Sponsored by ByWater Solutions

  • 34016 Enable fulfillment of recalled items through SIP2

    This enhancement allows SIP (using a self-check machines) to better handle recalled items – preventing the check-out of recalled items if they have been allocated to another patron, or fulfilling recalls if the item was recalled and allocated to this patron.

    Sponsored by Auckland University of Technology

  • 34101 Limit items types that can be checked out via SIP2
  • 34737 Enhance SIP2SortBinMapping to support additional match conditions

    Sponsored by PTFS Europe Ltd

  • 34868 Add ability for SIP2 to distinguish missing item from other lost types

    Sponsored by ByWater Solutions



  • 26468 Item search should include a way to limit by damaged
  • 33217 Allow different default sorting when click author links

    Authors and contributors in the detail pages are linked to search for more materials of the same persons or institutions. Before this patch, these would use the normal default sorting, like relevancy, which isn’t as helpful for these results. The new system preferences AuthorLinkSortBy and AuthorLinkSortOrder now allow to change the sort order for these links specifically.

Searching – Elasticsearch


  • 33353 Add compatibility with Elasticsearch 8 and OpenSearch 2

    These changes to support ElasticSearch 8.x and OpenSearch 2.x come with a loss of support for ElasticSearch 6.x.

    Existing instances will have to upgrade to either ElasticSearch 7.x or 8.x or OpenSearch 1.x or 2.x

    Upgrade from ES 7.x or OS 1.X to ES 8.x or OS 2.x require a reindexation.

Self checkout


  • 35048 Convert SCOMainUserBlock system preference to HTML customization
  • 35063 Convert SelfCheckInMainUserBlock system preference to HTML customization
  • 35065 Convert SelfCheckHelpMessage system preference to HTML customization



  • 31846 Allow setting serials search results limit

    Sponsored by Gothenburg University Library

  • 33039 Add ability to specify a template for serial subscription “Published on (text)” field
  • 34199 Add part_name and part_number to subscription detail page

    Sponsored by The Research University in the Helmholtz Association (KIT)

  • 34230 Add part_name and part_number to subscription result list

    Sponsored by The Research University in the Helmholtz Association (KIT)

Staff interface


  • 14156 Add id tags to each MARC note in the display

    This enhancement adds id and class tags to each MARC note in the description tab for the staff interface bibliographic detail page.

    It adds a unique id for each note (for unique styling of each repeated tag), and a general and unique class for each tag (for consistent styling across the same tag number). An example of the HTML output:

    ><p id="marcnote-500-2" class="marcnote marcnote-500">...</p>

    Styles can be defined for notes and individual tags in the IntranetUserCSS system preference – see the test plan for an example.

  • 21246 Extend the ‘Last patron’ navigation feature to ‘Last X patrons’

    Sponsored by ByWater Solutions

  • 26916 Show searchable patron attributes in patron search dropdown
  • 32910 Upgrade fontawesome icons to V6
  • 33169 Improve vue breadcrumbs and left-hand menu
  • 33988 Font awesome fa-gears on staff main page look wrong after upgrade to FA6
  • 34055 Add API client class to get items

    Sponsored by Bibliothèque Universitaire des Langues et Civilisations (BULAC)

  • 34135 Show the icons for selected tab to the left of the search bar in the staff interface
  • 34188 Require library selection when logging in

    When the new system preference ForceLibrarySelection is activated, staff users will have to choose a library when logging into the staff interface.

  • 34227 Add persistent selections and batch operations to item search
  • 34660 Make the Deliveries table on housebound.tt a dataTable for easier sorting
  • 34721 Change facet description for Limit to available items to accurately reflect what it does
  • 34873 “Sending your cart/list” headings are inconsistent
  • 35037 Revise the appearance of the last patron button
  • 35059 Display item’s shelving location on the items tab
  • 35119 Make bibliographic encoding errors more prominent and match current styling

System Administration


  • 27424 One should be able to assign an SMTP server as the default

    We have been able to define SMTP servers in the staff interface for a while now. But to utilize them you had to set the SMTP server for each library individually. With this you can now chose to apply an SMTP server as default to all your libraries.

  • 29822 Use table column selection modal for DefaultPatronSearchFields preference
    This enhancement changes the DefaultPatronSearchFields system preference from an input field where field values separated by a comma are entered, to a modal window listing all patron fields (non-selectable fields are greyed out).

    This makes it much easier to set the standard fields for patron search, and helps avoid breaking the patron search when incorrect field values are entered.

  • 31731 Offer user a dropdown of authorized values instead of a text field in preferences
  • 31832 Add reference for EnableItemGroups to EnableItemGroupHolds system preference
  • 33390 Expand links to authorized values interface when an authval is mentioned in preferences
  • 33828 ExportCircHistory description is misleading
  • 34240 Add hint about having to use Koha-to-MARC mappings for Koha link in frameworks
  • 34807 Move EnableItemGroups in cataloging preferences
    The EnableItemGroups system preference is now under Cataloging preferences > Record structure.



  • 26053 Add styling to show expired patron restrictions as inactive

    This enhancement highlights that a patron restriction is expired in the patron restriction table (Patrons > ([patron] > Check out or Details tab > Restrictions):
    – adds the text “(expired)” after the expiration date, and
    – changes the text color for the line to a light gray.

  • 33029 Add wrapper method for dt_from_string to KohaDates template toolkit plugin
  • 33242 Allow passing things like add_days => 3 to KohaDates filter
  • 33426 Add client storage of user-selected DataTables configuration to suggestion.tt
    This allows Koha to remember the changes that a user has made to the columns settings on the Purchase Suggestions Management page, so that the columns settings and sorts are kept when reloading the page.
  • 33524 Use template wrapper for tabs: Authority editor
  • 33525 Use template wrapper for tabs: Basic MARC editor
  • 33804 Implement as_due_date for $date (js-date-format)
  • 33908 Improve translation of title tags: Acquisitions
  • 33909 Improve translation of title tags: Administration
  • 33910 Improve translation of title tags: Authorities
  • 33911 Improve translation of title tags: Catalog, basket, and lists
  • 33912 Improve translation of title tags: Cataloging
  • 33913 Improve translation of title tags: Circulation, holds, and ILL
  • 33914 Improve translation of title tags: Course reserves
  • 33915 Improve translation of title tags: Installer and onboarding
  • 33916 Improve translation of title tags: Labels
  • 33917 Improve translation of title tags: Offline circulation and patron lists
  • 33918 Improve translation of title tags: Patron card creator
  • 33919 Improve translation of title tags: Patron clubs
  • 33920 Improve translation of title tags: Patrons
  • 33921 Improve translation of title tags: Plugins and Point of sale
  • 33922 Improve translation of title tags: Recalls
  • 33923 Improve translation of title tags: Reports
  • 33924 Improve translation of title tags: Rotating collections
  • 33927 Improve translation of title tags: Tools
  • 33928 Improve translation of title tags: Various
  • 33983 Move translatable strings out of OPAC’s datatables.inc into JavaScript
  • 34026 Move translatable cover-handling strings out of opac-bottom.inc
  • 34031 Move various translatable strings out of opac-bottom.inc
  • 34034 Move translatable strings out of opac-bottom.inc: OverDrive and OpenLibrary
  • 34035 Move translatable strings out of opac-bottom.inc: Tags
  • 34043 Improve translation of CSV header templates
  • 34114 Replace the use of jQueryUI sortable
  • 34124 Improve in-page navigation on table settings page
  • 34196 UI adjustment to filters on funds administration page
  • 34197 Group and label vendor contact settings
  • 34226 Format dates from DT filters before querying the REST API
  • 34270 Upgrade and prune jQueryUI assets in the staff interface
  • 34323 Enhance header search icon for more options
  • 34344 Make item types breadcrumbs uniform
  • 34345 ‘Circulation and fine rules’ vs ‘Circulation and fines rules’
  • 34373 Improve layout of curbside pickups items ready list
  • 34383 Inconsistencies in Patron attributes page titles, breadcrumbs, and header
  • 34390 Inconsistencies in Credit types page titles, breadcrumbs, and header
    This fixes a couple of inconsistencies in the credit types administration page, making sure the page title, breadcrumb navigation, and page headers are consistent with each other.
  • 34392 Run automated Stylelint fixes on staff CSS
  • 34395 Inconsistencies in Authority types page titles, breadcrumbs, and header
  • 34422 Reindent facets.inc
  • 34446 Typo: Can be guarantee
  • 34453 Update background of quick spine label pop-up
  • 34519 Add a template plugin for ExtendedAttributeTypes to fetch searchable patron attributes
  • 34553 Update send list and send cart popup footers
  • 34562 Update more pop-up windows with consistent footer markup
  • 34566 Update MARC21 cataloging plugins with consistent footers
  • 34619 Show debug mode column in list of SMTP servers
  • 34630 Update MARC21 cataloging plugin templates with consistent body class
  • 34661 Update UNIMARC cataloging plugins with consistent footers
  • 34679 Description for RELTERMS authorized value category is wrong
    This patch changes the description of the RELTERMS authorized value category to “List of relator codes and terms”.
  • 34769 Improve translation of title tags: Patron lists
  • 34773 Improve translation of title tags: Cataloging tools
  • 34796 Improve translation of title tags: Tools – Additional tools
  • 34802 Improve translation of title tags: Tags and comments
  • 34824 Add colon after “Title” in new acquisition order details
  • 34831 Add input types “tel”, “email” and “url” to vendor edit form
  • 34940 Highlight logged-in library in facets
    Like in patron searches, records search now uses class ‘currentlibrary’ to highlight logged-in library in facets.
  • 35206 Adjust style of add button on curbside pickups administration

Test Suite


  • 33833 Remove Test::DBIx::Class from t/SocialData.t
  • 33869 Move Matcher.t to db_dependent
  • 33870 Remove T::D::C from Sitemapper.t
  • 34319 Upgrade Cypress
  • 34690 Cypress – Fix random failure in Dialog_spec.ts



  • 21083 Batch patron modification does not allow to modify repeatable patron attributes
  • 24480 Fields added with MARC modifications templates are not added in an ordered way
  • 25079 Show club enrollment question answers in staff interface
  • 26978 Add item type criteria to batch extend due date tool
  • 29181 Allow patron card creator to use a report to get list of borrowers
  • 29811 misc/export_records.pl add possibility to export with timestamp option on authority record type
  • 34820 Improve inventory tool message for items with non-matching notforloan values

    This fixes the inventory tool to clarify the message for items with non-matching not for loan values in the inventory results ‘Problems’ column.

