My Zebra Indexing won’t work! How do I fix it? (AKA: I search for stuff and nothing comes up! Help!)

There are several things to check:

  • FIRST: If you imported the records you are looking for less than 20 minutes ago, you may simply need to wait for the indexer to catch up. Results are not instantaneous – the update process only runs once every 10 minutes by default – so go get yourself a cup of coffee and try it in a little bit. If THAT doesn’t work…
  • Make sure zebra is installed!
  • Are your environment variables set correctly? Try this as the user zebra runs as (koha by default):
    export PERL5LIB=/path/to/your/koha/

    (this is the directory above where your C4 directory is) and

    export KOHA_CONF=/path/to/your/koha-conf.xml

    and run again.

  • Make sure that you are pointing to the correct koha-conf.xml, and that you don’t have duplicates.
  • Make sure that you are running the reindex as your Koha system user (or root, depending on your setup).
  • The indexes must be owned and readable by the correct user (usually your system koha user or root, depending on your setup). Permissions are a common cause of indexing not working.

To rebuild using the packages (recommended installation) you do:

sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -v --full $(/usr/sbin/koha-list)

If you have installed with a tarball:

misc/migration_tools/ -b -r -v

If this has not been run at least once, you will get no results. Preferably, run this after you have added a few biblios, so that the result is immediately clear. See also: New items aren’t getting updated when I catalog.

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