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Monthly #koha Meetings

For all who are interested the following monthly IRC meetings on #koha will be held this week: Handover Meeting 04 May 2010 @ 1900 UTC Community Meeting 05 May 2010 @1900 UTC Please review the meeting agendas by selecting the

Koha 3.2 bugsquashing session 2/10

Join us in #koha (server all day on Wednesday, 2/10/2010 for a general bug squashing for 3.2 Don’t have an IRC client? That’s ok, just use our Mibbit widget to connect directly to our channel through your browser.

Tarballs of Koha 3.2 alpha available

Tarballs of Koha 3.2 alpha are now available for download.  Two versions are available; the first is a compact version that includes the PO files for translations but doesn’t expand them into koha-tmpl, while the second version is the traditional