I have added rebuild_zebra.pl -b -a -z in crontab, however, new entries are not indexed and cannot be found. I have to reindex everything each time with rebuild_zebra.pl -b -a -r. What’s wrong?

The problem could be one or more of several issues (given in order
from most likely to least likely):
1. Check that you are exporting the two environmental variables
necessary to run Koha scripts from the command line. These are (modify
to fit paths on your system):


Note: You must also include these at head of the crontab file which
invokes any Koha scripts.

2. Be sure that you are running rebuild_zebra.pl as your kohauser.
This would include setting up the cron job under your kohauser.

3. Check directory permissions. Everything Zebra must be owned by your kohauser.

4. Be sure you are *not* running the zebraqueue daemon. Currently this
daemon has major problems and the recommended method of indexing is to
run rebuild_zebra.pl as a cron job. Running both causes more problems.

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