    – Adds a hint on the inventory tool page under ‘Optional filters for inventory list or comparing barcodes’ section.
    – Clarifies the message in the ‘Problems’ column: from ‘Unknown not-for-loan status’ to ‘Items has no not for loan status’.

    If one or more not for loan values (Optional filters for inventory list or comparing barcodes > items.notforloan) are selected, and an item is scanned that has no NFL status or an unselected NFL status, the error message was “Unknown not-for-loan status”. This could be interpreted as the item having an NFL status value that is not defined in the system, but that is not accurate. This is now clarified and the error message is now “Items has no not for loan status”.

  • 34964 Add descriptions for different HTML customization regions
  • 34977 Allow to delete multiple patron lists at once
    This enhancement enables selecting and deleting multiple patron lists at once, instead of having to delete patron lists one at a time.

Web services


  • 21284 ILS-DI: Allow GetPatronInfo to tell if a checked out item is on hold for someone else

    This enhancement adds two new entries in the loans section of a GetPatronInfo response:

    • item_on_hold: number of holds on this specific item
    • record_on_hold: number of holds on the record

    This allows an ILS-DI client to know if a loaned item is already on hold by someone else, and how many holds there are.

  • 35008 ILS-DI should not ask for login with OpacPublic disabled

    Sponsored by Auckland University of Technology


This list includes all bugfixes since the previous major version. Most of them
have already been fixed in maintenance releases

Security bugs

  • 22990 Add CSRF protection to boraccount, pay, suggestions and virtualshelves on staff (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 30524 Add base framework for dealing with CSRF in Koha (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08,22.05.15, 21.11.25)
  • 33881 SCO/SCI user leaving the module doesn’t clear session (ie JWT) (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.09)
  • 34023 HTML injection in “back to results” link from search page (23.11.00,23.05.02)
  • 34287 Patron’s should not be able to ask for checkoutability for different patrons (23.11.00)
  • 34349 Validate inputs for task scheduler
  • 34368 Add CSRF protection to Content Management pages (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34369 Add CSRF protection to system preferences
  • 34513 Authenticated users can bypass permissions and view some privileged pages (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10,22.05.16)
  • 34761 Stored/reflected XSS with searches and saved search filters (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 35290 SQL Injection vulnerability in ysearch.pl (23.11.00)
  • 35291 File Upload vulnerability in upload-cover-image.pl (23.11.00)

Critical bugs fixed

  • 33885 Get HTTP 500 when retrieving orders created by a non-existent (deleted) user (23.11.00,23.05.01)

    This fixes an issue that prevents the receiving of items where the user who created the order has been deleted. When clicking on ‘Receive’ for an item, this error was displayed:
    “Something went wrong when loading the table.
    500: Internal Server Error.”

  • 33993 The GET orders endpoint needs to allow users with order_receive permission (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34022 Adding items on receive is broken (23.11.00,23.05.01)
  • 34080 Updating suggestion status can result in 500 error (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34109 When adding items on receive, mandatory fields are not checked (23.11.00,23.05.04)
  • 34469 Modifying an order line of a standing order will delete linked invoice ID (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 34509 Cannot create baskets if too many vendors (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34645 Add missing fields to MarcItemFieldsToOrder system preference (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34736 Item checkboxes move to wrong order line in multi-receive, breaking partial receive (23.11.00,23.05.04)
  • 34880 Receive impossible if items created ‘in cataloguing’ (23.11.00,23.05.04)
  • 35004 Cannot receive order lines with items created in cataloguing (23.11.00,23.05.06)
  • 35254 Adding files to basket from a staged file uses wrong inputs for order information when not all records are selected (23.11.00,23.05.06)
  • 35273 When editing items on receive, aqorders_items is not updated correctly (23.11.00,23.05.06)
  • 32305 Background worker doesn’t check job status when received from rabbitmq (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 32894 Objects cache methods’ result without invalidation (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33270 OAI-PMH should not die on record errors (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33934 ‘No encryption_key in koha-conf.xml’ needs more detail (23.11.00,23.05.01,22.11.07)
    This fixes an issue that can cause upgrades to Koha 23.05 to fail with an error message that includes ‘No encryption_key in koha-conf.xml’. It also requires the configuration entry in the instance koha-conf.xml to be something other than ENCRYPTION_KEY.
    It is recommended that the key is generated using pwgen 32
  • 34193 Default HTTPS template has outdated SSLProtocol value (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 34204 Koha user needs to be able to login (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 34494 Table tmp_holdsqueue fails to be created for MySQL 8 (23.11.00)
  • 34720 UpdateNotForLoanStatusOnCheckin should be named UpdateNotForLoanStatusOnCheckout (23.11.00,23.05.04)
  • 34731 C4::Letters::SendQueuedMessages can be triggered with an undef message_id (23.11.00,23.05.04)
    This fixes an issue where generating a notice that is undefined (for example, where it is empty) will trigger the sending of any pending messages, even though the message queue cronjob isn’t run. This can cause an issue for libraries that expect emails and SMS messages to be processed at specific times.
  • 34959 Translator tool generates too many changes (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12,22.05.17,21.11.26)
  • 35014 Times should only be set for enable-time flatpickrs (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 35111 Background jobs worker crashes on SIGPIPE when database connection lost in Ubuntu 22.04 (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 35136 Error during database update after Bug 31383 (23.11.00)
  • 35194 Javascript error: Uncaught TypeError: $(…).sortable is not a function (23.11.00)
  • 35199 Fix error handling in http-client.js (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 35304 Add new Sortable library to didyoumean configuration (23.11.00)
  • 33880 “Enable two-factor authentication” fails if patron’s library branchname is too long (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33904 2FA registration fails if library name has non-latin characters (23.11.00,23.05.01,22.11.08)
  • 34028 Two factor authentication (2FA) shows the wrong values for manual entry (23.11.00,23.05.01,22.11.09)
    This fixes the details displayed for manually entering two-factor authentication (2FA) details into a 2FA application (when enabling 2FA). Currently, the wrong information is displayed – so you can’t successfully add the account manually to your 2FA application.
  • 34163 CSRF error if try OAuth2/OIDC after logout (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 35231 Cannot logout from OPAC and not login afterwards (23.11.00)
  • 34014 There is no way to fix records with broken MARCXML (23.11.00,23.05.05)
  • 34146 Add confirmation question when more than 99 items are to be added (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34218 XSLT parse on record directly breaks OPAC display (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34993 Framework doesn’t load defaults in existing records or duplicate as new (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 35181 Can no longer edit sample records with advanced cataloguing editor (23.11.00,23.05.06)
  • 17798 Checking out an item on hold for another patron prints a slip but does not update hold (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 27249 Using the calendar to ‘close’ a library can create an infinite loop during renewals (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 33888 Overdues with fines report displays error 500 (23.11.00,23.05.01,22.11.08)
    This fixes the ‘Circulation > Overdues > Overdues with fines’ listing so that it lists overdue items where there are fines, instead of generating an error.
  • 34279 overduefinescap of 0 is ignored, but overduefinescap of 0.00 is enforced (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09,22.05.16)
  • 34601 Cannot manage suggestions without CSRF error (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10,22.05.16)
  • 35295 No hold modal when checking in an item of a held record (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 34764 sip_cli_emulator -fa/–fee_acknowledge does not act as expected (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 33606 Access to ERM requires parameters => ‘manage_sysprefs’ (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 35115 ERM – Potential MARC data loss when importing titles from list (23.11.00)
  • 32271 Overdue fines cap (amount) set to 0.00 when editing rule (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 33028 Wrongly formatted monetary amounts in circulation rules break scripts and calculations (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 34620 Writeoff causes 500 error if RequirePaymentType is on (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
    This fixes writing off a charge when the RequirePaymentType system preference is set to required. The write-off now completes successfully without generating an error page (Patrons > [patron account] > Accounting > Make a payment > Write off an individual charge).
  • 35015 Regression: Charges table no longer filters out paid transactions (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34178 Add caching of ItemsAnyAvailableAndNotRestricted to IsAvailableForItemLevelRequest (23.11.00,23.05.02)
  • 34233 Pickup location pulldowns when placing holds in staff are blank (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34609 Holds history errors 500 if old_reserves.biblionumber is NULL (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34666 Findgroupreserve is not returning title level matches from the queue for holds with no item group (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 35306 Expired holds are not displayed correctly in staff interface (23.11.00)
  • 35258 Updating po files locally fails (23.11.00)
  • 21983 Better handling of deleted biblios on ILL requests (23.11.00,23.05.01,22.11.07)
  • 33786 ILL requests table pagination in patron ILL history is transposing for different patrons (23.11.00,23.05.01,22.11.07)
  • 33873 ILL requests with linked biblioid that no longer exists causes table to not render (23.11.00,23.05.01,22.11.07)
  • 34130 ILL requests table won’t load if request_placed date is null (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34598 Error 500 is shown when ILL request is not found (23.11.00)
  • 35093 ILL table is broken (23.11.00)
  • 35094 ILL new request is broken (23.11.00)
  • 35096 ILL request manage page explodes if it belongs to a batch (23.11.00)
  • 35105 ILL – Saving ‘Edit request’ form with invalid Patron ID causes ILL table to not render (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 34276 upgrading 23.05 to 23.05.002 (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34881 Database update for bug 28854 isn’t fully idempotent (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 33671 Database update breaks update process (23.11.00,23.05.02,23.05.00,22.11.08,22.11.06)
  • 34337 Web installer doesn’t install patrons when select all is used (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.09)
  • 34520 Database update breaks update process (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 33404 Authorities imported from Z39.50 in encodings other than UTF-8 are corrupted (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08,22.05.17)
  • 34093 jQuery not loading on OAI XSLT pages (23.11.00,23.05.01)
  • 34155 OPAC item level holds “force” option broken (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 34174 Saving RIS results to Error 505 (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34518 “Renew all” button doesn’t work in OPAC (23.11.00,23.05.04)
  • 34694 OPAC bib record blows up with error 500 (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 34768 Can’t pay fines on OPAC if patron has a guarantee and they can see their fines (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 34836 OPAC ISBD or MARC view blows up with error 500 (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
    This fixes an error that occurs when viewing the MARC and ISBD views of a record in the OPAC (when not logged in) – the detail pages cannot be viewed and there is an error trace displayed.
  • 35242 Force memcache restart after koha upgrade (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 34106 Patron search in member-search-box.inc always defaults to ‘Starts with’ search (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 35335 Circulation history tab in patron information causes 500 error (23.11.00)
  • 35366 Circulation history of patron is only visible when there is a current checkout (23.11.00)
  • 29523 Add a way to prevent embedding objects that should not be allowed (23.11.00)
  • 32801 /checkouts?checked_in=1 errors when itemnumber is null (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34024 REST API should not allow changing the pickup location on found holds (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 35167 GET /items* broken if notforloan == 0 and itemtype.notforloan == NULL (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 35218 No tests for /erm/sushi_service (23.11.00)
  • 35219 ERM usage endpoints not showing up in documentation (23.11.00)
  • 33966 “Update and run SQL” for non-English templates (23.11.00,23.05.01)
  • 34258 Cannot renew item via SIP2 (23.11.00,23.05.03)
  • 34767 SIP2 fee acknowledgement flag on renewals is passed, but not used (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 34857 OPAC advanced search operator “not” is searching as “and” on chrome (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
    This fixes a regression (from bug 33233) when using a Chrome-based browser with AND, OR, and NOT in OPAC > Advanced search > More options. Using these operators with keywords should now work as expected.
  • 30451 Delete a subscription deletes the linked order (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
    When an order had been created using the ‘from a subscription’ option and the subscription was deleted, the order line would be deleted with it, independent of its status or age. This caused problems with funds and budgets. With this patch, we will unlink order line and subscription on delete, but the order line will remain.
  • 35073 Serials batch edit deletes unchanged additional fields data (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 34639 Item shown in transit on detail.pl even if marked as arrived or cancelled (23.11.00,23.05.04)
  • 35284 No more delay between 2 DT requests (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 35303 Staff interface header – patron search autocomplete no longer works (Uncaught TypeError: search_fields.forEach is not a function) (23.11.00)
  • 34269 Regression in circulation rules for ‘similar’ patron categories (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 34622 SMTP server edit page unsets is_default if editing default server (23.11.00,23.05.04)
  • 35263 Cannot update patron categories (23.11.00)
  • 34042 Item search broken by FontAwesome upgrade (23.11.00)
  • 35110 Authorities editor with JS error when only one tab (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 34911 Test suite no longer run test critic (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 35201 Cypress tests for the Preservation module are failing (23.11.00)
  • 34181 Batch patron modification tool missing checkboxes to clear field values (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.09)
  • 34288 Cannot use cataloguing tools without cataloguing permissions (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34617 Patron expiration dates not updated during import when there is no dateexpiry column in the file (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34818 Cannot perform batch patron modification without selecting a patron attribute (23.11.00)
    This fixes an issue with batch patron modifications that was introduced by bug 21083 – you can now successfully perform a batch update without needing to select patron attributes. Previously, if you submitted a batch of patrons for modification, you needed to select a patron attribute or the process will fail with an error trace.

