Clarification regarding the list of paid support companies

We have received word that some institutions may be using inclusion on the support provider listing to determine if a provider is allowed to respond to RFPs.

While libraries have the prerogative to impose such a requirement, it is important to remind folks that the support company directory exists solely for informational purposes. No endorsement whatsoever is implied. Restricting your choice of provider only to ones included on the list may unfairly exclude support providers and consultants who provide services for mainstream Koha.

If you are seeking paid services for Koha, it is ultimately your responsibility to do the research to identify a provider or providers who can meet your needs. Useful criteria for making a selection include:

  • whether the provider supports mainstream Koha
  • whether they have a track record of providing good service to their existing customers
  • whether they are actively involved in the Koha community
  • whether the price is right for you

The support provider listing can provide information on only one of these points – whether the provider expresses support for mainstream Koha.