Chapter 9. Acquisitions

Table of Contents

Add a Vendor
View/Edit a Vendor
Vendor Contracts
Managing Suggestions
Placing Orders
Create a basket
Create a basket group
Printing baskets
Receiving Orders
Claims & Late Orders
Acquisition Searches
Budget/Fund Tracking
EDI Process
EDI Questions for Vendors
EDI Setup
EDI Ordering
EDI Invoicing
EDIFACT Messages

The Koha Acquisitions module provides a way for the library to record orders placed with vendors and manage purchase budgets.

Before using the Acquisitions Module you will want to make sure that you have completed all of the set up.

First, set your Acquisitions System Preferences and Acquisitions Administration to match your library's workflow. Before setting your EDI Accounts and Library EANs you will need to have entered your vendors.

On the main acquisitions page you will see your library's funds listed.


If the total line is confusing for the funds you have set up you can hide it by adding

#funds_total {display:none;}

to the IntranetUserCSS preference.

To see all active funds you can click the checkbox next to 'Show active and inactive' above the funds table.

To see a history of all orders in a fund you can click on the linked amount and it will run a search for you.

Learn more in the Budget/Fund Tracking section of this manual.