Other bugs fixed

  • 33877 Fix teams.yaml (23.11.00,23.05.00,22.11.07)
  • 33899 Release team 23.11 (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34424 Update release team on about page for new QA team member (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 34800 Update contributor openhub links (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 35033 Add a validation for biblioitems in about/system information (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 35365 Incorrectly closed tag on patron search page (23.11.00)
  • 22712 Funds from inactive budgets appear on Item details if using MarcItemFieldstoOrder (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 26994 Display list of names in alphabetical order when using the Suggestion information filter in Suggestions management (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 32676 EDI message status uses varying case, breaking EDI status block (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 33748 UI issue on addorderiso2709.pl page (23.11.00,23.05.01,22.11.07)
  • 33798 Vendor details – improve consistency of edit forms and display (23.11.00,23.05.02)

    This fixes display errors and improves the consistency of the vendor page and edit forms in acquisitions. Includes adding colons to field labels when adding an interface, making field labels all bold, and addressing some accessibility issues.

  • 33863 On receive “change currency” is always checked (23.11.00,23.05.02)
  • 33939 JavaScript needs to distinguish between order budgets and default budgets when adding to staged file form a basket (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08,22.05.16)
  • 34002 Check for stage_marc_import permission when adding to basket from a new file (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34036 Single receive doesn’t reload data and order lines don’t appear in received section (23.11.00,23.05.04)

    Sponsored by Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology

  • 34095 Shipping cost should default to a blank box instead of 0.00 (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34108 When items are added on order, item selection gets lost on editing items (23.11.00,23.05.03)
  • 34261 Deleting an EDIFACT ordering account throws an error (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34305 If actual cost is negative, wrong price will display in the acq details tab (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 34375 Shipping fund in an invoice defaults to the first fund from the list rather than ‘no fund’ after receiving (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 34445 Default budget is not selected in addorderiso2709.pl (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34452 Button ‘Update adjustments’ is hidden (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 34752 Use AV descriptions in display for sort1/sort2 in basket display (23.11.00)
  • 34917 Fix suggestions.tt table default sort column (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 35012 Framework item plugins fire twice on Acquisition item blocks (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 18855 Fines cronjob can cause duplicate fines if run during active circulation (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 21828 Improve efficiency of C4::Biblio::LinkBibHeadingsToAuthorities (23.11.00,23.05.04)
  • 23241 Does misc/bin/koha-index-daemon-ctl.sh still belong in community koha? (23.11.00)

    This script was never fully promoted or documented. It also required third party libraries to be installed. If you have been using this, please consider switching to the standard koha-indexer scripts.

  • 24517 Zebra: date-entered-on-file misses 6th position (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
    This patch fixes the date-entered-on-file index so that it correctly uses all 6 characters instead of the 5 character it has used the last 11 years.

    Note: For this patch to have effect, Zebra must be re-indexed.

  • 26700 Remove unused C4/SIP/t directory (23.11.00,23.05.02)
  • 30002 Add project-level perltidyrc (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 30362 GetSoonestRenewDate is technically wrong when NoRenewalBeforePrecision set to date soonest renewal is today (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 30649 Vendor EDI account passwords should be encrypted in the database (23.05.00,22.11.08,22.11.07)
  • 32060 Improve performance of Koha::Item->columns_to_str (23.11.00,23.05.01,22.11.07)

    Sponsored by Gothenburg University Library

  • 32379 CRASH: Can’t call method “itemlost” on an undefined value (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 32464 Koha::Item->as_marc_field obsolete option mss (23.11.00,23.05.01,22.11.07)
  • 33030 Add standardized subroutine for processing Template Toolkit syntax outside of notices (23.11.00)
  • 33047 Local cover image fetchers return 500 internal error when image not available (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33493 Add a filter relationship for branchtransfers (23.11.00,23.05.02)
  • 33496 Add ‘host_items’ param to Koha::Biblio->items (23.11.00,23.05.02)
  • 33500 Failing test for t/db_dependent/Circulation.t when RecordLocalUseOnReturn is set to record (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33778 Move t/Auth_with_shibboleth.t to db_dependent (23.11.00,23.05.02)
  • 33803 Some scripts contain info about tab width (23.11.00,23.05.01,22.11.07)
  • 33844 item->is_denied_renewal should check column from associated pref (23.11.00,23.05.01,22.11.08)
  • 33937 Incorrect export in C4::Members (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33950 Unnecessary processing in opac-readingrec if BakerTaylor and Syndetics off (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33951 normalized_oclc not defined in opac-readingrecord.tt (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33964 Use Email::Sender::Transport::SMTP::Persistent for sending email (23.11.00,23.05.03)
  • 33967 REMOTE_ADDR incorrect in plack.log when run behind a proxy (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34033 DB update problems from bug 30649 (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34051 Koha::AuthorisedValues->get_description_by_koha_field not caching results for non-existent values (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34056 authorised-values API client file is missing -api-client suffix (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)

    Sponsored by Bibliothèque Universitaire des Langues et Civilisations (BULAC)

