Arabic Koha

Hello from Koha Arabia,

We are very excited to bring a fully arabized version of Koha 3 to the Arabic library communities. In addition to providing fully bilingual (Arabic/ English) user interface, help and documentation, we also made searching Arabic words and phrases a dream comes true; commercial closed ILS normally faces big challanages to handing pre-fixes and suffi-fixes for Arabic words. Thanks to the OSS noble movement for allowing developers like us to serve their native language needs at the level of Koha, Zebra and ICU source code. Here is a link to our Arabic Koha demo system to try:

We are also very excited about the idea of bringing Koha and Kete in one seamless solution. Kete has been a breeze and really fun for us to localize to Arabic. Thanks to the people at Katipo for providing  a developer translation module, like Kete/Translate. I wish Koha will adopt the same localization approach.  Here is a link to our Arabic Kete demo system to try:

As one of Koha communities, we wish to bring an Arabic version of to the Arabic librarians. The ideal approach is to stick with the same theme and thus to keep up with the latest additions to the same template (theme) used for this site. Kindly, can someone tell us if  it is possible to access site theme, and if so how and where ?

Thank you everyone for your support, and for your great contributions to the many culturally diverse and linguistically rich communities everywhere in the world.

Massoud AlShareef, KnowledgeWare Technologies.

Managing director and founder of KnowledgeWare Technologies Est. (Kware), based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Kware is fully committed to localize, market, deploy and support Koha ILS and Kete CMS in the Arabic region.