  • 34243 Too many cities are created (at least in comments) (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.,22.05.16)
  • 34271 Remove a few Logger statements from REST API (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 34303 t/00-testcritic.t should only test files part of git repo (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08,22.05.16)
  • 34316 account->add_credit does not rethrow exception (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09,22.05.16)
  • 34354 Job progress typo (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 34357 Subroutine Koha::ItemType::SUPER::imageurl redefined (23.11.00)
  • 34359 Get rid of Koha/BiblioUtils/Iterator (23.11.00)
  • 34364 Background job – Fix visual progress of progress bar (23.11.00,23.05.03)
  • 34470 Real Time Holds Queue – make random numbers play nice with forked processes (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 34570 Remove use of onclick for PopupMARCFieldDoc() (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34571 Remove use of onclick for ExpandField (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34589 Update on bug 20256 is not idempotent (23.11.00,23.05.04)
  • 34656 CartToShelf should not trigger RealTimeHoldsQueue (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 34786 after_biblio_action hooks: find after delete makes no sense (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 34844 manage_item_editor_templates is missing from userpermissions.sql (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 34885 Improve confusing pref description for OPACHoldsIfAvailableAtPickup (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34912 Account(s).t tests fail in UTC+1 and higher (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34916 ArticleRequests.t may fail on wrong borrowernumber (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34918 Koha/Items.t crashes on missing borrower 42 or 51 (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34930 Fix timezone problem in Koha/Object.t (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34932 A missing manager (51) failed my patron test (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34982 Administration currencies table not showing pagination (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34990 Backgroundjob->enqueue does not send persistent header (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 35000 OPACMandatoryHoldDates does not work well with flatpickr (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 35024 Do not wrap PO files (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12,22.05.17,21.11.26)
  • 35064 Syntax error in db_revs/220600072.pl (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 35173 Call concat correctly for EDI SFTP Transport errors (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 35190 Additional_fields table should allow null values for authorised_value_category (23.11.00,23.05.06)
  • 35196 Remove misc/perlmodule_[ls|rm].pl (23.11.00)
  • 35269 Koha::Item->update_item_location should be named trigger_location_update (23.11.00)
  • 35278 CGI::param called in list context from /usr/share/koha/admin/columns_settings.pl line 76 (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 35298 Flatpickr makes focus handler in dateaccessioned plugin useless (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 31393 Koha::Config->read_from_file incorrectly parses elements with 1 attribute named” content” (Shibboleth config) (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 31651 Log message incorrect in Auth_with_shibboleth.pm (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33879 check_cookie_auth overwrites interface set by get_template_and_user (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)

    This fixes an issue with recording the interface for the log viewer where installations run the OPAC and staff interface on the same domain name. Before this patch, if a user logged into the OPAC and then went to the staff interface and performed a logable action (such as a checkout), the interface in the log was incorrectly recorded as the OPAC.

  • 31185 Link authorities automatically doesn’t detect duplicate authorities (23.11.00,23.05.02)
  • 32853 Fix cataloguing/value_builder/unimarc_field_125.pl (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 32856 Fix cataloguing/value_builder/unimarc_field_126.pl (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 33247 Deleted authority still on results list (23.11.00,23.05.01,22.11.07)
  • 33744 Plugins not working on duplicated MARC fields (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 33755 Profile used is not saved when importing records (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 33884 Remove unused Koha::RDF code (23.11.00)
  • 34029 Import breaks when data exceeds size of mapped database columns (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34097 Using the three ellipses to set the date accessioned for an item repositions the screen to the top (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08,22.05.16)
  • 34171 item_barcode_transform does not work when moving items (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 34182 AddBiblio shouldn’t set biblio.serial based on biblio.seriestitle (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08,22.05.16)
  • 34251 MARC editor with JS error when using fast add framework (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34266 Item type should not default to biblio itemtype if it’s not a valid itemtype (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34549 The cataloguing editor allows you to input invalid data (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
    This fixes entering data when cataloguing so that non-XML characters are removed. Non-XML characters (such as ESC) were causing adding and editing data to fail, with errors similar to:
    Error: invalid data, cannot decode metadata object
    parser error : PCDATA invalid Char value 27
  • 34689 Add and duplicate item – Error 500 (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34794 Typo in recalls_to_pull.tt (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34966 Terminology: Add item form – “Add & duplicate” should be “Add and duplicate” (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
    This updates the add item form in the staff interface to
    change the ‘Add & duplicate’ button to ‘Add and duplicate’. (As per the terminology guidelines https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Terminology)
  • 35101 Clicking the barcode.pl plugin causes screen to jump back to top (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 35245 Incorrect select2 width when cataloging authorities (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 25023 Claims returned dates not formatted according to dateformat preference (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 27992 When recording local use with statistical patron items are not checked in (23.11.00,23.05.06)
  • 29007 Prompt for reason when cancelling waiting hold via popup (23.11.00,23.05.06)
    This adds the option to record the hold cancellation reason on the check in form for waiting holds (similar to when cancelling holds from the record details’ holds page).
  • 31082 Add tooltip to buttons when item bundles cannot be changed while checked out (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 31147 Recalls due date to the minute rather than 23:59 (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)

    The current recalls behaviour adjusts the due date of the most appropriate checkout based on the ‘recall due date interval’ circulation rule. It also adjusts the due time, which is buggy behaviour. The due date should be adjusted based on the circulation rule, but the due time should remain the same.

    Sponsored by Catalyst

  • 32765 Transfer is not retried after cancelling hold (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 33164 Return claim message shows intermittently when BlockReturnOfLostItems enabled (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)

    Sponsored by Pymble Ladies’ College

  • 33806 Overridden checkin date not retained when CircConfirmItemParts enabled (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33817 Composition of an item bundle can be changed if checked out (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33858 Date for pending offline circulation is unformatted (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33944 When listing checkouts, don’t fetch item object if not using recalls (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33961 In-built Offline circulation tool no longer working and should be removed (23.11.00,23.05.02)

    This removed the in-built Koha offline circulation tool that could be activated using the AllowOfflineCirculation system preference. This won’t have any effect on the KOCT Firefox plugin or on the Windows desktop offline circulation tool.

  • 33976 Claims returned option is not disabled in moredetail.pl if the item has a different lost status (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33992 Only consider the date when labelling a waiting recall as problematic (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09,22.05.16)

    Sponsored by Auckland University of Technology

  • 34071 Change the phrasing of ‘automatic checkin’ to fit consistent terminology (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34072 Holds queue search interface hidden on small screens (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34086 On detail.tt if item.permanent_location is NULL no shelving location will show (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34232 Item groups dropdown on add item form does not respect display order (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34257 Library limitations for item types not respected when batch modding items (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34289 UI issue on checkin page when checking the forgive fines checkbox (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 34302 Checkin and renewal error messages disappear immediately in checkouts table (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 34341 Revert Bug 34072: Holds queue search interface hidden on small screens (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34572 Simplify template logic around check-in input form (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34634 Expiration date does not display on reserve/request.pl if date is today or in the past (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34704 Print templates are formatted incorrectly (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)

    The patch removes the automated additional of html linebreak markup to print notices when using –html.

    If you are using this flag with gather_print_notices.pl you may need to revisit your notice templates to ensure they are properly marked up as expected for html notices. If you are using non-html notices then they should remain as before.

  • 34722 All items display as recalled when an item-level recall is made (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)

    Sponsored by Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology

  • 34910 Do not allow checkout for anonymous patron (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 35188 force_checkout permission can override all blocks on a patron account but only shows when they are restricted (23.11.00)
  • 35251 Issue table does not recalculate number of checkouts after a check in (23.11.00)

    This fixes the number of checkouts shown on a patron’s check-in and details page. Previously, if items were checked-in from either of these tabs, the number of checkouts was not updated.

  • 31964 Missing manpage for koha-z3950-responder (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
    This adds a man page for the koha-z3950-responder command-line utility, documenting all available options and parameters that can be used when running this command.
  • 34505 Patron invalid age in search_for_data_inconsistencies.pl should skip expired patrons (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34569 misc/cronjobs/holds/holds_reminder.pl problem with trigger arg (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34653 Make koha-foreach return the correct status code (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 35141 Prevent link_bibs_to_authorities from dying on search error (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 35171 runreport.pl cronjob should optionally send an email when the report has no results (23.11.00,23.05.06)
    This enhancement adds a new ‘send_empty’ option to runreport.pl. Currently, if there are no results for a report, then no email is sent. This option lets libraries know that a report was run overnight and that it had no results. Example: perl misc/cronjobs/runreport.pl 1 –send_empty –email
  • 33790 Fix and add various links to the manual (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33941 EBSCO Packages filter failing (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33973 Sorting broken on ERM tables (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34107 Sorting agreements by Name actually sorts by ID (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34201 Missing sorting indicator on the ERM tables (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34214 Toolbar component should make the icon configurable (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)

    Sponsored by Bibliothèque Universitaire des Langues et Civilisations (BULAC)

  • 34219 getAll not allowing additional parameters (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34447 “Actions” columns are exported (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)

    Sponsored by Bibliothèque Universitaire des Langues et Civilisations (BULAC)

  • 34465 “Actions” columns are sortable (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34466 “Clear filter” always disabled (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34735 Current/disabled links in breadcrumbs are styled differently when in ERM module (23.11.00)
  • 34789 Fix typo in erm_eholdings_titles (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 34804 Translation fixes – ERM (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 35229 Fix and add further cypress tests for Usage reporting (23.11.00)
  • 35418 SUSHI harvest hangs (23.11.00)
  • 33789 Checkout information is missing when adding a credit (23.11.00,23.05.01)
  • 34331 Point of sale transaction history is showing the wrong register information (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34332 Syntax error in point of sale email template (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 34340 Point of sale email template is showing 0.00 in the tendered field (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 28966 Holds queue viewer too slow to load for large numbers of holds (23.11.00)
  • 30846 “If any unavailable” doesn’t consider negative notforloan values as unavailable (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 30860 Performance: Add option for CanBookBeReserved to return all item values (23.11.00,23.05.02)
  • 33074 ReservesControlBranch not taken into account in opac-reserve.pl (23.11.00,23.05.05)
  • 33573 Add public endpoint for cancelling holds (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34137 Requested cancellation date column missing from holds awaiting pickup table config (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34320 Hold reordering arrows look broken after Font Awesome upgrade (23.11.00)
  • 34678 Concurrent changes to the holds can fail due to primary key constraints (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 34901 Item-level holds can show inaccurate transit status on the patron details page (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 35003 Holds with cancellation requests table on waitingreserves.tt does not filter by branch (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 35069 Items needed column on circ/reserveratios.pl does not sort properly (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 3007 Remove untranslated unimarc_field_700-4 value builder (23.11.00)
  • 32312 Complete database column descriptions for circulation module in guided reports (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)

    This adds and clarifies database column descriptions shown for the statistics table when creating a guided report for the circulation module. Previously, some columns didn’t have a description or were ambiguous.

  • 34079 The phrase “Displaying [all|approved|pending|rejected] terms” was separated (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34081 Contextualization of “Approved” (one term) vs “Approved” (more than one term), and other tag statuses (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34310 Input prompt in datatables column search boxes untranslatable (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34334 ‘Item(s)’ in MARC detail view untranslatable (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 34801 Fix incorrect use of () in .tt and .inc files (bug 34038 follow-up) (23.11.00,23.05.05)
  • 34833 “order number” untranslatable when editing estimated delivery date (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34870 Unrecognized special characters when writing off an invoice with a note (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
    This fixes the display of UTF-8 characters for write off notes under a patron’s accounting section. Previously, if you added a note when writing off multiple charges ([Patron] > Accounting > Make a payment > Payment note column > + Add note), a note with special characters (for example, éçö) did not display correctly.
  • 35081 “Your concern was sucessfully submitted.” untranslatable (23.11.00,23.05.05)
  • 35374 Translations contain config from ERM/data providers (23.11.00)
  • 35377 Terminology: Callnumber shoudl be call number (23.11.00)
  • 22440 Improve ILL page performance by moving to server side filtering (23.05.00,22.11.06)
  • 34058 ILL – Left filters not considering all terms in input (23.11.00)
  • 34133 ILL table should be sorted by request id descending by default (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 34223 ILL status filter does not load immediately after selecting a backend filter (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34351 ILL list table – accessurl column content should be clickable (23.11.00)
  • 34905 ILL – “Place request with partners” icon is gone (23.11.00)
  • 35098 ILL batch is not displayed in ILL table (23.11.00)
  • 34684 220600007.pl is failing if run twice (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34685 updatedatabase.pl does not propagate the error code (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 35180 Fix typo in deletedbiblioitems.publishercode comment in kohastructure.sql (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 33581 Error in web installer concerning sample holidays and patrons requiring sample libraries (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33935 Installer list deleted files which shows warning in the logs (23.11.00,23.05.01,22.11.07)
  • 34558 Update custom.sql for it-IT webinstaller (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34209 Follow up on Bug 28726 – move whole search header div into checkbox column condition (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34532 Silence warns in Patroncard.pm when layout values are empty (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 34592 The patron search window, given just a sort field value, doesn’t work (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 32402 “Modification date” missing from OPAC lists table (23.11.00,23.05.02)
    This enhancement adds the modification date column to the lists tables for the OPAC. This lets patrons know when the list was last updated.
  • 34650 Editing/deleting lists from toolbar on virtualshelves/shelves.pl causes CSRF error (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 30024 linkbibs_to_authorities.pl relies on CatalogModuleRelink (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 33978 Adding authority from automatic linker closes imported record (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 34180 Template variable in JavaScript triggers error when showing authority MARC preview (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 26862 MARC21 530 is missing from staff interface and has no label (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
    This fixes the display of the MARC21 530 tag and subfields so that it:
    – now displays in the staff interface (was missing)
    – improves the display of the values by adding
    . a description/label
    . separators between repeated 530 tags
    . missing spaces before $u and between repeated $u subfields
  • 31618 Typo in POD for C4::ImportBatch::RecordsFromMARCXMLFile (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33865 JS error when importing a staged MARC record file (23.11.00,23.05.01,22.11.07)
  • 35099 Cannot load records with invalid marcxml (23.11.00)
  • 33759 Typo: Thankyou (23.11.00,23.05.04)
  • 33900 advance_notices.pl cronjob hangs (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34059 advance_notices.pl -c –digest-per-branch does not work as intended (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 34583 Overdue notices: wrong encoding in e-mail in ‘print’ mode (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 35185 Remove is_html flag from sample notices for text notices (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 35186 Remove html tags from sample notices (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
    This removes unnecessary tags in two email notices:
    These notices are only updated in new installations, for existing installation manually change the notices.
  • 35187 Fix line breaks in some HTML notices, including WELCOME (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 27496 Accessibility: Navigation buttons are poorly described by screen readers (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 27634 Turn off patron self-registration if no default category is set (23.11.00)
    When there is no valid patron category defined in system preference PatronSelfRegistrationDefaultCategory the full feature is disabled.
  • 29578 Search term highlighting breaks with titles containing characters with Greek diacritics (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
    This fixes an issue with the term highlighter which is used during catalog searches in both the OPAC and the Staff interface. Under certain conditions (searching for titles containing characters with Greek diacritics), the jQuery term highlighter would break and in the process make the “Highlight” / “Unhighlight” button disappear altogether. UNIMARC instances were affected the most by this.
  • 32341 Some OPAC tables are not displayed well in mobile mode (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33697 Remove deprecated RecordedBooks (rbdigital) integration (23.11.00,23.05.01,22.11.07)
  • 33810 Accessibility: OPAC Advanced Search fields are not labelled (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 33813 Accessibility: Lists button is not clearly identified (23.11.00,23.05.01,22.11.07)
    This enhancement adds an aria-label to the Lists button in the OPAC masthead. It is currently not descriptive enough and doesn’t identify what is displayed when clicking the button.
  • 33848 Enabling Coce in the OPAC breaks cover images on bibliographic detail page (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09,22.05.17)
  • 33902 On opac-detail.tt the libraryInfoModal is outside of HTML tags (23.11.00,23.05.01,22.11.07)
    This moves the HTML for the pop-up window with the information for a library (where it exists) on the OPAC detail page inside the tag so that it validates correctly. There is no change to the appearance or behavior of the page.
  • 33933 Use restrictions appear twice for items on OPAC (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33957 normalized_oclc not defined in opac-user.tt (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34005 Toggling the search term highlighting is not always working in the bibliographic record details page (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34015 Terminology: Relative issues should be Relative’s checkouts (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34522 Suggestion for purchase displays wrong library in OPAC display if patron suggests for non-home library (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34584 Remove Twitter share button from the OPAC (23.11.00)
  • 34613 Remove onclick event attributes from Verovio midiplayer.js (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 34627 Fix CMS page HTML structure so that footer content is displayed correctly (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34641 Novelist content does not display on OPAC detail page if NovelistSelectView is set to below (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34711 Remove use of onclick for opac-privacy.pl (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 34723 opac-imageviewer.pl not showing thumbnails (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34724 Remove use of onclick for opac-imageviewer.pl (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 34725 Remove use of onclick for OPAC cart (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 34730 Add responsive behavior to more tables in the OPAC (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 34760 Prevent error when logging into OPAC after conducting a search (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)

    Sponsored by Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology

  • 34849 Use template wrapper for breadcrumbs: OPAC part 1 (23.11.00)
  • 34852 Use template wrapper for breadcrumbs: OPAC part 2 (23.11.00)
  • 34855 Use template wrapper for breadcrumbs: OPAC part 3 (23.11.00)
  • 34866 Use template wrapper for breadcrumbs: OPAC part 4 (23.11.00)
  • 34923 OPAC hold page flatpickr does not allow direct input of dates (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34934 Remove the use of event attributes from OPAC lists page (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34936 Remove the use of event attributes from OPAC detail page (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34944 Remove the use of event attributes from OPAC full serial issue page (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34945 Remove the use of event attributes from OPAC clubs tab (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34946 Remove the use of event attributes from self checkout and check-in (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 34961 RSS feed link in OPAC is missing sort parameter (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)

    This fixes two RSS links in the OPAC search results template so that they include the correct parameters, including the descending sort by acquisition date.

  • 34980 Remove the use of event attributes from title-actions-menu.inc in OPAC (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 35006 OPAC holdings table – sort for current library column doesn’t work (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
    This fixes the holdings table on the OPAC’s bibliographic detail
    page so that home and current library columns are sorted correctly by
    library name.
  • 35144 ‘Required’ mention for patron attributes is not red in OPAC (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 35266 opac-MARCdetail: Can’t call method “metadata” on an undefined value (23.11.00,23.05.06)
    This fixes the display of the MARC view page when a record does not exist – it now redirects to the 404 (page not found) page. Previously, it generated an error trace, where the normal and ISBD view pages redirected to the 404 (page not found) page.
  • 35280 OPAC patron entry form: Patron attributes “clear” link broken (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 33371 Add ‘koha-common.service’ systemd service (23.11.00,23.05.00,22.11.07)
  • 33720 updatedatabase.pl should purge memcached (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33117 Patron checkout search not working if searching with second surname (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.09,22.11.08)
  • 33176 Improve enforcing of RequirePaymentType (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33395 Patron search results shows only overdues if patron has overdues (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 33428 Should only search in searchable patron attributes if searching in standard fields (23.11.00)
  • 33820 Add hints to warn the librarian that they will be logged out if they change their username (23.11.00,23.05.02)
  • 33875 Missing closing tag a in API key management page (23.11.00,23.05.01,22.11.07)
  • 33882 member.tt Date of birth column makes it difficult to hide the age hint (23.11.00,23.05.01,22.11.07)
  • 33968 Two colons missing on guarantor labels in memberentry.pl form (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34083 Patron auto-complete fails if organization patron full name is in a single field separated by a space (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34092 patron-autocomplete.js and patron-search.inc search logic should match (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34117 Duplicate patron sets dateenrolled incorrectly (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 34256 Patron search: search for borrowernumber starts with fails (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34280 Patrons with no email address produce a warning when saving (23.11.00,23.05.03)
  • 34356 Enabling RecordStaffUserOnCheckout causes bad default sorting in checkout history (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34402 Sorting holds on patron account includes articles (23.11.00,23.05.04)
  • 34413 Flat picker birth date field does not display properly on initial load on iOS (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 34435 get_password_expiry_date should not modify its parameter (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 34462 Bug 25299 seems to have been reintroduced in more recent versions. (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
    This fixes the display of the card expiration message on a patron’s page so that it now includes the date that their card will expire.
  • 34531 Hiding Lost card flag and Gone no address flag via BorrowerUnwantedFields hides Patron restrictions (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 34728 HTML notices should not be pre-formatted (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 34743 Incorrect POD in import_patrons.pl (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 34883 Regression in Patron Import dateexpiry function (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34891 View restrictions button (patrons page) doesn’t link to tab (23.11.00,23.05.05)
  • 34931 Collapsed additional attributes and identifiers with a PA_CLASS don’t display well (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 35127 Patron search ignores searchtype from the context menu (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 35264 Update patron import to use protected column (23.11.00)
  • 35148 before_send_messages plugin hook does not pass the –where option (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 32942 Suggestion API doesn’t support custom statuses (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 33556 $c->validation should be avoided (part 1) (23.11.00,23.05.03)
  • 33971 Remove support for x-koha-query header (23.11.00)
    This patch removes support for the x-koha-query HTTP header. The implementation was problematic because no URL/Base64 encoding was being expected, and it broke things. As it didn’t have real usage in the codebase, we decided to remove it.

    It could eventually be restored if there was interest on it, but it wouldn’t work as before anyway, because of the aforementioned issue with non-ASCII queries.

  • 33996 Authority objects missing mapping (23.11.00,23.05.02)
  • 34339 $c->validation should be avoided (part 2) (23.11.00,23.05.04)
  • 34365 Hold cancellation request workflow cannot be triggered on API (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 34387 API docs tags missing descriptions (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 35053 Item-level rules not checked if both item_id and biblio_id are passed (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 35230 catalogue_item missing description (23.11.00)
  • 27824 Report batch operations break with space in placeholder (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 29664 Do not show voided payments in cash register statistics wizard (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34552 No Results when filtering “All payments to the library” or “payment” in Statistics wizards : Cash register (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34859 reports-home.pl has unnecessary syspref template parameters (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 22873 C4::SIP::ILS::Transation::FeePayment->pay $disallow_overpayment does nothing (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 23548 AQ field required in checkin response (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
    This fixes SIP return messages so that there is an “AQ|” field, even if it is empty (this is a required field according to the specification, and some machines (such as PV-SUPA) crash if it is not present).
  • 33411 SIP2 includes other guarantees with the same guarantor when calculating against NoIssuesChargeGuarantees (23.11.00,23.05.01,22.11.07)
  • 34153 Add ability to allow items with additional materials notes to be checked out via SIP (23.11.00)
  • 28196 In page anchors on additem.pl don’t always go to the right place (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 31253 Item search in staff interface should call barcodedecode if the search index is a barcode (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33140 Use facet label value in mouseover title attribute of facet removal link (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 33896 Catalog search from the masthead searchbar produces a warning in the logs (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 27153 ElasticSearch should search keywords apostrophe blind (23.11.00)
  • 33406 Searching for authority with hyphen surrounded by spaces causes error 500 (with ES) (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 34740 Sort option are wrong in search engine configuration (Elasticsearch) (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 34557 Add option to prevent loading a patron’s checkouts on the SCO (23.11.00,23.05.06)
  • 35007 Configure self checkout tables consistently (23.11.00)
  • 35013 Font Awesome icons broken in self checkout and self checkin (23.11.00)
  • 23775 Claiming a serial issue doesn’t create the next one (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33901 Only one issue shown when testing prediction pattern (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34052 Fix link to subscription from serial collection page (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 31041 Cashup summary modal printing issue (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
    This bugfix updates the modal printing system to trigger a new page for dialogue printing.

    Whilst this causes a minor flash unsightly content at print preview, it significantly improves the reliability of modal printing where such dialogues appear on pages containing a lot of content or the modals themselves contain a enough content to require a scroll.

  • 32245 Deleting news entries from Koha’s staff start page is broken (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33497 Reduce DB calls on staff detail page (23.11.00,23.05.02)
  • 33946 biblio-title.inc should not add a link if biblio does not exist (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34094 Apply DefaultPatronSearchMethod to all patron search forms (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34116 Add page-sectioning to item search in label creator (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34131 Plugins page breadcrumbs and side menu not consistent (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34292 Date formatting in checkouts list broken (23.11.00)
  • 34616 “Edit SMTP server” page – Default SMTP configuration dialog has some issues (23.11.00,23.05.04)
  • 34921 Tabs on Additional Content page need space above (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 35019 Can’t delete news from the staff interface main page (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 35276 Suggestions form crashes on Unknown column ‘auth_forwarded_hash’ when logging in (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
    This fixes an issue when trying to directly access the suggestions management page in the staff interface ([YOURDOMAIN]/cgi-bin/koha/suggestion/suggestion.pl) when you are logged out. Previously, if you were logged out, tried to access the suggestions management page, and then entered your credentials, you would get an error trace.
  • 33286 ‘Catalog record’ should be ‘Bibliographic record’ (23.11.00,23.05.03)
  • 33578 Cannot edit patron restriction types (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33868 Upgrade the Multiple Select plugin in the staff interface (23.11.00,23.05.02)
    This enhancement updates the jQuery Multiple Select plugin version from 1.1 to 1.6. This plugin is used in the staff interface system preferences area.
  • 34748 Wrong column name basket_number in table settings for basket (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 34791 CookieConsent preference should hint that there’s HTML content blocks available for customisation (23.11.00)
  • 35032 Remove the use of “onclick” from Koha to MARC mapping template (23.11.00)
  • 35057 Improve table heading “Lib” in MARC field structure page (23.11.00)
  • 35078 Invalid HTML in OpacShowSavings system preference (23.11.00,23.05.06)
  • 35221 TrackLastPatronActivityTriggers description is misleading (23.11.00)
  • 31014 Minor UI problems in QOTD editor tool (23.11.00)
  • 31667 Merge ‘tip’ and ‘hint’ classes (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 33343 Password fields should have auto-completion off (23.11.00,23.05.01)
  • 33528 Use template wrapper for tabs: Patron details and circulation (23.11.00,23.05.02)
  • 33734 Using custom search filters breaks diacritics characters in search term (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 33779 Terminology: biblio record (23.11.00,23.05.01,22.11.07)
  • 33781 Terminology: Item already issued to other borrower. (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33855 Clean up forms and page sections on ‘manage MARC imports’ page (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
    This enhancement makes minor changes to the structure of the “Manage staged MARC records” page for a batch so that sections are more clearly delineated and forms have the correct structure. It also shortens the new framework field labels and adds hints for clarification.
  • 33859 Use the phrase ‘Identity providers’ instead of ‘Authentication providers’ (23.11.00,23.05.01,22.11.07)
  • 33883 “Make sure to copy your API secret” message overlaps text (23.11.00,23.05.01,22.11.07)
  • 33891 Use template wrapper for tabs: OPAC advanced search (23.11.00,23.05.01,22.11.07)
  • 33892 Use template wrapper for tabs: OPAC authority detail (23.11.00,23.05.01,22.11.07)
  • 33893 Use template wrapper for tabs: OPAC checkout history (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33894 Use template wrapper for tabs: OPAC search history (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33895 Use template wrapper for tabs: OPAC user summary (23.11.00)
  • 33897 Use template wrapper for tabs: OPAC bibliographic detail page (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33998 Installer and onboarding have incorrect Font Awesome asset links (23.11.00)
  • 33999 Subscription details link on bibliographic detail page should have permission check (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34010 Template corrections to recall pages (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34012 Use template wrapper for tabs: Recalls awaiting pickup (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34013 Recalls awaiting pickup doesn’t show count on each tab (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34038 Fix incorrect use of () in .tt and .inc files (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34066 Datatable options don’t fully translate on list of saved reports (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34074 Improve translations of strings on the about page (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34085 Remove the use of event attributes from basket groups template (23.11.00)
  • 34103 Capitalization: Currencies & Exchange rates (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34112 Replace fa.fa-pencil-alt with fa-solid.fa-pencil in edit buttons (23.11.00)
  • 34115 Use a global tab select function for activating Bootstrap tabs based on location hash (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34119 Improve staff interface print stylesheet following redesign (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 34129 Responsive table button icon broken after FontAwesome upgrade (23.11.00)
  • 34184 “Document type” in suggestions form should have an empty entry (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08,22.05.16)
  • 34244 Improve contrast in staff interface main page layered icons (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34307 Update plugin wrapper to use template wrapper for breadcrumbs (23.11.00,23.05.04)
  • 34322 Correct icon triggering more fund search options (23.11.00)
  • 34343 Z39.50 search background not updated (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 34378 Inconsistencies in Libraries page titles, breadcrumbs, and header (23.11.00)
  • 34379 Inconsistencies in Library groups page (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34380 Inconsistencies in Item types page titles, breadcrumbs, and header (23.11.00)
  • 34381 Inconsistencies in Authorized values page title (23.11.00)
  • 34382 Inconsistencies in Patron categories page titles, breadcrumbs, and header (23.11.00)
  • 34384 Inconsistencies in Library transfer limits page titles, breadcrumbs, and header (23.11.00)
  • 34385 Inconsistencies in Transport cost matrix page header (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34386 Inconsistencies in Cities and towns page titles, breadcrumbs, and header (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34388 Inconsistencies in Patron restriction types page headers (23.11.00)
  • 34389 Inconsistencies in Debit types page titles, breadcrumbs, and header (23.11.00)
    This fixes a couple of inconsistencies in the debit types administration page, making sure the page title, breadcrumb navigation, and page headers are consistent with each other.
  • 34391 Inconsistencies in Cash registers page headers (23.11.00)
    This fixes a couple of inconsistencies in the cash register administration page, making sure the page title, breadcrumb navigation, and page headers are consistent with each other.
  • 34393 Inconsistencies in MARC bibliographic framework page titles, breadcrumbs, and header (23.11.00)
    This fixes some inconsistencies in the MARC bibliographic framework administration page, making sure the page title, breadcrumb navigation, and page headers are consistent with each other.
  • 34394 Inconsistencies in MARC Bibliographic framework test page title and breadcrumbs (23.11.00)
  • 34397 Inconsistencies in Classification sources page titles, breadcrumbs, and header (23.11.00)
  • 34399 Inconsistencies in Record overlay rules page titles, breadcrumbs, and header (23.11.00)
  • 34400 Inconsistencies in OAI sets page titles, breadcrumbs, and header (23.11.00)
  • 34401 Inconsistencies in Item search fields page titles, breadcrumbs, and header (23.11.00)
  • 34403 Inconsistencies in Currencies and exchange rates page titles, breadcrumbs, and header (23.11.00)
  • 34404 Inconsistencies in Budgets and funds page titles, breadcrumbs, and header (23.11.00)
  • 34405 Inconsistencies in EDI accounts/Library EAN page titles, breadcrumbs, and header (23.11.00)
  • 34406 Inconsistencies in Identity providers/domains page titles, breadcrumbs, and header (23.11.00)
  • 34407 Inconsistencies in Z39.50 servers page titles, breadcrumbs, and header (23.11.00)
  • 34408 Inconsistencies in SMTP servers page titles, breadcrumbs, and header (23.11.00)
  • 34409 Inconsistencies in Audio alerts page titles, breadcrumbs, and header (23.11.00)
  • 34411 Inconsistencies in Additional fields page titles, breadcrumbs, and header (23.11.00)
  • 34412 Inconsistencies in system preferences page titles, breadcrumbs, and header (23.11.00)
  • 34434 Terminology: Biblio should be bibliographic (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34436 Some breadcrumbs lack for translatability (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34443 Spelling: Patron search pop-up Sort1: should be Sort 1: (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34493 Bad indenting in searchindexes.inc (23.11.00,23.05.03,22.11.09)
  • 34502 Useless SEARCHRESULT.localimage usage (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34533 jsdiff library missing from guided reports page (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34565 Label mismatch in MARC21 006 and 008 cataloging plugins (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34567 Correct colors for advanced cataloging editor status bar (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34624 Many header search forms lack for attribute for label (23.11.00,23.05.06)
  • 34625 Search engine configuration tables header problem (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34646 Two attributes class in OPAC masthead-langmenu.inc (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
  • 34781 Add a span tag around GDPR text in opac-memberentry (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34835 Highlight logged-in library in patron searches does not work anymore in new staff interface (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 34942 Typo: brower (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34954 Typo: datexpiry (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 35010 In record checkout history should not show anonymous patron link (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 35055 Don’t export actions column from patron search results (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 35058 No contents displaying when an authority record is saved (23.11.00)
  • 35072 Invalid usage of “&” in JavaScript intranet-tmpl script redirects (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 35124 Incorrect item groups table markup (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 35205 Fix duplicate id attribute in desks search form (23.11.00,23.05.06)
  • 35212 Correct mismatched label on identity provider entry form (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 35241 Markup errors in point of sale template (23.11.00)
  • 35272 Add padding above vendor contracts section (23.11.00,23.05.06)
  • 35283 XSLT 583 Action note is missing subfield h and x in staff interface (23.11.00,23.05.06,22.11.12)
  • 33727 Merge Calendar tests (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08,22.05.16)
  • 33852 jobs.t is not testing only_current (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34489 Koha/Patrons.t: Subtests get_age and is_valid_age do not pass in another timezone (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34842 t/db_dependent/Illrequest/Config.t is failing if the DB has been upgraded (23.11.00)
  • 34843 Koha/Database/Commenter.t is failing if the DB has been upgraded (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 34845 GetBasketGroupAsCSV.t is failing if the DB has been upgraded (23.11.00)
  • 34846 SIP/ILS.t is failing if the DB has been upgraded (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 34847 Search.t is failing if the DB has been upgraded (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 34848 SIP/Message.t is failing if the DB has been upgraded (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 34967 Move Prices.t to t/db_dependent (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34968 t/Search.t does not do anything with Test::DBIx::Class (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34969 t/Search/buildQuery.t does not do anything with Test::DBIx::Class (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34970 t/SuggestionEngine_AuthorityFile.t does not do anything with Test::DBIx::Class (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 35041 Fix Jenkins failure on t_db_dependent_Koha_Patron_t (23.11.00)
  • 35042 Members.t: should not set datelastseen to NULL everywhere (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.12)
  • 35215 Make a few assumptions more explicit in Suggestions.t (23.11.00,23.05.06)
  • 35393 Fix Objects.t for a Jenkins failure when run just after midnight (23.11.00)
  • 22135 Inventory tool doesn’t export “out of order” problem to CSV (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.10)
    This fixes the export of inventory results when “Check barcodes list for items shelved out of order” is selected. Currently, the problem column is blank for items shelved out of order when it should be “Shelved out of order”.
  • 29762 Patron batch modification tool – mobile phone number column naming (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 32048 Calendar adding holidays repeated (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 33667 ‘Copy to all libraries’ doesn’t work on editing holidays (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)

    Sponsored by Koha-Suomi Oy

  • 33972 Remove unnecessary batch status change in C4::ImportBatch (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33987 Combine multiple db updates in C4::ImportBatch::BatchCommitRecords for efficiency/avoiding possible deadlocks (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 33989 Inventory tool performs unnecessary authorized value lookups (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34220 Running log viewer for only Catalog module loads wrong side navbar (23.11.00,23.05.02,22.11.08)
  • 34225 KohaTable broken on batch item deletion and modification results (23.11.00,23.05.02)
  • 34716 Typo in tools/stockrotation.tt (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34732 Barcode image generator doesn’t generate correct Code39 barcode (23.11.00,23.05.04,22.11.11)
  • 34822 BatchUpdateBiblioHoldsQueue should be called once per import batch when using RealTimeHoldsQueue (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34939 When manually entering dates in flatPickr the hour and minute get set to 00:00 not 23:59 (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)
  • 34467 OAI GetRecord bad encoding for UNIMARC (23.11.00,23.05.05,22.11.11)

New system preferences

  • AcquisitionsDefaultEMailAddress
  • AcquisitionsDefaultReplyTo
  • AdditionalFieldsInZ3950ResultAuthSearch
  • AuthorLinkSortBy
  • AuthorLinkSortOrder
  • AutomaticCheckinAutoFill
  • CalculateFundValuesIncludingTax
  • CancelOrdersInClosedBaskets
  • ChildNeedsGuarantor
  • CookieConsent
  • CookieConsentedJS
  • DefaultAuthorityTab
  • DefaultPatronSearchMethod
  • EmailPatronWhenHoldIsPlaced
  • ForceLibrarySelection
  • ILLModuleDisclaimerByType
  • ILLPartnerCode
  • LoadCheckoutsTableDelay
  • OpacTrustedCheckout
  • PreservationModule
  • PreservationNotForLoanDefaultTrainIn
  • PreservationNotForLoanWaitingListIn
  • RedirectGuaranteeEmail
  • SCOLoadCheckoutsByDefault
  • SIP2AddOpacMessagesToScreenMessage
  • SerialsDefaultEMailAddress
  • SerialsDefaultReplyTo
  • SerialsSearchResultsLimit
  • TrackLastPatronActivityTriggers
  • UpdateItemLocationOnCheckout
  • showLastPatronCount

Deleted system preferences

  • AllowOfflineCirculation
  • OPACResultsSidebar
  • OpacMaintenanceNotice
  • OpacSuppressionMessage
  • PatronSelfRegistrationAdditionalInstructions
  • RecordedBooksClientSecret
  • RecordedBooksDomain
  • RecordedBooksLibraryID
  • SCOMainUserBlock
  • SelfCheckHelpMessage
  • SelfCheckInMainUserBlock
  • TrackLastPatronActivity

New Authorized value categories


New letter codes



The Koha manual is maintained in Sphinx. The home page for Koha
documentation is

The Git repository for the Koha manual can be found at


Complete or near-complete translations of the OPAC and staff
interface are available in this release for the following languages:

– Arabic (68%)
– Armenian (90%)
– Bulgarian (76%)
– Chinese (Traditional) (90%)
– Dutch (70%)
– English (100%)
– English (New Zealand) (72%)
– Finnish (90%)
– French (90%)
– French (Canada) (90%)
– German (100%)
– German (Switzerland) (52%)
– Hindi (90%)
– Italian (81%)
– Norwegian Bokmål (57%)
– Persian (90%)
– Polish (90%)
– Portuguese (Brazil) (90%)
– Portuguese (Portugal) (71%)
– Russian (85%)
– Slovak (56%)
– Spanish (100%)
– Swedish (63%)
– Telugu (69%)
– Turkish (81%)
– Ukrainian (77%)

Partial translations are available for various other languages.

The Koha team welcomes additional translations; please see

For information about translating Koha, and join the koha-translate
list to volunteer:

The most up-to-date translations can be found at:

Release Team

The release team for Koha 23.11.00 is

  • Release Manager: Tomás Cohen Arazi

  • Release Manager assistants:

    • Jonathan Druart
    • Martin Renvoize
  • QA Manager: Katrin Fischer

  • QA Team:

    • Aleisha Amohia
    • Nick Clemens
    • David Cook
    • Jonathan Druart
    • Lucas Gass
    • Victor Grousset
    • Kyle M Hall
    • Andrii Nugged
    • Martin Renvoize
    • Marcel de Rooy
    • Petro Vashchuk
    • Emily Lamancusa
  • Topic Experts:

    • UI Design — Owen Leonard
    • Zebra — Fridolin Somers
    • REST API — Martin Renvoize
    • ERM — Pedro Amorim
    • ILL — Pedro Amorim
  • Bug Wranglers:

    • Aleisha Amohia
  • Packaging Manager: Mason James

  • Documentation Manager: Aude Charillon

  • Documentation Team:

    • Caroline Cyr La Rose
    • Lucy Vaux-Harvey
  • Translation Manager: Bernardo González Kriegel

  • Wiki curators:

    • Thomas Dukleth
    • Katrin Fischer
  • Release Maintainers:

    • 23.05 — Fridolin Somers
    • 22.11 — PTFS Europe (Matt Blenkinsop, Pedro Amorim)
    • 22.05 — Lucas Gass
    • 21.11 — Danyon Sewell
  • Release Maintainer assistants:

    • 21.11 — Wainui Witika-Park


We thank the following libraries, companies, and other institutions who are known to have sponsored
new features in Koha 23.11.00

– Auckland University of Technology
– [Banco Central de la República Argentina](https://bcra.gob.ar)
– Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-Württemberg (BSZ)
– [Bibliothèque Universitaire des Langues et Civilisations (BULAC)](http://www.bulac.fr)
– [ByWater Solutions](https://bywatersolutions.com)
– [Catalyst](https://www.catalyst.net.nz/products/library-management-koha)
– [CCPL](https://cuyahogalibrary.org)
– Education Services Australia SCIS
– Fire and Emergency New Zealand
– Gothenburg University Library
– [Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)](https://www.kit.edu)
– Keratsini-Drapetsona Municipal Library, Greece
– [Koha-Suomi Oy](https://koha-suomi.fi)
– National Library of Finland
– New Zealand Council for Educational Research
– [PTFS Europe](https://ptfs-europe.com)
– Pymble Ladies’ College
– Rijksmuseum, Netherlands
– South Taranaki District Council
– Steiermärkische Landesbibliothek
– The Research University in the Helmholtz Association (KIT)
– Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology
– Waikato Institute of Technology

We thank the following individuals who contributed patches to Koha 23.11.00

– Aleisha Amohia (32)
– Pedro Amorim (136)
– Tomás Cohen Arazi (254)
– Stefan Berndtsson (1)
– Matt Blenkinsop (100)
– Philippe Blouin (3)
– Jérémy Breuillard (2)
– Alex Buckley (10)
– Kevin Carnes (1)
– Aude Charillon (1)
– Nick Clemens (142)
– David Cook (58)
– Jake Deery (2)
– Frédéric Demians (2)
– Jonathan Druart (247)
– Magnus Enger (2)
– Laura Escamilla (11)
– Katrin Fischer (113)
– Emily-Rose Francoeur (3)
– Géraud Frappier (1)
– Lucas Gass (72)
– Salah Ghedds (1)
– Evan Giles (1)
– Victor Grousset (12)
– Thibaud Guillot (6)
– Amit Gupta (1)
– David Gustafsson (10)
– Michał Górny (1)
– Michael Hafen (5)
– Kyle M Hall (84)
– Mark Hofstetter (1)
– Andrew Isherwood (1)
– Mason James (4)
– Andreas Jonsson (3)
– Janusz Kaczmarek (1)
– Jan Kissig (2)
– Olli-Antti Kivilahti (1)
– Michał Kula (1)
– Emily Lamancusa (19)
– Per Larsson (1)
– Sam Lau (7)
– Brendan Lawlor (1)
– Owen Leonard (241)
– Julian Maurice (19)
– Matthias Meusburger (4)
– Fabricio Molina (2)
– Agustín Moyano (2)
– David Nind (11)
– Jacob O’Mara (2)
– Philip Orr (1)
– Martin Renvoize (211)
– Phil Ringnalda (3)
– David Roberts (1)
– Adolfo Rodríguez (1)
– Marcel de Rooy (158)
– Caroline Cyr La Rose (28)
– Andreas Roussos (6)
– Slava Shishkin (1)
– Fridolin Somers (18)
– Raphael Straub (1)
– Arthur Suzuki (4)
– Petr Svoboda (1)
– Zeno Tajoli (1)
– Emmi Takkinen (15)
– Lari Taskula (13)
– Koha translators (1)
– Pascal Uphaus (2)
– George Veranis (2)
– Hinemoea Viault (1)
– Shi Yao Wang (1)
– Hammat Wele (16)
– Wainui Witika-Park (1)

We thank the following libraries, companies, and other institutions who contributed
patches to Koha 23.11.00

– Athens County Public Libraries (241)
– BibLibre (53)
– Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-Württemberg (BSZ) (113)
– ByWater-Solutions (309)
– Catalyst (13)
– Catalyst Open Source Academy (31)
– Chetco Community Public Library (3)
– Cineca (1)
– clamsnet.org (1)
– Dataly Tech (8)
– David Nind (11)
– gentoo.org (1)
– gwdg.de (2)
– Göteborgs Universitet (11)
– hofstetter.at (1)
– Hypernova Oy (13)
– Independant Individuals (19)
– Informatics Publishing Ltd (1)
– Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) (1)
– Koha Community Developers (260)
– Koha-Suomi (13)
– KohaAloha (4)
– Kreablo AB (3)
– Libriotech (2)
– lmscloud.de (1)
– montgomerycountymd.gov (19)
– Prosentient Systems (58)
– PTFS-Europe (452)
– R-Bit Technology (1)
– Rijksmuseum (158)
– Solutions inLibro inc (54)
– Tamil (2)
– th-wildau.de (2)
– Theke Solutions (258)
– ub.lu.se (1)
– users.noreply.github.com (1)
– Xercode (1)

We also especially thank the following individuals who tested patches
for Koha

– AlexanderBlanchardAC (1)
– Aleisha Amohia (9)
– Pedro Amorim (40)
– Tomás Cohen Arazi (1840)
– Andrew Auld (14)
– Alexander Blanchard (2)
– Matt Blenkinsop (28)
– Christopher Brannon (1)
– Univ Brest (1)
– Emmanuel Bétemps (1)
– Barry Cannon (1)
– Catrina (1)
– Christine (1)
– Nick Clemens (221)
– Rebecca Coert (1)
– David Cook (35)
– Chris Cormack (15)
– Ray Delahunty (2)
– Michal Denar (12)
– Paul Derscheid (4)
– Jonathan Druart (172)
– Sharon Dugdale (1)
– ebal (1)
– Eesther (2)
– Danielle M Elder (4)
– Magnus Enger (1)
– Laura Escamilla (11)
– Jeremy Evans (1)
– Christina Fairlamb (1)
– Jonathan Field (6)
– Katrin Fischer (572)
– Toni Ford (6)
– Emily-Rose Francoeur (13)
– Andrew Fuerste-Henry (1)
– Andrew Fuerste-Henry (30)
– Lucas Gass (108)
– Amaury GAU (1)
– Salah Ghedda (8)
– Nicolas Giraud (1)
– Stephen Graham (4)
– Victor Grousset (67)
– Kyle M Hall (150)
– Stina Hallin (2)
– Katariina Hanhisalo (3)
– Frank Hansen (1)
– Sally Healey (3)
– hebah (1)
– Juliet Heltibridle (1)
– Heather Hernandez (37)
– Amanda Hovey (1)
– BULAC – http://www.bulac.fr/ (35)
– Inkeri (1)
– Brandon J (1)
– Jason (1)
– Barbara Johnson (10)
– Janusz Kaczmarek (5)
– Jan Kissig (1)
– Thomas Klausner (1)
– Päivi Knuutinen (2)
– Kristi Krueger (2)
– Rhonda Kuiper (1)
– Tuomas Kunttu (1)
– Emily Lamancusa (41)
– Rachael Laritz (1)
– Sam Lau (133)
– Brendan Lawlor (3)
– Nicolas Legrand (2)
– Owen Leonard (98)
– Kelly McElligott (47)
– Janet McGowan (35)
– Silvia Meakins (13)
– Michaela (3)
– Johanna Miettunen (5)
– Agustín Moyano (1)
– Christian Nelson (4)
– Georgia Newman (1)
– Solene Ngamga (1)
– nicolas (2)
– David Nind (294)
– Andrew Nugged (1)
– Andrii Nugged (1)
– Björn Nylén (2)
– Laura ONeil (2)
– Philip Orr (7)
– Dominic Pichette (1)
– Reetta Pihlaja (1)
– Paul Poulain (2)
– Quinn (1)
– Laurence Rault (77)
– Martin Renvoize (272)
– Phil Ringnalda (18)
– Marcel de Rooy (324)
– Caroline Cyr La Rose (72)
– Andreas Roussos (3)
– Lisette Scheer (5)
– Michaela Sieber (92)
– Fridolin Somers (5)
– Edith Speller (5)
– Christian Stelzenmüller (2)
– Emmi Takkinen (10)
– Lari Taskula (1)
– Clemens Tubach (1)
– Ed Veal (1)
– Hinemoea Viault (1)
– Alexander Wagner (1)
– Chris Walton (1)
– George Williams (1)
– Jessica Zairo (66)
– Anneli Österman (4)

We regret any omissions. If a contributor has been inadvertently missed,
please send a patch against these release notes to koha-devel@lists.koha-community.org.

Notes from the Release Manager

Another busy release cycle.

Thanks to everyone for the chance to be part of this, and for being around
when the team needed you.

Special thanks to:

  • Brendan, Nate and Cindy
  • my ByWater colleages for their unconditional support
  • Katrina
  • Martin and Pedro
  • Andrii
  • Jonathan and Loup

Revision control notes

The Koha project uses Git for version control. The current development
version of Koha can be retrieved by checking out the master branch of:

The branch for this version of Koha and future bugfixes in this release
line is 23.11.x.

Bugs and feature requests

Bug reports and feature requests can be filed at the Koha bug
tracker at:

He rau ringa e oti ai.
(Many hands finish the work)

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